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Dalmeny Place at the junction… Kirkstall Road 

1969. Dalmeny Place, near the junction with Kirkstall Road. The white painted brick building on the right is Lens Scooter Shop at number 255 Kirkstall Road. Italian motor scooters. The scooter is a ‘cutdown’ where parts of the bodywork have been cut away to expose the mechanics. The owner has also added chrome plated accessories and extra mirrors. 

(Top photo) The rider is wearing an army surplus type parka and a thin scarf. Evidence of demolition is in the background with an area of wasteland where Dalmeny Street and Roseberry Terrace once stood, Roseberry Street is still standing, top left. These streets were red brick back-to-back terraced homes. Running across the background is the Cardigan Clothing Factory. There is a soft drink delivery wagon parked behind the boy.

when you’re going through #GameOfThrones withdrawals and you’re design reminds you of #dragonEggs 🤔😅🐉 // used: chrome pigment from Bornprettystore , stamping plate 005 by héhé 💅🏼

swiftlystruck  asked:

genji stares at the sleeping boy in hanzo's lap; the chrome of his face plate gives nothing away. "anija," he begins slowly, "that is a child." his head tilts, focus shifting from the boy to his brother's face. "why the hell do you have a child? do you even know anything about kids?" / uncle gengy!!!


  Well, clearly. He’s not blind, for one. There’s a brief frown, lasting only
for a couple of seconds, before his focus shifts from his brother to the boy,
as he shrugs his shoulders    gently, mind you. In order not to stir the child
from his sleep. 

        “I had found him in the rubble. I am … unsure
        where his parents are, or … whether they       

  He doesn’t really need to finish it, the younger probably well aware of what
he’s insinuating at. Ergo why he ….. took him here, figuring that choice of action
to be the right one right now. Despite the next question making him wonder about

        “Ah … not particularly? How difficult can it be?”

A team

God bless
In her day
Ma used to say
Country gentry
That she was
By he own admission
Bit Victorian
No matter
“‘Little apples
will come again” she’d say
I see left over fare
On my table
Eye balling me now
It’s one sleepy
Ignoring me
As I abandoned her
Old friend for
Chrome plated laps
Other Window this 'n that
Chaps down the years since
Even more grand
New foot pads on the town
Saucy iPads
Judas I am I admit for
White plastic
Silver screens
No mice scampering
Fingers In dykes
Mea Culpa mea culpa
This wandering Roman burns
Let’s again be friends
Power up
Press the little white button
No app monkeys
Programmes of latter day
Serfs surfacing
Can hold a candle
To you guys
Marathons into the
Wee hours ages past
On and on
Forever onwards,
When first we saw the light
Jobs little angels visitations …right?
Still now
Switching o'er again
The years vanish
My heart skips
In joy
Former pleasures return
In our stable
Still the best
Horses for the hard road
Galloping off
No net stable door holding us back
Jobs well done
Bits in our mouths
See stars
Your still the most
My A game