Hunter x Hunter x Baby Instructions 101

I’ve always wanted to draw Hunter Hunter characters with their questionable parenting skills. I have a hard time deciding their roles, because Ging was powerful enough to fulfill all don’ts section by himself.

Hisoka face insp.  [how Hisoka licks a card 1999].
© Baby Instruction Meme based on [this].

Please do not remove this caption.


HxH. Killua 18 | Gon 18 | Hisoka 32 | Chrollo 30.

I imagine teen Gon would be slightly bulkier than Killua (almost like his adult form?!). Hisoka wears make-up, so he doesn’t look much different. Chrollo is forever young (some kind of the immortal Keanu Reeves?!), he just look more tired as he gets older… tired of life.


Did the couch meme for the Phantom Troupe!

I did the line art and the lovely @rouvere colored them in!



Hunter x Blood Type x Adultrio
Based on Blood Type Personality Meme [Original comic.]
Yep, it’s their official blood type and surprisingly accurate enough!
Illumi [A]: Cautious, organized, punctual | Stubborn, overearnest. 
Hisoka [B]: Wild, adventurous, passionate | Selfish, unpredictable.
Chrollo [AB]: Calm, rational, controlled | Two-faced, forgetful.

me: “Stop ruining their fictional life!”.  me: "nuhh.“