chrom typo

Fe boys on the phone! Mostly texting based but yeah~ I think it was asked before, but now that MysMes is out..

Chrom: Typos, typos everywhere. It’s not that he doesn’t know to spell, but he has a little trouble with typing and autocorrect is very stressful to the poor guy. Luckily you show him that he can send voice messages, and ever since, you’ve been carrying around headphones to talk to him. It’s strange, but it works.

Gaius: He uses so many memes and expressions you can hardly decipher his texts anymore without a trip to urban dictionary. He also loves selfies. He sends you one each time he’s eating candy. Or he’s worked out. Or taken a shower…While he’s no fuck boy, he is pretty annoying at times. Even so, he’s always making you laugh, and is a good partner to the end.

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