Good Morning from Scotland

Camusdarach Sunrise by Christopher Swan
Via Flickr:
Camusdarach is one of my favourite beaches. It’s got it all - white sand, dunes and a cracking view to Eigg, Rhum and Skye. It was also where the beach scenes from Local Hero were filmed. Despite visiting this beach many times, I’ve never seen it at sunrise - mainly due to the fact I thought that as it is west facing, it would be a better location for sunset, but also due to laziness - normally I’m here in summer and the early rises are just that bit too early! But yesterday (seems ages ago now) I got up early-ish and headed round. I’m glad I did! It was a lovely morning and I had the beach to myself. The sunrise developed exactly how I hoped it would with the growing colour in sky spreading from the east to pick out the wee clouds drifting over Eigg and Rhum.