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How do you think Nana would treat the Varia's and Kokuyo's significant others?

So when I tried answering this the first time, it came out in like paragraph from and was just really boring so I’m gonna do a headcanon for each character.

Xanxus: while Nana loves all her “kids”, Xanxus is one who is particularly close to her heart, however, she knows that only someone who really cared about Xanxus would put in the time and effort to get close enough to him where he would bring them to meet Nana, she treats Xanxus’ s/o like they’re part otf the family already because she knows it’s only a matter of time

Squalo: Squalo while not actually admitting to how much Nana’s opinion matters to him introduces his s/o fairly on - it’s done in a very casual way, like accidentally having his s/o with him when he needs to drop something off for Tsuna, the partner lets it slip later that he ended up “coaching” them a little before they stopped by

Levi: Levi is the one who calls Nana for advice when it comes to his relationship - he has no idea really when it comes to an actual relationship (nor do any of the people around him) so hen he’s trying to think of a romantic gesture, etc, Nana is the first one to call

Lus:  Lus’ s/o starts going whit him and Nana to their routine coffee dates - this has backfired on him more than once when they start gushing over him to each other and while he doesn’t mind talking about himself, there comes a time when enough is enough

Bel:  Nana is the “translator/mediator” for Bel and his s/o - Bel does not actually communicate well when it comes to anything other then “I am going to kill you now” his s/o, understandably, is not always fluent in “Bel-speak” Nana’s the one both call when there is a major issue caused by miscommunication

Fran: Fran introduces his s/o to Nana pretty quickly - he meets her at a much younger age than the other Varia members do so while she’s a mother figure to all of them, the one who sees her in the most “traditional” mother tole is Fran 

Chrome:  she is the scariest to Chrome’s s/o, because she did put in the effort to make sure that Chrome got over her insecurities and she always wanted a daughter, so yes, yes, Chrome is a little special to her and while all OF Nana’s “kids” deserve only the best, chrome needs someone who’s particularly special to treat her right and make sure that that girl feels like a princess

Ken: Ken demands that his s/o learns how to cook from Nana - Nana is more than happy to teach them how to cook and enjoys this time that she’s able to spend with one of her “kid’s” partners

Chikusa:  up there with Levi on the awkwardness around Nana level, he does worry about how Nana will accept his (she is actually pretty close to the Mukuro level of people that should be pleased by Chikusa list) - he never tells anyone quite how relieved he is when she accepts them wholeheartedly


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From alot of suggestions I decided to do a voice over tutorial on making brushes + a few other things I think would be useful such as tool presets, smudges, and lastly Speed painting :) .I painted this using the brushes and tools I made during this tutorial :) I will post the full image later on !  This voice over will over all of those things !

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