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Please read the Rules/Info section before requesting a commission.

I will deliver a high resolution file of the commission via email.
1. Sketch
Half body $20 single | $30 duo
Full body $35 single (+$10 each additional character)
+$10 for simple colors
2. Mini (simple colors)
Portrait $20
Full body $30 (+$10 each additional character)
3. B&W lineart (simple grays & tones)
Half body $40 single | $50 duo
Full body $55 single (+$10 each additional character)
4. Full color (no or simple background)
Half body $55 single | $65 duo
Full body  $60 single (+$10 each additional character)
5. The works
$100 base price.
Price depends on the number of characters, and level of detail. Email me directly with inquiries. I will draw a preliminary colored sketch for approval. All changes/revisions must be addressed during the sketch phase.

* I’m also available for character model sheets and icon art (for RPs, etc). Email for a quote or for any questions.



- Email with the subject heading “Commission order.”

- In the email body, include:

Category: Pick a category (eg. digital portrait sketch, two characters).

Description: You can give me a simple prompt (eg. “something fun” or “make it romantic” or “smirky, know-it-all expression”) and let me do my thing.

Or you can be as detailed as you want, especially with original characters. Describe specific poses and items, additional characters, important personality details that will inform me of the character’s attitude, etc. Provide art if you have it.

Contact: Your Paypal username. (I will invoice you. Once payment goes through, I’ll send confirmation and start on your commission.)



  • I must receive payment in full before I start a commission (price is in US dollars).
  • Price may be increased depending on the level of detail requested. I will always send a revised price quote for customer approval.
  • I will allow for one revision session (this does NOT mean a redraw).
  • Allow for of 1-3 months for commission completion (my speed depends on current workload)
  • If I can’t finish your commission, I will issue a full refund. Finished commissions are non-refundable.
  • These commission prices are for your personal use ONLY. If you wish to hire me for commercial work, please state that in your email.
  • I am open to drawing a number of things (OCs, fanart, NSFW), but I reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason.
  • Any other questions, please message or email me

We passed 50% yesterday, so we’ve got a new Kickstarter announcement: That’s right–A short story about Bruce and Louise’s first date?!

If this Kickstarter succeeds, we’re getting this bonus short comic to scream over! (Bruce’s letterman jacket, OMG. <3) It will appear in the back of Volume 2 - both the ebook AND the paperback!

Once we hit $6,000 in this Kickstarter (75%), we’ll announce ANOTHER bonus comic going in the back of Volume 3!

Reminder - Heldrad will be doing an Orange Junk Kickstarter livestream this Sunday (tomorrow), Dec 11th, 5 pm EST/4 pm CST. She’ll be working on the keychain and/or daki art for this Kickstarter. ;D That livestream is open to anyone, so come join us for some live art and a fun chatroom with Heldrad and Orange Junk fans!
Sparkler Monthly Magazine: Year 3
Twelve more issues of our digital magazine of serialized comics, prose, and audio dramas for fangirls at heart!

Hey, Sparkler Fans! Yesterday we launched a Kickstarter to fund Year 3 of the magazine–this will help us pay our creators (and maybe even give them a raise?!), plus ensure that you keep getting great content from us on a regular basis…and perhaps even give us the ability to expand our offerings a bit! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧   We’re so proud of everything we’ve been able to accomplish over the last two years, from original audio dramas and incredible new prose series to some amazing short comics from new talent, and we want to make sure Year 3 is our best year yet! But we can only do it with your help.

We’re already well on our way after 24 hours, thanks to your amazing support, but there are some great rewards that our creators (and staff!) are offering, and we’ve still got a long way to go. So check it out, share, spread the word, and help us keep doing what we do!


The Sparkler Team

Guess what else we have in store for you all this month?!

A brand-new Kickstarter to release Orange Junk vol. 2 & 3 (and possibly 4?!) in print! Among our backer rewards are keychains, with a design selected by you, the fans, plus double-sided body pillows, stickers, and more!

Check it out, and get your lovely print copies of Orange Junk, our favorite wacky, wonderful (and lately very moving!) shojo comedy!