christto sanz

Part of a new generation of future-forward Gulf creativity, Christto & Andrew is a dynamic duo making eye-popping images from their studio in Doha, Qatar. Christto Sanz and Andrew Weir hail from Puerto Rico and South Africa, respectively, and came together in 2012 to collaborate on bold photography and moving images that challenge perceptions about the Middle East, blending traditional symbols with jewel-toned surrealism. For #TFWGucci, they introduce us to a mysterious fashionista who holds a flaming rose while she casually checks her Le Marché des Merveilles watch. In the words of the viral but never basic beigecardigan, she’s just too fire to waste time. – Text by New Territories (Samantha Culp)

We have the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the exhibition Unparalleled Objectives by the artist duo Christto Sanz and Andrew Weir, on May 5 at 7:00pm, in presence of the artists.

In this exhibition the artists explore Middle Eastern identities perceived in postmodern conditions through highly aestheticized compositions and references. Their subjects represent everyday misconceptions of Arab and Middle Eastern cultures in a multicultural context and the exchange and transactions which take place under such settings.

يسعدنا استضافتكم لافتتاح معرض “غايات غير متوازية” للفنانين كريستو سانز وأندرو وير يوم 5 ماي على الساعة 07:00 بحضور الفنانين

في هذا المعرض يغوص الفنانان في الهويات الشرق الأوسطية كما يتم تصويرها في نطاق ما بعد الحداثة، من خلال مؤلفات ومراجع ذات درجة عالية من الجمالية

و تتطرق أعمالهما للمغالطات التي تحصل يوميا بخصوص الثقافات العربية والشرق أوسطية في بيئة متعددة الثقافات، و للتبادل الذي يحصل ضمن هذا الاطار

Extended Identity, explores the idea of globalization and how it allows a person to extend his or her identity through learning about other cultures and the idea of transformation. The identity changes and is adaptable depending on where you are in time, we change our ideas and our perspectives depending on the circumstances.