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Every Life has a Moment ~Olicity Fic 2/5

So this has become a five chapter piece that sort of reminds me of the movie “One Day” because it’s being told from that sort of perspective. Thank you for all the encouraging words I greatly appreciated it! @supersillyanddorky06 this was only possible because you told me to simply go for it! Thank you! 

Warning: Some explicit (for me) content so you’ve been warned. 

Read it here or on AO3: Part 1; Part 2

Chapter 2

1 year later…

Felicity gazed out her third story bedroom window and watched as the snow began to slowly fill the sidewalks of the streets below. She curled her legs into her chest and brushed her fingers over her old, favorite sweatpants. Her half empty cup of coffee was still steaming beside her on the couch side table, her blonde hair was pulled into a high ponytail, and her glasses were resting over the bridge of her nose. She sighed to the empty the room, “I miss him…” and smirked when the howling wind made the walls of her aging building creak. 

She could almost hear them chanting, “Call him, call him, call him,” as she stared wordlessly out the slightly fogged over glass. Her phone laid at her side innocently as her nimble fingers traced slowly over the small keyboard keys. Her thumb was over the call button when it buzzed beneath her startled touch. Her eyes shot downward swiftly as her lips curled into a giddy smile. She pressed the speaker button and laughed happily once his voice was bouncing off her empty walls. 

“So….quick question,” he started like she was about to make a deal with the devil. 

Felicity’s patented eye roll came before her practiced line, “Okay hotshot how long is this home invasion for?” 

She heard him chewing at his cheek as he muttered lowly, “Ummmm a week?” 

“You and Laurel bickering again I take it?” she asked almost out of habit. 

He too gave a patented reply, “Yes and before you say it no I’m going to make this break up stick.” 

She nodded wordlessly then breathed, “I assume you’re outside my door?” 

She heard the cylinder of her locks moving before he’d managed to mumble out a simple response. Felicity ended the call and glanced eagerly over her left shoulder. There he stood with small, melting flakes of snow littered over his dark brown leather coat. Felicity cocked her head when he began brushing the droplets of water onto her dark, hardwood floors. “Ummm dear what are you doing?” she asked with a bit of a screech to her voice. 

Oliver winked slyly as he pulled a small suitcase in behind him, “Dear is a new one honey…” 

Felicity immediately scowled, “I thought we banned those particular nicknames after that night in my dorm room?” 

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Spice - Taemin

 Square lipped pretty works at the local Starbucks and theres only so much caffeine you can take.

Rating: PG-13. Word count: 1465. Beta: notsogingerlady

“For Christ’s sake, just talk to him.”

Kibum was starting to get annoyed with your nervous twitching, and you couldn’t really blame him. It had started with biting your nails, then quickly progressed into shaking knees and the occasional whine into your pumpkin spice latte. 

“I can’t deal with this anymore, just go and say hello already!” Kibum spoke through gritted teeth. Being as short tempered as he was, he couldn’t cope with your verging on pathetic state anymore.

“But he’s so pretty.” You whined, taking another chunk out of your thumbnail.

You had spent two weeks of sitting in the corner booth of the small coffee shop. It was across the street of the office you worked at- so naturally, Kibum; being your best office friend, had to endure your lunch hour; and now after a gruelling 9 hour day, sipping on overpriced coffee and giving death glares to high carb pastries.

All because of the pretty behind the counter. 

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Another Lover of Chocolate

Request: You should do an imagine where one day you bump into Gabriel and he finds out you’re also a trickster.

Warnings: Lots of Chocolate

Word Count: 1367

Author: Gwen

Children screamed past you as observed the crowds on a warm spring day. Teenagers held hands as they entered and exited the stores along the main road of Hershey’s Chocolate World. The perfect place for someone like you. Chocolate and people to mess with. The combination was too good to be true and made you thankful each day.

In your own hands you had a bunch of chocolates, ranging in size and flavors. The current one you were chewing and had partly covering your face was probably your favorite. The taste oozed into each of your taste buds with each simple movement of your jaw.

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