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12 What makes a Great Seller ?

Some people are natural persuaders, some people can be taught to persuade better and some people will never get much better at persuading. It’s about personality and temperament. In recruiting a sales team, certain qualities are desired.

Ideal profile: Articulate, natural persuader with ability to listen carefully and adapt communication style to suit a range of people. An interest and knowledge of the subject is essential, experience in similar sales environment or sector is a big plus. Results driven, self motivated and with an analytical responsive thinking style. Myers Briggs Personality profiling is used to recruit sales people and understanding the dynamics of different types interacting within a team is invaluable to any organisation.

Interview Questions for a potential sales team…

Are you a natural persuader?

Can you make people see your point of view in a creative and imaginative way without eroding others sense of opinion & self ?

Do you possess assertive authority; do people believe in what you say?

Do you perform well / thrive under pressure ?

Are you results driven ?

Are you motivated by successful outcomes ?

Are you a motivator ?

Are you a team player ?

Do you think on your feet ?

Can you adapt communication styles to suit the conversation ?

Do you believe in the product? (this last one can be taught but a genuine interest in the subject is essential!)

All of these natural qualities can be enhanced with careful monitoring and coaching & feedback sessions by an experienced sales coach.

Talent is worth watching out for, one star sales person is worth 3 or 4 average ones. They develop relationships, create opportunities and ensure repeat business is maximised. They see opportunities where others miss. They form successful strategies which a team can greatly benefit from.

Clients can be encouraged to become repeat customers and buy different product options if a relationship is established with one person. One to one sales contact is a good way to manage clients. Each sales team member becoming responsible for their own clients is useful in long term planning, strategy and analysis.

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