ioletsgo asked:

Hey, how do you go about colors in your art? I know that's a pretty broad question but I'm struggling with shading and lighting, and you do it so well! If you had some refs or just advice that'd be great!

Thank you! Colors are mostly intuitive, so I’m not sure I have much to offer in the way of instruction. I’m trying to learn more about it, myself, so I can make art more intentionally. A few things I’m trying to pay more attention to:

How warm & cool tones interact, where they are on the color wheel relative to each other, value scale, and how saturated and chromatic, ex: warm light, cool neutral middle tones, cool shadow setup (you can switch these up to different effect). It’s a bit rigid and simplistic, and doesn’t always hold up to realistic light conditions but it’s an easy way to start containing colors within stylized illustration; you can fine-tune it as you learn more.

Neutral tones! They support and draw attention to more chromatic colors, giving places for the viewer’s eye to rest. Lots of colors can qualify as neutral depending on your chosen palette. For example, if you’re working digitally, use the eyedropper on some colors that read as “grey” and you might find they’re actually green, if the main colors are pink/red.

Regarding value, think of “molding” shapes dimensionally and imagining how they interact with your designated light source. Drawing fundamentals are integral to a well-structured painting (think of it like the skeleton), but painting is a different approach than contour drawing. No one wants to hear this but… painting from life really is the #1 way to train your eye. Set up still lifes of stuff you actually want to paint under different light conditions to make the exercise less boring! (I like to paint desserts hahaha.)

When I’m in photoshop, I always fill the topmost layer with black and set it to “color,” turning it on periodically so I can check my values. Lifesaver.

Lastly, everyone recommends Color & Light by James Gurney, and it’s hands-down the best resource I’ve come across! Inexpensive and concisely covers a broad range of topics like this with visual examples that the artist painted himself. (And it’s got a funky dino on the cover, what’s not to love??) His blog’s interesting, too.

Here’s The Best Music Of 2015 (So Far), And The Best Of What’s To Come

It’s been a pretty, pretty, pretty good year for music.

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Rainbow Brite wishes she’d been drawn like this, with awesome locks of vivid rainbow hair. Whether you’re looking to show off for summer, celebrate LGBT Pride Month, recapture the childhood magic of sand art, or simply make everyone around you constantly crave rainbow rainbow sherbet and saltwater taffy, dazzling tresses like these could be yours. 

The ladies in these photos all used ChromaSilk Vivids by Pravana, a brand of hair dye that comes in ten different shades and doesn’t run or transfer to other strands of hair. That’s what makes these dazzling chromatic hairstyles possible and what makes us want to find some cotton candy stat.

Photos by invisable_in_vegas,, dye2bnatural, vpfashion, pravana, lizzislox, hair.color, and theunicorntribe respectively.

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Sparkler Monthly Magazine: Year 3
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DMMD - Sketches and Drawings

DMMD - Mink - Hue Practice Sketch


Sorry about that, it seems that Mink has given me about the same amount of nosebleeds as Koujaku does (competition arising, eh?). C'mon, he got fangirls and fanboys too! XD

Anyway, super proud of this colored sketch and I grew in much love and respect for Mink as a character and his significant role in the DMMD plot. I will never understand why most people loathed him so much, it’s doesn’t make sense to me.   

Now excuse me for the moment, I’m listening to VERTUEUX’s acoustic version of Sandy Weeds. That song is my new religion! XD

Snow Drifts par Oliver Prince
Via Flickr :
I photographed this snow drift from a ridge line that overlooked our campsite at Rosita Harbour whilst working on the South Georgia Heritage Trust’s rat eradication project. Processing Lightroom: Luminance +40, lens profile correct and chromatic aberration correct. Photoshop: White balance calibrated, luminosity masks to improve contrast and hue levels, cropping and some cloning on along the edges of the frame, cloning for dust removal. Capture sharpening and output sharpening (2048px longest edge).

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