chromatic lantern


Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim (so many pilgrims, so little time) (now with decklist!)

(full decklist will be made available after the release of the  set)

Ayli is a great general. To start off, she only costs two mana to cast meaning you won’t get sick of her any time soon. She also has a 2/3 body which is decently bulky for her cost and she’s got sac abilities so get ready. 

The first thing you’re going to want 4 different versions of is Grave Pact (these 4 cards are dictate of erebos, martyr’s bond, grave pact and butcher of malikir) This will give your deck an extra control element which is much needed because this is after all a control general. Something recommended to go in tandum with these is leyline of void as it will ensure that no graveyard shenanigans take place from your opponents. 

Suture priest is another card that you’ll want a couple different versions of. She will make sure you’re gaining life off all your creatures and she gets really good when your opponents start to sac. Not to mention she’s necessary as you’ve got to get to 50 life to start exiling things. 

Smothering Abomination is a great card as well. Because he’s got card draw out the wazoo it’ll seriously speed up your game. If you aren’t drawing lands or creatures or spells you need, this guy will fix that. Reprocess functions similarly, sac things, draw cards. 

Karlov is amazing. You’ll be gaining plenty of life in this deck so being able to easily exile more things is just icing on the proverbial cake at this point. He’ll do it cheap and he’ll do it well and if there’s nothing to exile he can swing like a hammer. 

Proper burial and angelic blessing are also very highly recommended as they’ll speed up your life gain quite a bit.

Lastly, bitterblossom is amazing in this deck as it will provide one of our last points. Tokens. Having tokens in this deck is essential. They’re a sac outlet for both of your commanders abilities and you can make a thousand of them. Tokens are a requirement for this deck so consider other cards like White Sun’s Zenith and (the ever flavorfully ironic) eldrazi processors. being able to make multipurpose tokens out of the things you exile can serve you to no bound. 

That’s all for this deck, have fun and CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES

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captaindemetrios  asked:

When you use Chromatic Lantern does it mean a land taps for that color land AND any other color or just it now taps for 1 land of any color?

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Chromatic Lantern grants each land you control the ability “T: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.” This ability is separate from any other mana-producing abilities the land might have.

So for example, suppose you control Chromatic Lantern and, say, a Forest. The Forest now has two abilities:

  • T: Add G to your mana pool.
  • T: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

You can activate either ability, but not both at once. Make sense?

So, this is Chromatic Lantern.

I didn’t know this existed until the other day, but I found out they were only about 2 bucks each right now. Myself, and almost every other person commenting on this card in stores and forums have decided that this is fairly broken, and is destined for greatness. So I’ve made an executive decision to buy a handful of these cardboard/paper cards in the hopes that in a year or two, I can sell them all again for a profit. (And use them in a number of my decks in-between.)

I can’t decide if this is a good sign or a bad sign as far as my life goes. And If I’ve made a bad purchase, I’d be happy to hear why, so I don’t go out and buy more for the same reason.

More Underrated Cards for Commander

In my last list I excluded cards that were released in Commander product as newer players were introduced to these cards early on. However, I didn’t feel like that last list truly captured as many cards as I wanted to showcase because of that restriction. Additionally, some of the best cards from Commander products are often overlooked because they seem kind of dorky or underpowered in comparison to some of the flashier cards designed exclusively for Commander or Legacy (we all know True-Name Nemesis wasn’t for Commander). I have also included some more cards that I had thought about later after posting the last article. As such I have decided to do these kinds of card spotlights periodically as I think of more cards that should be played at much higher rates than they are. There are a lot of cards out there and many of them should get more love.

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