christy is back

so i was lucky enough to snag one of @projectnelm’s commission slots for one of my OC’s. can i just say that i woke up to this and CRIED? (happy tears of course)

i cannot put into words how grateful i am for getting the chance to have one of my favorite artists do a piece for me of one of my characters. it’s such an awesome feeling to see one of my beloved characters plucked out of my imagination and depicted so perfectly. 



Poirot and the 1930s Charleston dance

Sometimes I like to think about this picture and sort of just take it all in tbh.

And as I think about it more I sort of just?????? Notice more things about it?????

Mari?????? looks like she’s about to fULL tHrotTLe s l a m poor You in the head.

Hanamaru (oh the poor thing) falls helplessly into Mari thus resulting in the death of Mari as well as Hanamaru.

Yoshiko’s not even in the group anymore. She’s not even in the anime. No she’s in an all exclusive drama opera at this point since being a school idol is too lowly of a job for a fallen angel like her. that fucking armpit tho wow im gay

ShE JuSt nEEds A bREak ChriSt

i take back my previous statement. both kurosawa sisters just need a break from evERyone’s shIT DEAR gOD,,,,

kanan’s too chill for everyone’s bullshit and then proceeds to fall into Yousoro’s firm back in a relieved manner.

chika d ed now.

tHis little shit doesn’t even give zero fucks about the fact Mari’s going to kill her with a super sonic speed head slam and all of the other dramatic bullshit that’s going on around her.


riko, who we find is not present in the current shot is probably just reading lesbian shoujo mangas and being gay tbh.


When she calls him “Hercule” for the first time <3


stewartchristie_co We were very honoured this week to have a special appointment with the extremely handsome and charming actor Sam Heughan who came to visit us for a bespoke suit fitting.This year, the man of the moment, has been proudly selected by the National Tartan Day New York Committee who announced that Sam will be the Grand Marshal in the 2016 Tartan Day Parade which will take place on Saturday, April 9th. We will be there supporting him and celebrating on 6th Avenue. The fitting went very well and Stewart Christie will be hand delivering the 3pc bespoke tweed suit which he selected carefully for a premiere and press tour of Outlander in NYC. We look forward to sharing his profile and seeing him looking dapper on the red carpet. Sam Heughan is seen here wearing The SC Great Coat // Hand-tailored by our master tailor in our very own atelier, and the first of many historic Stewart Christie patterns we are bringing back to life.

My wish list for Star Wars episode eight
  • Captain Phasma alive and unmasked
  • Lesbian asexual Rey
  • Stormpilot = confirmed
  • Captain Phasma without her mask/armor
  • Rey adopted by Leia 
  • Rey uses a lightsaber/staff combo
  • Gwendoline Christie’s face 
  • Something comes back to kick Kylo Ren in the ass
  • Probably Leia tbh
  • captain phasma oh no she’s hot

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Marc just posted a pic on his insta for Christi's bday last week so I'm almost 100% sure they're still together

Yeah me too, I don’t think they’re separated. Considering he is a doctor (I think sorry if I’m wrong!), he wouldn’t have that much time at home. Also Christi tweeted this a while back ~Kate

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I don't think Chloe has ever said that she hated being on Dance Moms. She hated being in the negative and cruel environment created by Abby. The only reason she and Christi are sort of back is because Abby has been gone and might be going to jail.