What was your first reaction when you heard you didn’t get a permanent role?
“I was very disappointed. I had a great time on set and there came a abrupt end on. Eventually I give it a positive spin by knowing to give it a chance to focus on myself for a while.”

You heard the bad news while you were on tour with the cast…
“They were very sweet for me and caught me very well. After one year working together we became one big family. I made friends for life because of Glee.”

You were allowed to come back a few times in the show but you didn’t want to?
“That’s true. I don’t like doing things half. When I was free I had to focus 100% at myself. That was nice for a while. But I was really happy when they asked me to come back and become a permanent role!”

What have you done in the meantime?
“I was in the studio working on my first CD. It’s a acoustic pop album. That will be released, when everything goes right, this year. My first single Beautiful Girl has already been leaked. But the CD isn’t complete. But I can’t wait to hear it when it’s finally finished!”

What did you think about you first scene back in season 3, being a stripper?
“When the producer told me, I was shocked! Especially when they told me, my stripper name would be White Chocolate. Last season I had to walk around shirtless a lot, and now this! Haha! The first thing I wanted to now was if I had to go to the gym. And yes, I had to. And I only had one week before the scene would be shoot. So I sported like I an animal that week!”

You’re not a dance fan? So what was it to dance again?
“It was horrible! My body wasn’t used to it anymore. After my first day in the studio, I wasn’t able to move my legs.”

And about seeing the cast again?
“That was AMAZING! I felt like I was back home. And luckily, they were happy to see me again!”

Which cast members are you hanging around most of the time?
“I become pretty close friends with Mark Salling. And I chill a lot at Cory’s house. Me and Harry Shum Jr. like to play video games. And Jenna Ushkowitz, Naya Rivera and Heather Morris are also very sociable. I like to hang out with all of them!”

Is it true that Mark Salling and you are the couple of the Glee set?
“Haha, yeah you could say that. Mark and I tweet constantly to each other. We have a corny Twitter war. Kevin McHale said we should have a name like Brangelina, since then we are called Salling Street on set.”

What are you guys during between recordings?
“We are playing a game that’s called Psychiatrist. It goes like this: We are all sitting in one room and one of us is leaving the room. That’s the psychiatrist. The rest considers a problem we all have. The psychiatrist have to figure out what’s wrong with us. It does not have to be something medical, everything is possible. Last time we all were Santa’s elves.  45 minutes later, Amber finally figured out what was wrong with us. The best psychiatrists? Harry and Chris.”

It sounds like you never been gone…
“Yeah. It’s good to be back!”


Chord in short:
Date of birth: 17 February 1989.
Birthplace: Nashville.
Parents: Julie and Paul.
Siblings: Nash (guitarist of Hot Chelle Rae), Summer, Harmony, Skye and Charity.
Relationship: Emma Roberts.
Plays also in: The movie The Hole and A Warrior’s Heart.
Bad Habit: Bit his nails.
Weird Habit: Can play mouth harmonica with his nose.
Weird Hobby: Mowing grass.
Pet: dog Harley.
Was also seen in: A video clip Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae.

Chord’s favorites:
Music: Coldplay, John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse and The Script.
Glee guest star: Gwyneth Paltrow.
Glee solo: Billionaire.
Dream Glee guest star: Bruce Springsteen.
Funniest Glee colleague: Jane Lynch.

- I’m sorry if my English is incorrect. But I’m not very good in English.. Haha. But I still hope you all enjoy the interview! -


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such a nice chord progression

OKAY first of all im really ugly so i cropped my face out okay Dx


 the other one i was using my cat broke it because he dropped and broke the neck so like the strings make buzzing noises DX so i had to use my sister’s guitar she got as a gift, so that’s why it has the little camp rock girly Disney cr@p on it Dx

oOkay so this is me playing the major scale and then the c major scale a little up on the frets,  i can go a bit faster but i was under pressure XD

After that i’m playing the F chord  horribly and i just cant seem to get it, You see how badly i did it?

as im recording this, I too am going back to the basics and learning how to transition from the chords a bit faster, and i’m practicing my strumming too :/

The song i want to learn has 4 chrods which is F, Bsus7 (i think its called), Dm, and something else I forgot XD

But i need to barre chords in order to play it!  it but idk how DX After that, i’m going to learn Power Chords \m/