christy jones

my thoughts on the tony nominations

- I’m so happy for all of Dear Evan Hansen’s nominations that show is so important and deserves all the recognition

- I really need to listen to Great Comet and Groundhog Day (oops)

- Mike. Faist. I nearly screamed his nomination was so unexpected but I’m so happy for him he deserves it so much!

- Anastasia was snubbed. Especially Christy.

- Bandstand was snubbed so much seriously this show is so important but gets so little recognition? I’m happy for the nominations it got, but seriously Laura Osnes and Corey Cott deserved nominations so much they poured so much of their hearts into this show.

- I’m so happy Falsettos got 5 nominations!!

- The featured actor and actress categories are so incredible this year ahh

- basically this year’s tonys were very stressful, especially because of the crowded season (13 new musicals in a season damn)

- (Also give Bandstand a special Tony just for the Welcome Home scene okay thanks bye)

My FBAWTFT genderswap headcanon.

Felicity Jones as Nancy Scamander.

Diego Luna as Patrick “Trick” Goldstein.

Chris Evans as Queentin Goldstein.

Melissa McCarthy as Janeth Kowalski.

Lena Headey as Persephone Graves

Emily Rudd as Cadence Barebone

Gwendoline Christie as Gallya Grindelwald

Hollan Roden as Thea Scamander

Michael Ealy as Seraphim Picquery

Anne Hathaway as Miss Abernathy.