christy sullivan


MD: After meeting the elderly Katara and Zuko, we knew we wanted Toph to make an appearance at some point. We talked first about bringing her back during the development of Book Three, but it never quite made sense to take a detour into the swamp, although we did have Aiwei mention her when Team Avatar visited Zaofu. Once we knew Korra needed to wander the world to recover, we thought it would be great for her to run into Toph, whose gruff mentoring style was a great contrast to Katara’s more gentle nature.

BK: Old Toph’s height became a serious issue in the animation production. Although we had seen that Toph had grown to a moderate height as an adult in the Book One flashbacks, everyone on the crew seemed to want her to shrink back down to her twelve-year-old height as an old woman. I was fine with that, but I wanted it mostly to be due to her being hunched over. I thought we made that pretty clear in the model sheets, but her clothes obscured her pose and many of the artists just drew her at the hunched height with straight legs. It led to many retakes! Toph concepts by Lauren Montgomery. Toph designs by Christie Tseng, Owen Sullivan, and Bryan Konietzko. Expressions by Christie Tseng. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. [x]