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An Autobiography In Vivid Color Pt. 2 (Demo)
Of Machines
An Autobiography In Vivid Color Pt. 2 (Demo)

An Autobiography In Vivid Color Pt. 2 (Demo) - Of Machines

It seems I had it all
Slowly returning to me now
I thought I saw myself
Within an instant I was gone
I feel I’m losing time and there is nothing I can do
Relinquish now
The grey takes hold
I see it all around me
This time I will lose everything I know

The patterns change at first
Reduced to nothing, not even a sound
Run and hide 
To save face I try and disguise 
The little faith that I had inside is gone
Until now I know that there is nothing 
(Run and hide)
A diminishing light

Of Machines new album..

So of machines are finally back after a nearly 4 year long hiatus. I completely freaked out when I heard this amazing news. But they need our help, so I ask anyone who is or has ever been a fan of OM that you should really consider donating a few bucks to them if you haven’t already done it. They said it’s even possible that they record an LP instead of an EP! Please they really deserve it!!! And please reblog this, I want every Of Machines fan on earth to read this and think about donating! :)

This is their official tumblr which includes a PayPal link:

Thank you for reading!