chrome to your dome head


The Losers Club 27 years later → Corey Stoll as Bill Denbrough

Then Richie Tozier, leaning back against the wall, grinned again and said: “Oh my, look at this—Bill Denbrough went for the chrome dome look. How long you been Turtle Waxing your head, Big Bill?”
And Bill, with no idea at all of what might come out, opened his mouth and heard himself say: “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, Trashmouth.”
There was a moment of silence—and then the room exploded with laughter. Bill crossed to them and began to shake hands, and while there was something horrible in what he now felt, there was also something comforting about it: this sensation of having come home for good.


An audio excerpt from Saitama and Genos’s Pop-up Theatre (ya know, the cute weekly show they aired with the anime where Sai and Gen are hand-puppets). Here Saitama tries to tease Genos about his fake hair… and it backfires. Enjoy~


Saitama: Now that I think about it, you don’t ever actually sweat.

Genos: Yes. My body is mechanical after all.

S: I guess that means you don’t have to cut your nails or shave, huh?

G: I’m afraid my hair is made of artificial fibres, so it can’t grow any longer than this.

S: Heeeh… huh? So that means you… heheheheheheh…

G: Is something the matter, Sensei?

S: That means you… that blond hair… is a wig??

G: Yes. I have no follicles, you see. Before I didn’t think it would be this comfortable not to be ruled by hair that keeps growing as it pleases.

S: Well, I guess it is, if you say so.

G: *Gasps* Sensei isn’t under the rule of hair follicles either… I see, there was that sort of option too!! If I put skin-coloured armour on my head like Sensei’s, then I too will be -

S: Shaddup! Don’t put a chrome dome on your head!

G: Ah - oh yes, it seems that we’re having a guest appearance from Hatano Wataru (Metal Bat’s seiyuu) next week.

S: Ahh, another pretty boy. Don’t you ever think the world’s unfair, Genos? Anyway, we’ll end it here for now…

Both: See you next week!