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Why do I feel like Jungkook is not into Tae anymore? The past few days it's always been Jungkook/Jimin and Taehyung/Hoseok :( my poor little Taekook heart cannot handle this!!!

Ahh no!!!! They had interaction in After school Club, honey!!! That handshake T_T

We could not forgot a new selca too! Even if they covered Taehyung’s eye still is a precious selca!! We don’t have one a loooong time.

And how about that last Bangtan Bomb video??? There’s any better chritsmas gift than Taehyungie playing with  sleeping (an cutie) Jungkooke beside him? 

And this video??? I was like crazy for it all day!! *shaking eyebrows*

Oh, I was forgetting that dance!! 

I think we are having taekook pretty often. And remember, even others couples keep on happen everywhere, TaeKook will happen when you don’t even expect!

No one like you- A Jack Gilisnky Imagine

*Jack’s P.O.V*

I was currently at my bedroom, with nothing to do. I was just doing the usual, creep on my beutiful fans. To be honest, even though it may not seem like I do it, I actually creep A LOT on twitter. As I was about to get something to eat, I got a call from my beautiful girlfriend Y/N.

“Hey babe” She said

“Hi, cutie” I replied back

“Are you busy?” She asked

“Nope, not at all” I said

“Cool, do you want to hang out with me and the boys today?” She asked

“Sure, where do we meet?” I asked

“At the mall” She said

“Okay be there in 10” I said

“Kay, love you and drive safe” She said

“Love you too and I will, see ya there” I said and hung up.

I quickly took a shower, and put on a pair of jeans and a black shirt, with vans. I then went to my car and drove to the mall. When I got there, I immediately found the guys.

“Hi, guys” I said as I greeted Nate, Nash, Cam, Matt, Sam, Johnson and Dillon

“Sup” The boys said and they all “bro hugged” me.

“Hey boo” I said as i walked to hug Y/N

“Hi” she said and pecked my lips

You may think that I’m not romantic at all, but I am when it comes to Y/N. She means the world to me and I would kill for her.

“So what should we do at the mall?” Matt asked

“Well, now that we’re at the mall, I was thinking of doing some christmas shopping because Christmas is around the corner” I said

“Trueee” Nate said

“Okay, lets do some christmas shopping” Dillon said

We all went our separate ways except for me and Y/N. She actually knew my sisters more than I know them, so she helped me out

“What about this?” I asked pointing to a pink sweater

“Jack, that sweater is for a 10 year old girl” She said

“Then i dont know” I said frustrated

“Okay, how about you let me pick for you” She suggested

“Yess, please” I said

“Okay” She said

“Yess, this why I love you” I said and kissed her and she smiled

“Okay, so while you do that, I’ll go and get you something cute for you” I said

“You know you dont have to gift me anything” She said

“Oops, I’m doing it anyway” I said and I walked away to get her something cute. Since Im not that type of guy that can easily pick clothes for a girl, I decided to buy her a necklace. The necklace I chose was a golden one, that had her name written on it with the initial of my last name because she’s mine and I plan on marrying her. It may seem very soon, but I’m sure that she’s the one. I then went back to Y/N and I saw her with clothes on her hand.

“Okay I’m done” She said

“Yey, and thank you again” I said

“No problem” She said and we walked to pay for the clothes and then we went

“Noww, its my time to buy you a christmas gift” She said

“Okay but you know that I dont want anything fancy” I said

“I know” She said and hugged me

“Okay, so how about I go and leave this in the car, and then I come back, because I really cant walk around this mall with 8 shopping bags” I said

“Sure, I’ll be at that store” She said pointing at a all men store

“Okay” I said and kissed her before I went to my car

It took me 10 minutes to leave all the stuff in my car. I then went to the store that Y/N told me to go. I couldnt seem to find her, but then I found her ….. but she wasnt alone.

*Y/N’s P.O.V*

I walked into the all men store to buy Jack his chritsmas gift. But I had no idea what to buy him because he said he didnt want anything fancy at all. I then saw a guy, who out of nowhere appeared.

“Hi cutie” He said

“Umm.. hi” I said nicely

“You need any help?” He asked

“No, but thanks” I said politely

“Oh come on, let me help you” He said

“Its really not necesary” I said

“Y/N, dont you recognize me?” The guy asked me

“Do I know you?” I asked

“Y/N, its me Michael” He said

“OH MY GOD MICHAEL” I said happily

“HOW ARE YOU?” He asked me

“I’m great, oh my god I cant believe I couldnt recognize you” I said

“I know, but you havent changed at all” He said

“Neither have you” I said

“I KNOW BUT I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE HERE IN OMAHA” He said and hugged me. I was about to fall from him, so I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“BUT I CANT BELIEVE THE FACT THAT MY BESTFRIEND IS HERE” I said almost crying for happiness.

I then turned around still hugging him to find Jack, standing there with tears on his eyes. I wanted to walk up to him and tell him what was going on but he walked away heartbroken and it was all because of me.

I quickly pulled apart from the hug and just went after Jack. As I was running I saw him walking towards his car.

“JACK, WAIT” I said and he stopped. We went inside his car, so we could talk.

“Why, Y/N, why would you do this to me?” Jack asked as a tear rolled down his cheek

“Jack, its not what you think it was” I said

“But I saw you hugging that guy, you know I’ve been cheated before, why would you do this to me?” He said

“Jack, he was just a friend from middle school, i swear to God, that i would never cheat on you” I said

“But how do i know you arent lying?” He asked

“Jack, I understand about your past with ex-girlfriends but I would never ever cheat on you” I said

“I love you Jack, I love you to the moon and back forever and always will” I said sincerely

“I’m sorry Y/N, but the jealousy just gets me. I understand that there are better guys than me outhere but it kills me to think that you will leave me for another one” He said

“But I will never do so, Jack” I said “ You never have to worry about it, you may see me with other guys, but no one will ever compare to you. ” I said

“I love you Y/N” He said

“I love you more Jack” I said