Column chromatography for beginners. 

First, look after an immobile phase (usually silica or alumina) what was tested before with the correct eluent (mixture of 2 or more organic solvent). If the mixture of compounds separate with this mixture on a TLC (thin layer chromatography) what is made from the same immobile phase it will hopefully work on a larger scale also. 

For every g of the purified material take at least 10-15 g of immobile phase, mix it with the eluent (1 pics) and load it in the column. Place your mixture of compounds on the top with a little celite or sand (3 pics) and let the eluent flow down the column (4 pics). Every time the top would dry, add more eluent to keep it always wet. 

If you are lucky enough the main component will separate and it will form a nice layer on the column (last pics).

If anyone is interested in this chromatographic method I could write a step by step “how to do” from it. Anyone?