Here’s a painting I did for @morganwolman. It’s on a REMO Vintage Emperor drum skin, hence the dude’s jacket. This is a title page for an imaginary story, something akin to The Raid told from the perspective of the people in the building. I guess you could also call that “The Seven Samurai in a tower block”. (Would that be a good movie, or a bad one? Luckily, it doesn’t matter because this is make-believe). Also! You should check out the other paintings Morgan’s commissioned over on his feed. There’s work on there by @simonbisleyart, @jimmahfood, @chrisvisions, more. (Bonus: here’s my IG, too)


IT’S HERE! Kill Bill: chrisvisions Edition!


#SPX2014 #TimeLapse taken from the outofsteparts table.


Music- Rey: Chill 

Big thanks to creatorscomic for allowing me to record from his space! 

chrisvisions andrewmaclean 


REPOST | Dead Letters teaser trailer! If you haven’t already, check out this awesome comic illustrated by my friend chrisvisions and written by christophersebela! Grab your copy of the trade today! I promise it won’t disappoint.

Another take on Mike Bison aka Balrog, from episode 3 of ‘Visions Season’. Check us out for our last episode before Heroes Con - Tuesday at 8PM EST!


You may have noticed I added a little bit, you can see the development and breakdown on my snapchat!

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