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fake ah crew micheoff where geoff refuses to let michael use his newly-purchased 00mogar as a getaway vehicle in a heist because “jesus fucking christ, kid, the chrome isn’t exactly subtle, police could spot that car from space”

and because michael is a little shit, he waits until geoff drinks to the point of stone-cold-won’t-wake-for-the-actual-apocalypse sleep the night before a heist and proceeds to paint his nails. and so geoff wakes up the next day and looks down at his hands and sighs deeply when he sees this:

and that’s essentially how geoff ramsey, infamous crime boss of los santos, robs a bank armed with an smg and has to snap at no fewer than three bank tellers to “stop looking at my fucking nails and put the money in the bag, for fuck’s sake”

In Which Mukuro Becomes an Author

Hey there @incorrectkhrquotes! Remember that headcanon I shared a while back? The one that evolved? Well it evolved again. This time into a one-shot. I do hope you enjoy.




It should be noted that Mukuro was never taught to read when he was young.

(“Subject M67-11215 has accepted the serum. Begin the next experiment”)

(No. Please. Make it stop make it stop make it stop AAAAAAAHHHHH)

He had tried to teach himself at times. On the days that he wasn’t being cut open and observed, the days when he wasn’t lying on his bed, either in agony from the day’s experiences or his mind afloat from drugs, he would look at the papers that hung by his holding cell. Those papers held his subject number, the experiments that he was apart of, and various other information that pertained to him. He liked to stare at them and wonder what they said, the meaning of the words upon those pages. He didn’t know what was written there, the letters were nothing more than lines on a page to him.

But he wondered.

The days went past and the experiments got worse. He died. Mukuro died and lived and experienced lives that weren’t his own.

(“Who am I?” he whispered to himself, tremors shaking a body that felt unfamiliar. It was constricting and freeing and too large and too small all at once and he couldn’t tell what was real anymore.)

He remembered flying through the sky with wind in his feathers. He remembered fire and pained howls, holding a weapon in their hands. He remembered the days they had spent lounging in the shadows of alleys, messing with the humans who wandered by. He remembered growing up with chains around her feet, long limp hair shadowing her face and the misery of being a slave.

He remembered his past lives.

(“No no no NO!” Maria reached out for her children with desperation, “NOT THEM! ANYONE BUT THEM! TAKE ME INSTEAD!”

“SHUT UP, WOMAN!” A man, the one who claimed to her owner, hit her and she fell to the ground. She glared up at him, hate poisoning her mind and boiling just under her skin. She hissed at him and rushed again, determination running alongside the lifeblood flowing through her veins.

The last thing she saw was the glinting metal of a knife.)

And then he broke free. Mukuro called upon the abilities he had known in his previous lives, the ones that had been carved into his eye by the scientists after they had forced him to remember. He called upon his illusions, upon the magic he had onced relished in as a spirit, and he used it with all the viciousness of a mother scorned. He slaughtered them and painted the walls crimson with their blood, laughter escaping his lips as he did so.

(Should I be worried? Mukuro wondered to ….himself? Herself? Theirself? Did it even matter?)

There were two boys who wandered in on the gory scene Mukuro created. They were so small, so fragile looking. How was it that they had lasted as long as they had under the tender care of the Estraneo?

(“Kufufu. Are you afraid?” They shook their heads. That pleased him so he smiled, lips spreading outwards and mimicking the expression of a darker faerie, “Then join me. I’m leaving this place.”)

It was only after they had left the Estraneo in ruins and found another Italian Famagilia that Mukuro started to learn how to read. It had been Lancia that noticed Mukuro staring at the books on the shelf, tracing the golden lettering on their spines. Lancia had told Mukuro that if he wanted to he could read whatever he wished. Mukuro had then confessed that he didn’t know how.

In none of his lives had such a skill ever been available to him.

So Lanica had told the Don and the Don had gotten them a teacher. Mukuro learned from them and he found it fascinating. Those pretty symbols were finally making sense.

(It made Mukuro almost reluctant to carry out his plans of destroying the mafia, the rotten world that had caused him to suffer so. He had only managed to learn the basics of the craft of reading during his time spent there, but he refused to put his revenge on hold.)

The Vindice had captured them after that. So easily as well. And it was as they fought, struggled to stay free (“One day..” Maria murmured as she tugged on the chains around her feet, “One day I’ll be free.”) that he could feel the sense of wrongness that surrounded the bandaged figures of the Mafia Enforcers.

Later, when he was locked in a cell and left alone once more, he had laughed. The Vindice were humans once, but they clearly weren’t anymore. Their souls were rotting, slowly decaying and turning into something else. It sent the blood he inherited from their life as a spirit boiling at the thought of such a thing being possible in a place not the Realm of the Other.

(How interesting….)

It took several years, but eventually Mukuro escaped. He danced away from the undead avengers, taking with him a group he had begun to call his own. It sent the part of his soul that lived for fun and games giggling and laughing and cackling at having bested the Vindice.

(No one has ever broken out? There wasn’t a part of Mukuro that didn’t take that as a challenge.)

Mukuro’s plans steadily progressed. His group arrived in Japan, the place rumored to be home to the Vongola Decimo, and he started hunting them down. He used every trick he had and finally, finally he sat before the man (boy. He’s so young, his eyes so wide. He doesn’t know anything, does he? He’s so white and unstained. The part of them that was Maria wanted to reach out and hold him, to tell him everything would be okay. The rest of him pushed her back, locking her behind a mental cage as the thing that was Mukuro pushed forward and forward and forward) who would inherit the seat of Don of Vongola.

He lost. Against all expectations, he lost. But he found he didn’t mind all too much even after the chains of the Vindice locked around his neck and he was dragged away.

(Maria looked wistful after they had been put back into their cell, wondering on what had happened to the boy. Shining Shadow had laughed, still giddy and in awe of the skylark they had fought who spoke of chaos and order in the same breath. The rest of him- the angel, the demon, the owl, the ghost- all sat back and waited)

They broke out again- or rather Ken and Chikusa had. Mukuro had been dragged back to their prison, resigned to being tied down so what was his could be free. They put him in a prison of water- made his body go to sleep. But that was foolish of them, they who didn’t know what he could do, for it opened the paths that lead to the forever. Putting him to sleep did nothing but allow him to walk the road Between again.

He let go. Mukuro closed his eyes and withdrew into his soul, pulling on the parts of him that wasn’t human. He dragged that power out and pulled something else with it. That other power, it burned him, a beautiful indigo flame not unlike what the young Tsunayoshi had used.

(The power of humans, he had breathed, childish curiosity blooming as he played with the fire within his mind. It felt freeing and unreal, solid and not. It was deceiving and truthful and wonderful and hateful all at once, fighting furiously and snarling all the while being docile and submitting to his every whim. Mukuro loved it.)

He let his soul wander away from his physical form, walking along the road Between as all spirits could. He revisited some of the stranger places he knew, unseen by all eyes he passed. He kept going and wandering, checking in on Ken and Chikusa on occasion. It was on one of these trips, when he was walking from the realm of the Other into the realm of the Physical, that he found her.

(Such a sad girl… they mused as they stared at her dying form. Her soul was so pretty, too. So new and unstained by any other cycles. They heard her thoughts and they spoke out, more on a whim than anything else.

“An ending… Is merely the beginning of another cycle.”

What they didn’t expect was that she would speak back.


They welcomed her, bound her to him. To Mukuro. They changed her name to do so, using the power that there lay in such a thing to give her new life, to coax breath back into her lungs and her heart to keep beating despite some of her organs not being there.

Chrome Dokuro was who she became.

(No one could say that he wasn’t a bit possessive. And Chrome was his, bound to him by a name that was created from his own.)

Chrome was quiet. She was shy and uncertain but she had so much potential. There was power that lay in her soul and Mukuro was determined to make it bloom. And in turn, she surprised him again.

(“You don’t know how to read Japanese?” Chrome asked, eyes curious as they rested together in the safety of Chrome’s mind, “I can teach you if you’d like.”)

All of a sudden the world of words was open to him again. Chrome was happy to teach him, Ken, and Chikusa how to read. She loved books herself, a fact she had confessed to Mukuro time and time again. So she taught them. Chrome taught them to read, insisting upon doing so even after Ken complained that it was boring and questioned her ability as a teacher.

She continued to teach him as time slowly passed them by. She taught him during the time the Varia spent in Namimori. She taught them until the day she disappeared into the future. (“Chrome? Chrome? Where are you? No… Don’t leave… Chrome….”) She started to teach them again the moment she came back.

It was as she was teaching him the art of writing that Mukuro found something he loved to do. He was skeptical of the worth of it in the beginning, of putting one’s thoughts on paper. Chrome insisted that he try it and Mukuro hadn’t regretted it once.

(“You should start a diary,” Chrome murmured one day when Mukuro’s spirit rested alongside Chrome’s and they were so closely intertwined that it was difficult to tell one from the other, “Just to have a place to put all the things you write.”

“All the things I write?” Mukuro murmured with Chrome’s voice, their hand running across the covers of the notebooks that were out on display in the store they stood in, “That… would be nice…”)

Time continued to pass onwards and the dying days did nothing to stop his interest. Mukuro filled up the notebook with poetry and ideas. He filled it with descriptions of his dreams and his past. When that first notebook was full, they bought another and soon enough it was filled up too.

Mukuro was eventually released from the Vindice. He is freed from his watery cage and allowed to roam wherever he wished. The arcobaleno battles came to pass and the reason for the Mafia Enforcer’s twisted souls comes to light. Mukuro gained an apprentice to teach Illusions too, one who annoyed him to no end.

He kept writing through it all, fondly creating poetry and short stories. He kept most of it to himself, never showing it to anyone.

(Chrome was the exception. Because Chrome was a part of Mukuro and Mukuro was a part of Chrome, two souls bound by a name)

“These are really good,” Chrome told him one day after all the battles were done and everything had settled down. Tsunayoshi and the others were slowly making their way through highschool now, their middle school days long gone. She held one of his notebooks in her hands and smiled softly at the poems written inside.

(It begins with a tree

It is a world tree, a god tree

One that stretched higher than anything else

Devouring the world with its roots)

“You think so?” Mukuro asks her, resting his head on the palm of his hand and absently writing down a few more ideas into a new notebook.

(Demons are crawling under her eyes.

“I thought I lost you.”

They stain her skin like tattoos.

“You did.”)

“I do,” Chrome closed the book and handed it back to Mukuro, “You should try publishing something. I think it would turn out really well.”

“You do?” Mukuro took the book from her hands and looked at the worn cover of it. He thought about it for a moment, turning various ideas around in his head, before smiling to himself, “Maybe I will.”

(A novel called Graveyard Songs was published less than a year later. The author’s name was Maria)

Mukuro continued to publish various things he created after that first story turned out to be a success. He published love stories, horror stories, mystery novels, poetry collections, and short stories. He created fantastical tales of mythical beings, often drawing inspiration from the many lives he lived.

No one ever found out that Mukuro was the author called Maria, even after Tsunayoshi officially took the seat of Decimo and the whole lot of them moved to Italy. Chrome was the only person who knew Mukuro’s secret, and Mukuro was perfectly okay with keeping it that way.

(He suspected that Tsunayoshi knew, if only because of his knowing smile and his bright orange eyes. But Tsunayoshi never said anything about it, even if he owned every book that Mukuro had ever published)

Merry Christmas!

Tsunayoshi will mean Varia!Tsu, Tsuna will be normal Tsu.

Tsunayoshi was sitting in the throne like chair that used to be Xanxus’s. He had one of his guns in in hand, as he always did now. Squalo was standing behind him and to his right, sword at the ready as well.

All of the sudden there was a pink poof of smoke and he found himself on the floor, he jumped up, gun at the ready and spun around. He frowned, the room looked familiar.

“Lambo you have to be careful with that!” he heard his own voice admonish. “Hieeeee are you me? I thought it was supposed to swap us!”

Tsunayoshi looked in the doorway, where hisself stood, several years younger.

“W-why do I have a gun!?” he squeaked.

Tsunayoshi sighed, “The bazooka screwed up didn’t it?” he asked, voice deeper and raspier.

Tsuna nodded, “What happens to me?” he asked, in awe. “Wait, is that a Varia ring?” he frowned, leaning in to look at it closer.

“…yes.” He admitted.

“Why?” he asked, wide-eyed.

“Its…long and…complicated…”

Tsuna paused before nodding. “…you want to see them don’t you?”

“See who?” he snapped.

“The guardians.”

“…I can’t.”

“Why else would you be here?” he replied. “I think you’re supposed to.”

“…okay.” He muttered.


Tsuna had gathered the guardians, much to general confusion. Mukuro and Chrome had taken over the sofa, cuddling and discussing why they were all there, Lambo was terrorizing Gokudera with Ryohei, to Yamamoto’s amuzement, Hibari was standing in a corner, and he’d also called Xanxus and Squalo who they were waiting to show up.

Once they arrived, annoyed, Tsuna called Tsunayoshi down.

“An older Jyuudaime? How?” Gokudera gasped.

“Maa, maa, I’m sure they’ll explain.”

“Kufufu, this is interesting.”

“Mukuro-sama? What do you know that we don’t?” Chrome blinked.

“My dear Chrome, look at his ring.”

At once all eyes shot to Tsunayoshi’s hand.

“A Varia ring? What’re you doing with that?!” Squalo demanded.

“Trash, give back what’s mine.”

“Squalo gave it to me.” He stated.

There was even more shock than his arrival.

“WHAT, I WOULD NOT!” Squalo roared.

“You would. You did. Xan-” he cut himself off. “…you needed a new boss.”

“What about us?” Chrome asked innocently. “You can’t lead both, can you Bossu?”

Tsunayoshi looked down. “…you’re all dead.”

“Tch, trashy boss let them all die.” Xanxus muttered, looking at Squalo.

“You said you’d keep her safe.” Mukuro growled, hugging the mute, horrified Chrome tighter.

“What about Kyoko?” Ryohei demanded, “Is she extremely safe?”

“I’m sure you did your best.” Yamamoto smiled slightly, “We all know you did.”

“Jyuudaime…I…failed?” Gokudera looked away. “You need a better right hand…Jyuudaime…”

“That’s nonesense Gokudera!” Tsuna huffed, frowning at him. “There’s noone I’d rather have at my side.”

Hibari frowned. Whoever did it was very strong, and they didn’t kill the herbi-omnivore? Why?

“BUT YOU DIDN’T? WHAT WERE YOU DOING?” Squalo raged, more at Xanxus’s apparent death than the rest.

“It wasn’t your fault.” Lambo said softly, quieting the rest of the room. “Whatever happened, it would’ve happened if it was you, or someone else. And you’re strong enough to avenge us, right Tsu-nii?” he looked up at him.

“That’s the plan.” He smiled slightly darkly, “We were betrayed. By the time we figured out by who…there weren’t many of us left. Mukuro I was at least able to mask most of her pain, and you died protecting her before that. And Hayato, don’t be ridiculous, you were the last. You were the best right hand I could’ve asked for. The last I heard she was okay.” Tsunayoshi sighed slightly. “I’m sorry Squalo, but Xanxus stayed to give the rest of the Varia time to escape and find me, we never found a body…but we think it nearly impossible he’s alive. Hibari this all happened in Italy, so Namimori is fine.” He couldn’t help adding.

Hibari scoffed, “Its not fine, I’m not around to defend it.”

“But why a Varia ring?” Gokudera asked.

“The Vongola rings were the target, and they got them.”

“Then why did Chrome die?” Mukuro hissed, “You should’ve-”

“She wouldn’t give up the ring, and you didn’t have it.” Tsunayoshi cut in, scowling at him.

“You were supposed to keep her safe!”

“How did I die?” Hibari cut across their argument.

“You figured it out and were going to tell me, but there an assassination attempt on me, and the assassin poisoned you when you killed them, so you didn’t manage to tell me…” he sighed, “I wish you had managed to tell me.”

Gokudera was still ashamed of failing him, and Tsuna was comforting him as Mukuro worked to pull Chrome out of her mute state.

“I’m sorry…all of you. You didn’t deserve it…” Tsunayoshi sighed. “I wish I could stop it…”

“Couldn’t you tell us?”

“I gues-” he was cut off and with a puff of smoke disappeared.

“…well that’s that.”

“But we know now. We can be on our guard.” Yamamoto stated, gripping his sword.

“You got that right!” Gokudera snapped, eyes darting around suspiciously.

“Gokudera-kun I’m sure they aren’t in here, he wouldn’t have called the betrayer here.” Tsuna smiled softly.

“Chrome, promise me you’ll give up the rin-”

“I will not.” She stated. “If there’s a chance I can help Bossu, I won’t give up.”

Mukuro sighed, “I guess I won’t be able to change your mind.”

“Lambo-san will get stronger!” Lambo grinned.

Hibari vowed to keep a close eye on anyone that could betray them.

Oops this was supposed to have 1827, sorry, I kinda dropped the ball on that. Hope everyone’s IC, Lambo really isn’t but that was kinda what I was going for. I was gonna have Squalo be dragged with Tsunayoshi but I decided to scrap that. (Please tag with Chrome’s Writing)

AHHHHHHHH…. aHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Varia!Tsuna ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

The sad part is that even if they know there will be a traitor they wont even be able to stop him because none of them will believe it is Iemitsu, because he’s Tsuna’s father, so yeah they all will die *cries*

This is so beautiful I love love love it! Thank you so much ;A;

Day 9: Caramel Apples

“How about you have a caramel apple?” Dean nodded towards the food as Cas frowned at the street they were walking on for no reason in particular that Dean could understand.

It took Cas a moment to realise that Dean was speaking and he paused his one way staring contest with a lamppost to look at Dean, “What?”

Dean rolled his eyes, because dammnit, Cas could be difficult when he wanted to be, though Dean knew he couldn’t yell at him for it. It had been tough for Cas during these first few weeks of humanity. Now, Cas’ senses seemed to be in overdrive, everything almost too much for him. That was why they’d come out for a drive and then a walk in the first place, though in hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best idea seeing as the town was bustling today.

“From the stand over there, look,” Dean pointed over to the stand that didn’t look too dodgy, “I think you’ll like it,” he gazed at Cas encouragingly, faltering a little when he saw Cas squinting at him, “What?”

“Is this another prank?” Cas demanded frankly, eyebrows furrowing.

Confused, Dean managed a rather elegant, “Huh?”

“Last time you said I should try something, it was a lemon,” Cas pointed out with a downturn of his mouth, clearly not having quite forgiven him for that.

“Yeah, okay, that was kind of shitty of me,” Dean couldn’t help but grin when he recalled the way Cas’ face had scrunched up cutely at the taste, “But funny,” Dean finished off with a snort.

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Imagine Namimori having a super important exam and somehow all the guardians end up in the same room and the test is so ridiculously hard that everyone starts cheating. Reborn is the proctor and each time he catches a student cheating he just blows them up or sends them flying out the window and Tsuna is like “I didn’t fucking sign up for this” while he takes cheat sheets out of his hair

its hard to live in with parents who have no understanding about self harm and mental illness. when all you do is trying to take care of yourself, when you have a war inside you, they want things from you. and if you dont you becaome selfish, lazy, self centered prick.
its hard to live with parents who jokes about self harm, when thats what you are fighting against. and its hard to live with a mother who says “i am sick of coming with you to your therapy sessions, you are fine just be okay get better and dont make me come here again” or when the doctor diagnosis you who says “she is okay she is just having through adoloscence” but be silent when the doctor asks “does every kid in teenage year cut himself”
its hard to live with my parents as me, tea is is what i crave for after a breakdown it helps me. but according to them im just a girl who locks herself in bathroom, then get out have a cup of tea and staying on the internet till the morning. according to them i cant have tea when its midnight, but urges and breakdowns dont care if it’s 5 am, 3 pm or midnight. they just come and you fight. 
its hard to live with friends who underestimate what you accomplished, who don’t give a shit if your recovery is hard or not. it’s hard to be around them, because all they do is telling me about other people’s accomplisments and then say “they do that and we do nothing”. no you may do nothing but i dont. i have constant battles. i fight against self harm urges and mental illnesses. and you have no idea how hard it is.
its hard to live with mental illness and self harm issues. because no one sees your battles. they dont have to but god know this hurts like hell. fighing against the bad thoughts, the urges, trying to be quite while you are having breakdown, concealing your tears. this is a silent battle. somehow, you feel proud, you feel strong because you do an amazing job. but you can’t celebrate yourself.
because when you do they say nothing about it, no appreciation, no “im happy for you”, no “keep going’s”. just awkward silences. 
when you try to take care of yourself, you be self centered. you be cocky. you accept yourself, you accept your flaws yet they call you arrogant, you care about your recovery you become selfish.
its hard to live with mental illness and self harm issues with people like them around you.
you can’t feel good about yourself.
you can’t celebrate yourself.
you can’t be proud of yourself.
because when you do;
they call you selfish
they call you arrogant
they call you self centered
they call you mean
they call you cocky
and god knows what else.


Hillary and Brian sent us some cool pictures of their “His and Hers” matchy matchy Awols. From two Awol Comp frame-sets, they built these two awesome touring (do it all) radventure machines. Some old parts and some new. They ended up with the nicely utilitarian Soma racks, platform pedals, Supernova Infinity front dynamo hub to power up the usb charger called The Plug on the stem cap and a mixed Shimano and Sram smorgosbord. They’ll dress up the racks with some Ortlieb City front panniers and a Chrome top duffle and writes.

His and hers awols:) Nothing too epic yet, but we have been commuting to work on these absolutely fantastic bikes. Just makes the ride that much more fun and enjoyable even if it is a little heavier. We are obsessed. Can’t wait for some knobby tire camping.

Hillary and Brian, we’re stoked for You, keep Your radventures going and pictures coming. Thanks for sharing!