For my first post, how about a brief history, eh? Well this is the first “Photography” like picture I took, as I was experimenting with my new camera, (Nikon, Coolplix L120), on 7/21/2011. I uploaded it to Facebook to see what people might think of it and surprisingly I was blown away by all the nice comments/likes. So I decided to continue taking pictures as a hobby of things that interested me. A lot of people call me/think I’m a photographer, but the reason I don’t think I’m not is because I just TAKE pictures, in the end without any actual purpose to it, a lot of “photographers” do it to “Capture The Moment” when I do all I’m thinking about is “That would look cool in a picture”, that’s it, but maybe in the future I will call myself a Photographer, but for now I’m just an Editor. I made this blog just to have my pictures more organized and in a place where everybody can see them. So enjoy everything else I’m going to upload! Welcome to my blog.