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I’m really upset from recently hearing the ratings of the show Eyewitness going down so I would like to encourage anyone who is a part or supports the lgbtq+ community, likes suspense, crime, drama, and just an all around good show to try and watch Eyewitness live on USA network Sunday at 10/9 central and if you can’t watch it live, tweet and use the #eyewitness for some support


@lovegwendoline: Thank you @starwars #StarWarsCelebration #RogueOne for having me moderate the panel!!!!!!!!!! It was INCREDIBLE!! 💥🌟👌


Aries - Helen Torrance
Taurus - Kamilah Davis
Gemini - Anne Shea
Cancer - Gabe Caldwell
Leo - Ryan Kane
Virgo - Sita Petronelli
Libra - Tony Michaels
Scorpio - Mithat Milonkovic
Sagittarius - Lukas Waldenbeck
Capricorn - Rose
Aquarius - Philip Shea
Pisces - Bo Waldenbeck
As Much As I Can, As Black As I Am: The Queer History of Grace Jones

In 2008, Jones unexpectedly reemerged with Hurricane, her first record in 19 years. She brought back Woolley and the Compass Point All-Stars while adding contributors like Emmy-winning composers Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman, who worked with her for a month in their home on the the gospel-shaded canticle “Williams’ Blood”. “Prince has a presence and everybody in the room goes, ‘Whoa,’” Melvoin attests from first-hand knowledge—she and Coleman were key members of his Purple Rain–era backing band, the Revolution. “When Grace walks into the room, it’s more subtle, but it has the same effect. You just go, ‘My God, she’s taken up all of the space with that personality.’”

Hurricane mirrored that kaleidoscope. Unlike commonplace pop and rock luminaries who took extended vacations, Jones came back more polished and unpredictable than ever. With her trenchant track “Corporate Cannibal”, she even protested capitalist dehumanization by embodying it via grinding, insidious metal. But while her image as a constantly morphing, couture-clad hellion persists, the 67-year-old iconoclast stays true to herself. After all these years and so many disciples, there’s still no one like her.

While gathering up my Grace Jones memories, I was reminded of what Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon once said about entertainers. This was 25 years ago, so my memory may have altered her words, but it went something like this: We pay to bask in the confidence of our most beloved performers so that we may learn to similarly love ourselves. Grace did that for me, for her audience, for anyone who has ever been too queer, too black, too female, or too freaky for the world around them. Grace Jones is liberation. [Read More]

Celebs who share your Sun/Moon Combination: Virgo

Virgo Sun, Aries Moon: Danielle Brooks, Pink, Nas, Roald Dahl, Lauren Bacall, Alexis Bledel, Cassandra Peterson
Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon: Cameron Diaz, Zendaya, Hugh Grant
Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon: Florence Welch, Confucius, Karl Lagerfeld
Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon: Lea Michele, Ryan Phillippe, Keanu Reeves
Virgo Sun, Leo Moon: Amy Poehler, Niall Horan, Louis XIV, Stephen Fry
Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon: Blake Lively, Fiona Apple, Tom Felton
Virgo Sun, Libra Moon: Leslie Jones, Agatha Christie, Tom Hardy
Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon: Beyonce, Jimmy Fallon, Roger Waters
Virgo Sun, Sagittarius Moon: Freddie Mercury, Stephen King, Avicii
Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon: Tatiana Maslany, Rupert Grint, Tim Burton, Amy Whinehouse, LeAnn Rimes
Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon:  David Copperfield, Liam Payne, Bill Murray
Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon: Paul Walker, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Hudson

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