Harry Styles on the set of Dunkirk in Weymouth, UK today 7/28/16
Does Harry look straight into the paps camera and give them the death glare to try to make them stop? Or is it just a coincidence he looks there? Either way, he seriously stops people’s hearts doing that.

ookay so @harrything on Instagram was posting these photos of Harry and Cillian and captioning them “I ship it” or “New ship”. And then it just popped in my brain - the idea of a gay couple in Dunkirk. Like what if that’s how Christopher Nolan would shock everyone? Throw in a love/romantic plotline with Harry and another soldier!! Like minor of course, or maybe even hinted at. I know the fandom will do it anyways.

I mean, it never even occurred to me that Harry could kiss someone in this movie. Like a peck on the cheek saying goodbye, or a full on kiss for whatever. He’d be comfortable with it, I’m sure. And I would be screaming every step of the way.

I think for me, Clarke and Bellamy make the story. I’m not even talking about as a relationship. I’m talking separately. Clarke represents the battle that they must win to work together, the grounders and the sky people. She represents the obstacles that must be overcome for peace. Bellamy represents the battle that they each fight within. He represents learning about yourself, seeing what you do in the worst situations and learning to forgive and live with yourself.

I think that each of the delinquents represent other huge lessons too. Monty represents making tough decisions and the loss of loved ones. Miller represents how happiness is there in the darkest of times. Jasper represents mental illnesses and working towards overcoming them. Raven represents learning to love yourself. Murphy represents how even the most lost souls are not lost forever. Octavia represents finding yourself. Finn represented idealists. Wells represented a loss of innocence and purity.

I think that because Clarke and Bellamy represent the biggest two themes of the show, there is no show without them. However all these parts put together represent what makes the show what it is.