Congratulations to Tumblr User christophernolans on winning “Hottest Blogger" 

The votes have determined that most of tumblr users are conceited douchenozzles. 

But this is not about them, this is all about christophernolans who graces the internet with her seductive words and eye candy body. 

Watch out gentlemen, this one’s frisky!


Our latest sources tell us that tumblr user christophernolans  has proposed marriage to davidfinchers  for a third time, and davidfinchers has rejected her yet again!

christophernolans claims: “I am so heartbroken that she has done this to me a third time, I was first attracted to davidfinchers when I read her witty text posts, after that I knew we were destined for great things, but not anymore, I am moving on to bigger and better people like atticusross, someone who can truly appreciate a good movie like Inception.”

davidifinchers state: “ wait which one is christophernolans?" 


What do you guys think? Do you ship davidfinchers and christophernolans, or do you guys like to embrace the dark side and support christophernolans x atticusross?


First, I wanted to say I’m sorry if I forgot someone. So … I wish you all (listed or not, who are just reading this) a happy new year. I know it’s a bit late to post this, but I had to travel with my family. These blogs have inspired me during 2011, and if you, who are reading that and don’t follow any of these blogs, go follow them, you will not regret it. A happy new year ♥

gooddaypennylane . anne-hathaway . gyllenhell . hannibal-thecannibal . m-cotillard . rhera . loopholes . christophernolans . littlemarauder

D-radcliffe wants jolieing out! War has erupted!

Tumblr user d-radcliffe (also known as Kelly) was in talks about deleting her tumblr earlier yesterday.

After hearing this news jolieing claimed she would delete her blog if d-radcliffe was gone, it turns out that was the insentive all along.

d-radcliffe claims “I want her (jolieing) gone! She posts too many unnecessary commas, she constantly changes her icon, and she’s just straight up jealous of me and I want her gone, even if  that means having to delete my blog! Also Angelina Jolie is totally out of the picture, doesn’t she know that Lana Del Rey is the new blowjob lips queen?!”

Jolieing responded with “She wants a fight?! I’ll gather my possy and we will wreck this bitch!”

The all out war between these two has commenced and sides are being taken. People like mcavoys, davidfinchers, and christophernolans are standing behind d-radcliffe, while atticusross, normanreedus, and thefilmjunkie are taking jolieing’s side.

Who will you side with?!

Fincher Blogs Love Triangle Exposed!

We have recently informed all of you about christophernolan’s deep love for davidfinchers, and rumors brewed that christophernolans and atticusross were seen canoodling in private. Well we have some more spicy news from this complicated love story. It seems that davidfinchers proclaimed her love for finching while also stating that she loves atticusross at the same time.


Many disputes have erupted between different members of this group including a big fight between finching and christophernolans who was jealous because she still wanted davidfinchers love and appreciation.

We know one thing for sure, if your url or icon picture is related to David Fincher, you are a horn dog. 

We’ll keep you updated on this sexy development.

christophernolans replied to your post: Oh god I never thought I’d find someone on tumblr who doesn’t worship Sorkin’s incredibly basic fb movie. What is the appeal because I fell asleep halfway through.

soooo overhyped. but it was misogynist as a reflection on the male characters in the story (specifically mark) and not the screenwriters. sorkin has written some of my fave female characters of all time after all, on the west wing.

i mean…i guess. i don’t know why i haven’t watched the west wing yet because it is pretty much everything i should love in television form but yeah i don’t doubt it has some great female characters, and i’m not saying aaron sorkin hates women irl or anything, i just find it really hard to get behind a movie where one of the female characters is just seen as some crazy bitch and the other one has like 10 lines of dialogue total. like i remember seeing a photoshoot that was the ~ladies of the social network and it was just rooney mara, brenda song and a blonde girl and i sat there for 10 minutes being like “who even is that??” and then i realized her entire role in the movie was having sex with sean parker. k great. i mean i definitely think you could argue that the whole point of the movie was to illustrate what raging assholes the characters, especially mark, were, but that doesn’t make the movie any less filled with a bunch of white rich dudes having white rich dude problems.

i can’t believe i’m writing paragraphs about a movie i haven’t seen in over a year BUT the point is it just wasn’t for me.