The benefit of your sun sign
  • Aries: You likely are very friendly, I've never met an Aries that doesn't at least try to be friendly.
  • Taurus: You likely are very grounded, I've never met a Taurus that isn't stable and reliable.
  • Gemini: You likely are very funny, I've never met a Gemini that couldn't make me laugh.
  • Cancer: You likely are very generous, I've never met a Cancer who was not willing to share.
  • Leo: You likely are very carefree, I've never met a Leo who wasn't just proudly themselves.
  • Virgo: You are likely very reliable, I've never met a Virgo who wasn't always there for me.
  • Libra: You are likely very charming, I've never met a Libra that wasn't attractive, personality and looks.
  • Scorpio: You are likely very thoughtful, I have never met a Scorpio who not think things through before deciding.
  • Sagittarius: You are likely very entertaining, I've never met a Sagittarius that didn't know how to have fun.
  • Capricorn: You are likely very powerful, I've never met a Capricorn who was not fierce and strong.
  • Aquarius: You are likely very sweet, I have never met an Aquarius that wasn't kind.
  • Pisces: You are likely very truthful, I've never met a Pisces I couldn't go to for an honest answer.

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I spoke to George R.R. Martin about this, and he said that it was always his intention with Jaime and Brienne to take the classic Beauty and the Beast story, and turn it on its head. Brienne is not ‘unconventionally attractive’, she’s ugly, and she’s ugly to society. She is the beast.

Gwendoline Christie

CAMPBELL SIMPSON, Jamie Lannister And Brienne Of Tarth On Filming Game Of Thrones Season 4,

4B Guest stars by episode

4x12 Darkness on the Edge of Town

  • Beverley Elliotts / Granny
  • Keegan Connor Tracy / Blue Fairy

4x13 Unforgiven

  • Jakob Davies / Pinnochio

4x14 Enter the Dragon

  • Eion Bailey / August W. Booth 
  • Sarah Bolger / Princess Aurora
  • Jakob Davies / Pinocchio
  • Sebastian Roché / King Stefan

4x15 Poor Unfortunate Soul

  • Sarah Bolger / Princess Aurora
  • Ernie Hudson / King Poseidon
  • JoAnna Garcia Swisher / Ariel

4x16 Best Laid Plans

  • Raphael Alejandro / Roland
  • Patrick Fischler / Peddler
  • Chris Gauthier / William Smee
  • Christie Laing  / Marian

4x17 Heart of Gold

  • Jason Burkart / Little John
  • Christie Laing / Marian
  • Rebecca Mader / Wicked Witch
  • Wil Traval / Sheriff of Nottingham

4x18 Sympathy for the De Vil

  • Julia Harnett / Dancer