SPG 2pm show at La Jolla Playhouse

Wow, great show.  They took advantage of the facilities and really upped the production values!  Projection (Bunny’s art on a BIG screeen) Fog, Lighting, Stage setting.  Impressive!  They’ve obviously been hard at work on the show.  Some bits were changed and new ones added, new intro sequence, even a new intro/verse for Honeybee.  Great show guys! 

edit:  seeing lots of interest in the change to Honey Bee.  Bunny started it with a new verse instead of the vocalizing that we are all so familiar with.  just a couple of lines, but it seemed significant to me.  Ah yes, we also had a smokin’ Matt Smith drum solo during Brass Goggles!  He really pounds those ‘skins!


In progress pics of my most recent art project, A Peter A Walter VI mask.  It still needs a few details, strap and a piece of cloth inset to “black out” the hole.  Made out of 1/8th inch craft foam and acrylic paints.  Whem finished it will remain very light weight and easy to wear (other than a severely limited field of view) .

I hope Bunny approves of the “brass” trim around the keyhole, I know it isn’t exactly what she drew, but the mask looked to me like it still needed  -something- when I  completed the “wood”

I may have to wear this instead of my fan-bot make-up to the February show…….My only reservation comes from the whole narrow field of view thing.  Well that and makeup being far easier to wear than a physical mask:)