SPG 2pm show at La Jolla Playhouse

Wow, great show.  They took advantage of the facilities and really upped the production values!  Projection (Bunny’s art on a BIG screeen) Fog, Lighting, Stage setting.  Impressive!  They’ve obviously been hard at work on the show.  Some bits were changed and new ones added, new intro sequence, even a new intro/verse for Honeybee.  Great show guys! 

edit:  seeing lots of interest in the change to Honey Bee.  Bunny started it with a new verse instead of the vocalizing that we are all so familiar with.  just a couple of lines, but it seemed significant to me.  Ah yes, we also had a smokin’ Matt Smith drum solo during Brass Goggles!  He really pounds those ‘skins!


In progress pics of my most recent art project, A Peter A Walter VI mask.  It still needs a few details, strap and a piece of cloth inset to “black out” the hole.  Made out of 1/8th inch craft foam and acrylic paints.  Whem finished it will remain very light weight and easy to wear (other than a severely limited field of view) .

I hope Bunny approves of the “brass” trim around the keyhole, I know it isn’t exactly what she drew, but the mask looked to me like it still needed  -something- when I  completed the “wood”

I may have to wear this instead of my fan-bot make-up to the February show…….My only reservation comes from the whole narrow field of view thing.  Well that and makeup being far easier to wear than a physical mask:)

SPG Friday Yulemas/ birthday

 Just got back from the concert that I took Heather and her friend Nate Danger Guioguio to for her birthday. Amazing show, Steam Powered Giraffe was in fine form tonight! We went all out with makeup and costuming and got our pictures taken SO many times through the course of the evening. The kids were well behaved, and the joint was jumping! Had a meet and greet with the band after the show and they were great! Down to earth and modest. We had a few items for the band for christmas and because they have given us so many hours of entertainment. Heather says that this birthday was better than anything she could have expected. Thanks guys! The band is: David Michael Bennett, Christopher Andrew Bennett, Michael Philip Reed, Steve Negretti, Matt Smith, Brianna, and Paige.