I used to knit and crochet. I walked on both sides of that [muffled]. And when I was a kid, because my mom did. But I haven’t picked up any needles in a long while except to stab people. My wife does. My wife rocks some seriously crocheting. She started out— she was already a knitter but she started out crocheting hats for a friend who was actually in chemo and suddenly needed a lot of hats. And then, she just sort of went wild with it. She knitted a turtle, and scarves, and a guitar strap for our son. She’s pretty fierce.
—  Joss Whedon (X)

In celebration of the first episode of Beyond Mushbury, meet the newest additions to my Yog plushie collection: Commander Proasheck, Commander Saberial, and Captain Ringlette!

I’ve been so excited for Zoey’s Beyond Mushbury series, and started making these AGES ago. Unfortunately because of Fiona got a redesign since I started, her boots are no longer correct but oh well. More to come maybe?

These 20+ Free and Easy Crochet Scarf Patterns Will Blow Your Mind

Making a crochet scarf can be a very rewarding do-it-yourself project. After you have learnt the basics, you will need some detailed step-by-step guides and patterns to help you create warm elegant scarves. That is why I have put together this compilation of 20 free and easy crochet scarf patterns. Take a look at them and let your hands get busy.