christy is back


“Do you really think I might be her?”
“I WANT to believe you’re the little girl I saw once so many years ago.”

(Please don’t ask me about bootlegs or tweet these gifs to the actors.)


“Who are you? Sarge, there’s some French gent at the door.”

then i started to run and to call out her name

            as the crowd on the road went wild

                         i reached out with my hand and looked up

                                           and then, she smiled


Master sleuths + magnifying glasses


Poirot’s iconic dove grey coat

Dowager Empress: Where’s your young man?

Anya: He’s not my young man, Nana.

Dowager Empress: 

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David Suchet’s Poirot joke on the Doctor Who Fan Show, May 6, 2017 [x]


Poirot and the 1930s Charleston dance