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Guy III - Guy (Jan. 25, 2000)

Check out the super-optimistic 😢 lyrics to one of the album’s tracks about the far off year of ‘2004’

“In the year 2004
Life will be like one big party
The sensation of cultural unity
Hatin’ is over and there’s positivity
This is a new world, some things haven’t changed
Yo, a party is a party no matter what day
There are angels laced in platinum robes
And a Benz is still a Benz, wheels dipped in chrome
The ladies are still fly with futuristic styles
You know flossin ain’t over, it’s just computerized
So now tell me is the future what you thought it would be?
For every cloudy vision is now reality
Now these words you hear is not meant to scare
But in fact they’re here to make you aware
So just like before, you know, in the past
The future’s what we make it
So let’s make it last”

Jay-Z and Beyoncé, photographed sitting courtside during the NBA All-Star Game, played at the Pepsi Center in Denver on February 20, 2005. The East defeated the West 125-115, with Allen Iverson named the “Most Valuable Player.” Hov is wearing a shirt by the clothing label Chrome Hearts.

Cosplay/Sewing Club AU

When Tsuna was little, all he wanted was to help out his mother. He always burned the food, always missed the corners when cleaning and the laundry machine always broke down under his hands. However, when his mother taught him to sew, it was like the gods themselves blessed his hands with beautiful lines and the ability to turn even the most meager scrap of cloth into a masterpiece.

Enter Miura Haru, cosplay and theater enthusiast. When her costume for the school play was absolutely ruined the night before their grand debut, Tsuna offered to make her a new one, she agreed because it’s not like he could ruin it anymore could he?

What he delivered was a costume that was leagues beyond the other costumes and Haru was so happy that they became best friends from then on. They kept the friendship over the years and despite Tsuna’s general dameness, the costumes and clothes he provided Haru with were the envy of everyone that lay their eyes on them.

So when they entered High school and Haru discovered there was a Cosplay/Sewing club, she dragged Tsuna to it and asked for both of them to be allowed to join.

The members at the time of Tsuna’s joining are:

President Rokudou Mukuro, third year, who uses his little sister Chrome as his model (may or may not have a siscon but no one can prove it)

Rokudou Chrome, second year, who can’t sew but who can make the most realistic props one could ask for (also a member of the Art Club)

Sasagawa Kyoko, second year, who likes to sew and wear cute things. (also a member of the Cooking Club)

Kurokawa Hana, second year, Kyoko’s long suffering friend that really doesn’t care about any of it but doesn’t mind modeling and it gets her free clothes so she just shrugs and goes along with it.

Fong I-pin, first year, she likes to sew small clothes for dolls/pets, she gifts her creations to her cousin (she may or may not have a crush in said cousin and said cousin may or may not be certain Disciplinary Committee president, but you can’t prove it)

Bovino Lambo, first year, spoiled rich kid and fashionista, can’t sew anything to save his life but enjoys modeling and getting new clothes. Has a rivalry with Hana over who’s the best model and who gets the best clothes. While they fight over it Mukuro gives the best clothes to Chrome anyway.

After getting comfortable with this eccentric group of people Tsuna asks who their teacher advisor is. The thing is, no one knows.

“What do you mean no one knows?” asks Tsuna

“He, and we are not sure if it’s a he or not, always comes to the class wearing some of the best costumes I’ve ever seen, we can’t tell who he is.” Explains Chrome, Mukuro bites his nail and mumbles under his breath.

“I would kill for his costume making skills.” Tsuna feels a shudder run down his spine, he believes him, he really does.

Enter the teacher, wearing an Albus Dumbledore costume, or Tsuna thinks it’s an Albus Dumbledore costume, but he can’t tell because he’s pretty sure that’s Professor Reborn, the sadistic math teacher.

“Isn’t that Reborn-sensei?” he asks and the teacher pauses in his theatrics to stare at him for an interminable second before laughing it off.

“Of course not! I am Albus Dumbledore!” exclaims the teacher and throws Tsuna a glare that could freeze the Sahara. Tsuna feels like his life is passing before his eyes. The other club members dismiss Tsuna’s words.

“Nah, Reborn-sensei is not the type.” Says Hana.

“Yeah Tsuna, you really have bad eyesight.” Mocks Lambo.

“Reborn-sensei? Please!” Mukuro waves his hand in clear dismissal and Chrome, Haru and Kyoko giggle in a corner.

“You have a great imagination though, Tsuna-san.” Says I-pin with a little laugh.

And just like that the matter is dropped. Except that, as they are leaving for the day, Tsuna throws “Albus Dumbledore” a glance and the man lifts a single finger, crossing it across his throat in a clear threat. Tsuna gulps and thinks he has just signed his own death sentence.

Keeping Reborn-sensei’s hobby a secret is harder than it looks, every time it seems his clubmates are getting close Tsuna has to go out of his way to point them in another direction and every time the disaster is averted, he would sigh in relieve only to feel a hand clamp hard on his shoulder and he would turn, only to receive Reborn-sensei’s sadistic grin and he would know that the man will call on him next math class and that answering incorrectly is not an option.

Tsuna studies like crazy and his grades actually improve, but he can’t enjoy it because he lives in fear of the day someone finds out about Reborn-sensei, because he knows his life will be forfeit.

Eventually the day of the school festival approaches and they have to decide what they are going to do, somehow they end up deciding to do a fashion show. The problem is, they don’t have models.

So poor Tsuna is forced to convince people to be their models, which wouldn’t be so hard. Except Mukuro and Reborn-sensei have very strict standards as to whom can model for them. Standards that are only fulfilled by some of the most dangerous people in school.

The Disciplinary Committee President, Hibari Kyouya.

The Disciplinary Committee Vice-President Suzuki Adelheid

The Captain of the Fencing Team, Superbi Squalo.

The Secretary of the Chemistry Club, Gokudera Hayato.

The President of the Cooking Club, Gokudera Bianchi.

There are some other much more approachable people who Tsuna has to ask to be their models such as:

The Baseball Ace Yamamoto Takeshi

The Captain of the Boxing Club Sasagawa Ryohei

The Vice-president of the Robotics Club Spanner (no one knows his real name XD)

Etc. etc.

Shenanigans happen, Tsuna has to fight, ask, beg, challenge, etc. all manners of different people in order to convince them to model for the club. It doesn’t help that Hibari and Mukuro hate each other or that Yamamoto and Gokudera cause explosions anytime they are within the same room or that Spanner’s robots get out of hand and start destroying things on their own. etc. etc.

So yeah, that’s all I got. I hope you enjoyed it :)


Krisyeol Matching Each Other -requested by Anon

bellafacciaa  asked:

Is it just me or does it seem like celebrities these days have adapted Selena's sense of style. The bustiers, drawn on lips, high waisted clothing, mono chrome outfits with "bling". Its just sad to see others duplicating her looks and not giving her credit. Also I feel like her body type has been inspiration to celebrities Selena is the OG of the big booty and no one recognizes her on that either. Hollywood doesn't give credit to Selena's passion of music and style. She is the G.O.A.T

I definitely feel Selena was ahead of her time in a lot of aspects. I also feel she is for sure a huge inspiration to a lot of musicians, entertainers and fashionistas of today.   Shes iconic, its alright if Hollywood doesn’t say it, we all know it ;)