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Finally get around to draw Chariot’s chrome legs! Obviously I’m much better at traditional art. Here’s to hoping you do well with school and may you overflow with inspiration (and time to write the fic :) )

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Thanks! It’s so rewarding to see people invested in this, I can’t even express. And the timing was perfect, too! I needed something to cheer me up. I love everything about this pic, especially Croix’s expression, she’s like “Y the fuck, Char, you’ve got a whole workshop and a mechanic gf, and you still mend yourself on a couch using a screwdriver and a flashlight, the drek is wrong with you, gal”. Cute stuff. I will try my best, thanks again!

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what /are/ your feelings about Bedelia having a prosthetic leg? What kind of leg do you think she would deign to use?

I wonder a lot about whether or not Bedelia would want to “pass” by having a realistic looking leg. I can see her wanting something realistic because I think she would hate having people perceive her as being weak because she is disabled. But I also feel very strongly that Bedelia would very much NOT want to pass at all, and would know exactly how provocative the obvious reminder of her leg that was eaten would be. Can’t you see her warning Clarice about Hannibal, wearing a bad ass couture fake leg and taking pleasure in making the other woman squirm? 

Bedelia’s fake leg makes me think pretentious thoughts about transhumanism and Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto. “The cyborg would not recognize the Garden of Eden; it is not made of mud and cannot dream of returning to dust.” Hannibal as a show has always played with the idea of what it means to be human and themes of evolution, and Bedelia as half-woman, half-machine would further play with those themes. I think it would be cool to watch her evolve from feeling like her disability is something she needs to hide to really owning it by sporting a dramatic, unusual prosthetic leg. (and this is what I say to the haters who insist Bedelia has to die because “there is no place her character could go.” bitch plz)

Like I think this one is really cool! Something all black and chrome–like her leg has been swallowed up by darkness. 

Or this one! The woman even kind of looks like Bedelia. Here she is at her new house in Santa Fe, far away from Hannibal. 

1.0 | cocoa (joshua)

you didn’t want to go to that diner, and yet here you are.

w.c. 972 | fluff | inspired by adellalikeskpop’s notes on this post 

the diner around the corner isn’t your typical place of interest—50s style to the max. black and white checkered floor, red leather booths with white stripes down the middle of the seats. neon signs absolutely litter the walls, but in a good way, flashing old adverts in bright colors and ribbon text. burgers, fries, milkshakes. the occasional chrome on the legs of pull out chairs and the edges of the counters and tables. round red bar stools with chrome foot stands that spin and spin in circles without ever getting hung. it was overwhelming and comforting all at once.

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Howdy! I love your blog. May i request TYL Vongola, TYL Dino & Enma asking out the woman that they're in love with on a date =)

Hello hun~! Thank you so much~! & Of course you may! Adorbs prompt heading your way~! I’m sorry it took so long~!


Tsuna: He hated this. He was a mafia boss, dammit! He was supposed to be over his shyness, to be able to handle everything with a calm and steady mind!

But if his sweaty hands and shaking knees were any indication, supposed-to-be’s hardly ever worked out.

Here he was, in front of your house with a bouquet in his hand, and he couldn’t for the life of him remember his own name, much less what he had rehearsed in the bathroom earlier that morning.

Finally, the nerves became too great and he felt his body begin to panic, beginning to turn away from the door to begin his escape.

Only for a rock to conveniently be shot from behind him, strategically clicking the doorbell and alerting you of someone’s presence outside your door.

Tsuna felt his body freeze in panic, eyes trailing the trajectory of the evil stone only to see Gokudera waving at him near some bushes, before running away, a slingshot swinging from his hand.

Before he could even call out to the traitor, the door behind him opened, making him stiffly turn towards your confused figure.

“Ah, Tsuna-kun! What’re you doing here?” You asked, smile immediately appearing when you noted it was him.

“I-I actually wanted to a-ask you s-s-something…” Was he stuttering?! Dammit, he’s a grown man now!

You cocked your head to the side, nodding at him to continue.

You were shocked when Tsuna thrust the flowers in your face. Glancing down at the bouquet, you looked up at his face, noticing he was tense with anxiety and his eyes were screwed shut.

“I-I-I’d really like to go out with you, [Name]-chan!” He nearly shouted, rushing through the question before his courage could leave him.

What made him open his eyes was when you gently took the bundle of flowers from his hand and sniffed them lightly.

“I’d love to~”

Tsuna swore his legs turned to jelly when you flashed that breathtaking smile of yours.

Gokudera: His entire thought process had been, ‘It’s just an invitation. Yeah, an invitation. No need to get over excited. Psh, [Name] is lucky I’m even inviting them out. There’s no way [Name] can say no.’

Yet here he was, sweating and hands shoved into his pants pockets to prevent them from running agitatedly through his hair.

Yep, he was totally calm.

“Oi, [Name].”

You had been working on some files for the Vongola when his voice rang out behind you, drawing your attention away from the task.

“Ah, Gokudera-kun! What’s up?” You said, flashing him a smile as you sifted through the documents.

“I-I was, uh, wondering if you’d like to, ya know, do…. something… sometime…” Really? That was the best he could come up with?!

You stopped flipping through the folders, looking up at him with a surprised expression. “You mean like a… date?”

How he wished a hole would open up and swallow him.

“You know what?! Never mind!” He couldn’t handle anymore, and made to leave the room while he still had a shred of dignity left.

“Wait!” You jumped up, grasping his arm and stopping him mid stride.

“I’d… really like that.”

Nodding at you, he turned away, not being able to stop the red from spreading on his face nor the smile that stretched his cheeks.

Yamamoto: It was actually fairly easy for Yamamoto to ask you out.

At least, after he finally figured out that that feeling that welled up in his chest when he saw you was love and not heartburn.

Yeah, he might be older, but that doesn’t necessarily mean wiser.

Catching up to you after a family meeting, he quickly started up conversation. You smiled as soon as he appeared next to you, his warm eyes helping you relax as the both of you made your way down the hallway.

Soon enough, the two of you were laughing and joking around, forgetting completely that you were at work. That is, until you finally made it to your office and you had to say farewell.

“I’ll see you around, Yamamoto-kun!” You said goodbye, shooting him a wide smile before beginning to walk back into the room. Only to stop when his hand caught your arm.

“Yes?” You asked, peering into his calm, yet somewhat concentrated face as he let go of you.

“My old man, he owns a sushi place not too far from here. If you want, I could, uh, get you a discount? You’d have to eat with me, though…” He mentally berated himself for trailing off.

But you grinned at that, eyes flashing with excitement.

“I love sushi! And I actually hate eating alone, so I’d really appreciate your company. How about tomorrow for lunch?”

He couldn’t stop the wide, toothy grin that permanently stayed on his face for the rest of the day.

Hibari: Honestly, he knew there were only two possible outcomes.

One, you’d smile and accept his offer.

Two, you’d scream and run out like the devil was on your heels.

He really hoped for the former.

Walking down the bustling hallway at the end of the school day, his eyebrow began to tick, noting that you were talking to a boy on the other end of the hallway.

Who did that scum think he was?

The hallway parted like the Red Sea as he stalked over to the both of you, whispers erupting around him, most of them terrified as they noticed he was making a beeline towards you.

“Ah, Hibari-san! How are you?” You said pleasantly, smiling at him. That was what he loved the most about you. You weren’t absolutely terrified in his presence.

All it took was a glare at the guy and he ran out of that situation, leaving you and Hibari alone. While he was glad, Hibari knew that the way he asked you was crucial. He couldn’t exactly intimidate you into a date.

Hibari let out a sigh and then glanced at you. “I’m hungry.” He simply stated.

You cocked your head to the side.

“I’m hungry. And there’s a restaurant near here.” If you didn’t get it soon, he’d have to drag you there. This was so humiliating.

Finally, your eyes widened and your mouth popped open, realization dawning on you.

“Ah! I’d love to join you, Hibari-san.” You smiled cutely at him.

Nodding quickly, he fled the scene. Like hell he was going to let you see the small tinge of pink on his face.

Mukuro: Sometimes he cursed his creepiness. And now was one of those times.

Who knew that being terrifying and full of wrath was going to come back and bite him in the ass?

Sidling up to you, Mukuro was quick to wrap an arm around your shoulders, making you jump and turn.  Only to find his condescending smirk being flashed you.

“Mukuro-kun… Hello.” You said, not sure what to make of his sudden appearance out of nowhere. Wasn’t he busy with being a guardian and what not?

“[Name]-chan, I don’t believe we know each other all that well.” He stated, his smirk stretching as he noticed your confused look.

“And…?” You pressed on,

“Well, I’d like to remedy that. How about you join me for dinner tonight?”

Blinking up at him owlishly, his suggestion sunk into your mind. Suddenly, your cheeks flushed and you glanced around the room.

“I… suppose I would like that.”

He couldn’t help the slight sincere quirk of his lips. Or the tightening of his arm around you.

Ryohei: He wasn’t one to back down from a challenge. And he considered asking you out to definitely be a challenge.

“Hey, [Name]-chan!” He frantically waved his arms, catching your attention as you walked past the training room.

It took all you could not to blush brightly at the sight of his naked torso.

“Hello Ryohei-kun!” You chirped, a smile stretching your features as he walked over. “Working out?”

“Yeah, I kind of have a lot of pent up energy.” He laughed slightly, scratching the back of his neck. He never really outgrew his hyper personality, and he was always somewhat embarrassed by that fact.

You blushed lightly when his bicep involuntarily flexed, his muscles still twitching from the adrenaline of the work out. “Ahh. Well, you seem to be a great fighter! I’m kind of envious actually…” You said sheepishly.

“I could train you if I want!” He blurted out before he could think about it. He flinched when he noticed that he had shouted the proposition. Old habits die hard.

But he was stunned to see your somewhat pink face brighten, your head nodding excitedly. “If it isn’t too much trouble, please teach me!”

He’d like to say he didn’t fist pump and yell as soon as you left. But he definitely did.

Chrome: Oh god. She can’t feel her legs.

When Chrome finally came to terms with her feelings, it got to the point where she couldn’t even be in the same room with you without erupting into a face melting blush.

To say that she was head over heels was an understatement, and she knew that she’s hate to have missed an opportunity to be with you because of her crippling shyness.

So here she was, in front of you, face burning and hands twitching as she clasped them together. Legs shaking, she couldn’t even look you in the eyes, knowing that she’d lose her nerve and either embarrass herself disastrously or run away and never speak to you again.

Most likely the latter of the two.

“Chrome-chan?” Your voice sent a shiver up her spine, alerting her that she was spending too much time thinking about the possible negative outcomes and was standing in silence.

“C-Can I… W-Would you…” She was sure she was going to explode with the amount of anxiety she had in her small body.

But as you stared down at her, you figured what she was doing. She was much too honest, and the looks and blushing that had been going on for the past few weeks had alerted you almost immediately of her feelings.

So you spared her the embarrassment and smiled, gently cupping her clasped hands.

“Would you like to go with me to get some lunch?” You asked softly, smiling at her gently.

The bright, shy smile that she gave you nearly gave you diabetes.

Dino: It was times like these that he really cursed his dependence on Romario.

He loves you, he really does, but it’s precisely because of that that he couldn’t stop going through the worst possible scenarios.

‘What if I fall on [Name]? What if I break [Name]’s nose? WHAT IF I BREAK [NAME]’S NOSE BECAUSE I FELL?!’ Honestly, his thoughts were almost as dangerous as his infinite clumsiness was.

But here he was, waiting eagerly for you to come into his office after he called for you. It really paid to be the boss of a family. Especially if you were part of the family.

You knocked politely before entering, scanning the room before walking in and smiling at Dino.

“You asked for me?” You questioned, arching an eyebrow.

He stood up quickly, making his way around his desk to stand in front of you. “Ah, yes! I was wondering if you’d like to-“

Cue his foot catching in the rug and sending him tumbling at your form.

Groaning, he got up, immediately checking to see if he had hurt you with his weight.

But, to his relief, you were laughing.

“If I’d like to what, Dino?” You finally asked, wiping a tear from your eye.

“Join me for dinner.” He finished his sentence, a sheepish grin stretching his face as he rubbed the back of his neck.

When you nodded, a smile still on your face, he knew that he had fallen for the right person. Pun not intended.

Enma: He had almost walked away. Three times. But his damn family members didn’t let him, telling him that he’d have to ‘man up and confess if he ever hoped to be with you.’

Why couldn’t he just watch you from afar like he’d been doing for so long? He had been perfectly content doing that!

Enma could feel his face burning and his hands shaking. Why did his family torture him so?

But now here he was, fists clenched beside him as he stood outside your door. Losing his nerve for the fourth time, he turned around.

Only to catch a glimpse of Adelheid, P. Shitt, & Kaoru nearby. They were adamant in not letting him escape, if the wall they formed on the sidewalk was any indication.

Sighing, he turned and knocked on your door, hoping that you weren’t home and this whole thing would be forgotten.

He nearly had a heart attack when you opened the door and smiled at him. “Enma-kun! Hi! I wasn’t expecting you!” You said, your smile widening at the unexpected surprise.

Enma looked away from you, not being able to hold your gaze. Curse his meek personality.

“… date…” He mumbled, cheeks reddening.

“Hm?” You cocked your head to the side, not understand.

“… a date…” He muttered again, ears burning.

“I’m sorry?” You felt helpless. You didn’t want to seem rude but he was just so soft spoken!

“Would you like to go on a date with me?!” Enma finally said, face positively cherry red as he stared at the ground. He could feel sweat begin to pool on his forehead at the realization he finally asked you out.

He jumped when he felt your hand come up and wipe his sweat away. Glancing up at you, his cheeks ignited in an even brighter blush at your happy smile.

“I’d really like that, Enma-kun.”

Enma was almost positive his face began to melt off when his blush took a scarlet color.