Chris Brown - Privacy

Chapter 3: Special Affair


My fingers are gliding across my Macbook as I’m working on my recent article about a new group from Texas by the name of “Southern Heat.”

They’re r&b with a country twist and they have really been heating up lately. No pun intended. Their following shot through the roof a few days ago when Texas native and global sensation the queen Bey herself snap chatted a snippet of their new song. I’m a fan of the group myself and I would love to see them in concert.

Once I placed the finishing touches on the article I pressed the submit button to send it over to my supervisor and editor of the urban music department. I love music and I enjoy drowning in pop culture, but sometimes I want more. I see myself doing more refined and polished coverage.

I always have several ideas and concepts for different networks, I wish I had the courage to pitch some of these ideas. I’m a natural born creative.
Music is cool but people tend to consider that “fake news” when it’s anything that involves the music industry.

I grab my small backpack and my belongings from my desk when I see all of my coworkers leaving their cubicles. I rub my tummy in excitement knowing that it ‘s chow time.

I stood at the front door to wait on Bianca and Melissa. The three of us eat lunch together faithfully. Besides Jennifer Melissa is another close friend to me she’s one of the first people I vibed with when I got here.
I love Bianca in my own little way she’s my girl but just don’t tell her anything personal.

“Are you bitches ready to grub?” Melissa clapped her hands together as we all lock arms.

“ I’m feeling Chickfila let’s go there girls.” I retort

After waiting in the line for 20 minutes we were stuffing our faces. Our break is only forty five minutes which means our time is limited.

“So have you thought about what we discussed?” Bee asked in between bites of her chicken tenders.

“Yeah but I’m not sure if I’m capable of doing that.”

I eye here hoping she drops the subject. Mel is looking at us with wide eyes.

“What aren’t you capable of?”

“Nothing Mel Bee is just running her mouth again.”

“I heard he was having a birthday bash tonight and he’s already asked you out just go.”

I was well aware about the party Jennifer told me like deja vu Andre wanted us to know we were personally invited to the all black affair.

“ Who the hell is he ?” Mel raised an eyebrow pointing her plastic fork towards me in a threatening manner.

“Maurice Jones.” I mumble lowly. I know how Mel can get when I don’t tell her things.

“So you’re going right? I mean you’re the guest of honor. You have to.” Melissa encourages
“I cant believe I agreed to this shit.” I talked to myself out loud whipping my freshly braided fish tail around my shoulder.
I know the red hair can be a bit much sometimes. I decided to tone it down with a neat braid cascading down my back. A black see through gown showcased all my curves and left a little to the imagination. I accented my look with colorful green earrings for a pop of color. I decorated my face with a small amount of foundation and nude colored lip-gloss.

I opened the door and called out to Jessica to see the revealing of my outfit.

“Damn bitch you’re looking like a dream barbie and I’m looking basic.” Jenn says appearing in the doorway.

“Nonsense you look beautiful in your all black dress. It compliments your sexy slender legs very well.”

“Thanks baby now let’s go we’re already an hour late.” She pulls at her curls and pushes her breasts up a little in the mirror. We walked out of my place and immediately the cat calling started.

“Damn Red you thicker than a snicker.”

“Can I get between yall two and make a sandwich?”

“Aye chocolate drop your melanin popping.”
The last comment made both of us erupt in a fit of giggles. Guys act like dogs in heat sometimes.


I don’t know how Andre and my personal assistant pulled this off but this shit is beautiful. I’m staring at the walls in astonishment.

There’s Golden chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, The stage is shaped like a boxing ring and pictures of me and my loved ones are plastered on the wall. Our club is packed to capacity When Andre and I opened up our club “Zing” a few months ago we were worried we wouldn’t produce much traffic we were wrong.

I looked around the club to make sure party goers were abiding by my policy. I had one rule and that was no cameras or phones allowed I don’t like the media all in my business. I’m just a regular guy at heart I like being under the radar. It’s easy to get a bullshit story out.

“Happy 26th birthday Breeze. We got the champ in the building.” The dj shouts me out and everybody cheered. I make my way over to the vip section where my crew is. My cousins Barry, Gonzo, Aaron and right hand Andre were all drinking shooting the shit.

“Well if it isn’t Mr. Vogue. Look at you dapper motherfucker.” Barry says.

“Nigga you look like you about to go on a secret mission. The name is Bond Maurice Bond.” Aaron says

All the guys erupt in laughter sounding like a bunch of damn hyenas. All these niggas got jokes because they don’t know what it means to be grown and sexy.

“Why yall clowning I see all of you are in abidance with the dress code though.” I retort grabbing a blunt that was in rotation. I exhaled and walked towards the edge of the balcony to look out in the crowd.

“Yes they’re here they’re in a section on the middle level.”

Andre says. I guess he had the ability to read my mind. He does know me more than anyone in this world.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Lie again nigga.”

“Damn who is that fine bitch right there?” Gonzo says peering over the balcony.

“Who nigga?” Keeis chimed in. I didn’t even know that nigga was here he just popped up.

My gaze landed on the woman they were describing and my eyes fell out my sockets like slinkies. Damn red isn’t taking any prisoners tonight.

“She’s off limits fellas. That’s property of Breeze.” Andre jokes

They all smack their teeth in unison and mumble inaudible shit under their breaths.  I ignored them as I made my way down the vip section beneath ours.
Every man in her was sweating Amber and I know I had to play it cool.


I watched as Maurice make his way over to us. I promised him Amber would be in attendance tonight and I kept my word. I didn’t have any problems with him pursuing her I just know if it gets too far I’ll have to inform her about our one night stand, honestly he meant nothing to me and he isn’t my type.
“What do I all the pleasure of having the most beautiful women in the world at my party?”

“You always talking that good shit huh?”  Amber inquired surprising the both of us. Maurice eyebrows danced across his face and I giggled.
“Damn red you like being feisty with me huh?”
“I guess so. ” Amber grabbed my arm softly yanking me and leading me to the bar. Maurice never moved but he watched us with his eyes.
“ Let me get a sex on the beach and she’ll take an apple Martini.”  Amber ordered for the both of us. I simply obliged and wanted for our orders to be made.
“Why you playing hard to get. It’s obvious you’re interested in him.”
“I don’t know what he’s about. I want to be cautious before I go in.”
I don’t know why but I felt her words were more complex and had a hidden meaning behind them. I’m never one to pry though.
Our drinks were given to us and we took them to head with no remorse. One drink turned into two and two turned into a whole round, Soon we were both buzzing and feeling ourselves.
I looked up at the fine ass brother I had my eyes on all night. Andre it was something about him that caused the inside of my thighs to tingle. I mean he couldn’t possibly be off limits. His best friend is pursuing mines. We been sending flirty texts back and forth the last few days.
“Come on lets go up there Amb.” I pointed to the balcony above our heads where a slew of guys were seated. We clung to each other’s waist as we made our tipsy asses up the stairs.
The guys immediately begin swooning over us at the sight of us. Andre sat confidently with his legs open and an Ace Of Spades parked at his lips. Something about that all black he was wearing did something to me.
“Damn can I dip something in your chocolate?”
“Nigga don’t harass my baby mama.” Andre said pulling me into his lap. I begin cheesing because that’s the only place I wanted to sit
Amber sat to the right of me where the pack of wolves were. They immediately begin hitting on her.


For the last thirty minutes I’ve found myself getting acquainted with the immediate circle of Maurice. They seem to be pretty cool.

I puffed on the blunt that was in rotation while I laughed with Aaron and Keeis. I needed something to do since I  was deserted by my best friend. That’s a little dramatic but she was cup caking with Andre. I’ve just been laughing with the boys.

Keeis got so comfortable he took a sit on my lap. We were all giggling and very chatty from the herb in our systems. We had an audience of one Maurice just looked at me and didn’t say a word. It’s like he was studying me, searching for something.

“I think that nigga got the hots for you.” Keeis said.

He noticed our eyes locking ever so often just for Maurice to break our gaze.

“I don’t know he probably just wants to fuck. He’s probably a hoe.”

My words make Keeis and Aaron chuckle but I was serious. I know all about these athletes and stars. They have a one track mind, maybe if he was only after my body it would be easy to go through with the plan Bianca created.

“There’s more layers to my cousin baby girl. Everyone just doesn’t get to witness them. You have to be special.” Aaron said.

I quickly nodded and gulped the bottle in front of me. The mixture of the weed and liquor made me feel I was walking on clouds.

Penny for your thoughts I know what you want I can read your mind even from behind And fuck what’s in your phone, lemme take you home, I wanna take you home

Syd the lead vocalist of the group “The Internet” rang throughout the speakers of the club. Moving my mouth I lip synced the words and my hips begin to move to the slow sultry beat. I stepped to the side of the section we were in where a mini dance floor was installed.

His eyes were glued to my curves as he watched me hungrily. His big brown eyes were full of lust.

Cause it’s so rare that I’m here, don’t plan on staying too long So you should come here, sit your ass on this throne This a special affair, better act like you know who I am, who I am.

I whined my hips receiving cheers from the guys and Jennifer. The mixture of liquor and weed had me acting out. I felt a firm set of hands meet my waist. I exhaled already knowing who it was.

I pressed my body against his and wiggled my waist seductively. He moved his body to the pace of mines and my heart beat sped up.

I bet this Patron make you feel nice and comfortable Tryna act nice girl your cover’s blown But you already knew that You already knew that

He whispered the lyrics in my ear and I shuttered in pleasure, trying to keep my composure. My knees buckled and he spun me around the face him. I took in his plump pink lips and watched them form words.

“You a bad girl red here I was thinking you were innocent.”

“Maybe you bring out the bad in me”

The mood in the atmosphere changed along with the music selection. Beyonce’ was blasting from the speakers telling ladies to get in Formation. I freed myself from his embrace all eyes were on us.

“What cha doing after this?” A country accent exuded throughout his voice. Something I didn’t notice prior to tonight.

“Nothing I’m going home Champ. I’m a working girl.” I winked

“Maybe we should hang sometimes.” This was the second time he asked me out and it was his birthday what the hell how could I decline his request.

I don’t know what it is but Im willing to give in.

“Give me your phone Champ.” He unlocked his cellular device and handed it to me. I entered my ten digit number and smiled.

Cinco De Breezy: Chrianna Short


Christopher​ is on a high right now his Party tour has been received well and he can only thank his die hard fans. After over a decade in music he still has the world wanting more, that is a talent within itself.

Not everyone has that certain it factor or the capability to stand the tests of times, yet here he is at the age of 28.

He’s still standing after the scrutiny and mishaps. Somehow his triumphs and talent always outweigh his “fuck ups”. He’s still loved​ beyond the headlines and media hooblah.

“I’m so proud of you angel. Happy birthday again.” Mama Joyce kisses her youngest seed. She’s happy that he took a break from his tour to come home to LA.

“Thanks again ma. You didn’t have to cook that big ass meal though. It’s only me and you. Roy may be coming later.”

“ Boy watch your mouth. Just because you’re grown doesn’t mean you can’t get your ass whooped.”

The two shared​ a hug and he tenderly kissed his mother’s forehead.

“So what’s your plans for today birthday boy? I don’t see any of the knuckle head niggas around?”  Chris smirks

Christopher instructed his crew to give him time alone. He just wanted time to bask in everything. He’ll probably meet with the guys to party later.

“ I’ll probably catch up with them niggas later mama. Right now I just want to chill out.”  

He stretches out on the couch feeling a certain urge of the “Itis” coming on. The meal left him stuffed now his eyes are getting heavy.

Snoring is the only thing heard throughout the lower level of the home. Chris has been out like a light for two hours. One would consider this “washed” behavior for a famous 28 year old.

The doorbell begins to ring awakening Chris from his slumber.

“Mama can you get the do’?” His country accent exudes through his groggy voice.  He quickly lays his head down resuming his sleep.

Joyce walks to the door with a smile on her face. She knows who’s exactly waiting at the opposite side.

“Shh!” Joyce raises her finger up against her lips to stop the guest from speaking.

“Mama he doesn’t know I’m coming.”

“Not quite Robyn. I wanted to suprise him. Come on in.”

The two women tip toe to where Christopher is lounging and nervousness begins to consume Robyn. She watched his chest heave up and down as he slept, she silently counted his freckles remembering how she uses to trace them with her fingertips.

“Get up Maurice. Someone is here to see you.”  Joyce shakes him a little causing him to stir in his sleep a little.

“Ok ma DAMN.” He pouts before sitting up. He rubs his eyes before staring at HER.

“Fenty.” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Brown. Happy​ birthday.” She responded

Chris quickly scrambled to get himself together. He fished for his shirt and wiped drool from his face.

“I see you were in your third dream.” Robyn joked

“Yeah you know those Joyce Hawkins meal will that to you?”

“Don’t I know it.”

Robyn mentally recapped all the holidays she shared amongst the Hawkins/Brown clan. All the times Joyce asked for her assistance in the kitchen. Those many trips to Virginia under the radar made the once couple very close.

“ I’m going to leave you two alone.” Joyce winked before walking away.

“That old lady is always up to something.” Chris says

“You know she was always die hard Chrianna. “ Robyn retorts with a laugh

An awkward but yet comfortable silence filled the room. Chris was just happy to be in her presence.

He had grown accustomed to spending birthdays without her.  After their last break up the birthday celebrations together stopped.

“So what’s in the bags Fenty?”

Chris nosily peers his head around where Robyn is standing.

“You know you can sit down right baby girl? I won’t bite. Unless you want me to.”

“ Whatever bitch.” Robyn laughs handing the bags over to him. She finally takes a seat at the opposite end of the sofa.

Chris rattles through the bag excitedly, he gives Robyn a child-like toothy grin making her heart skip a beat.

“Robyn you got me a UFO DVD and a new watch but what’s the doll for?”

“ The doll is for Roy Roy. It’s from the home collection they gave me my own dolls. They’ll be released sometime next year. I figured since her birthday is coming up too I would get her something.”

Christopher smiles so bright his deep dimples pop out. His face turns a lighter​ red.

“Thanks so much Robs I don’t know what to say.”

Royalty wasn’t an easy thing for Robyn to deal with in the beginning. No they weren’t together during her birth but it still left a sour taste in Robyn’s mouth. She was hurt, after all they’ve been through their own personal shares of pregnancy scares and fails as a couple.

“There’s something else in the bag. I want you to read it when I leave.” Robyn says lowly. She turns the other way shyly.

“ Oh now you want to get shy on me Fenty? It’s just me Chris.” He points to himself.

“Now I’m curious Robs.” He digs at the bottom of the blue bag retrieving an envelope. He opens it hoping a card is inside​ to his surprise it’s a letter.

Dear Christopher Maurice Brown,

Words will always fail me when you are involved so here’s a few things I can’t verbally express.

You’re twenty-eight years of age today and you’ve made me so proud. I remember like it was yesterday when a goofy ass looking country boy with a lisp tried to spit game to me at a Clives Davis’s Party. You were fifteen then and I was only sixteen we were both babies. I was a bad bitch so you stalked me the whole night.

That night I felt something that scared me. I felt a magnetic force that gravitated me towards you and who knew years to come that same force would always lead me back to you.

I remember us talking about how we would become big stars and change the world​.

We’ve come a long way from ashy to classy. We didn’t do bad for ourselves. I placed Barbados on my back and you placed Va on yours. I just wanted​ you to know that you have exceeded all expectations, despite the bullshit and flaws you’re amazing and one of a kind .

I will always be your number one​ fan even if it’s from afar. I know sometimes I act nonchalant like I don’t care.

You will always mean something to me no matter where we stand. I thank God for you because you’ve taught me so much about love and myself. Shit you know me more than I know myself.

I’m certain I can search many galaxies I still won’t find another Christopher Brown. After over a decade of ups and downs I wouldn’t trade any of it. I wouldn't​ change anything we’ve been through. ANYTHING.

I’m not certain where we may end up but no matter what I’m grateful that I was loved by you. Here’s to your evolution as a father, as a man, as an artist.

1Love Forever

Your Cinderella.

“WOW” Chris breathes as tears form in his eyes. She’s the only woman that can make him feel this way. He clutches the letter tightly.

“Don’t go get all soft on me Brown.” She teases

“I love you shawty. You’re amazing do you know that?”

He inches closer to her and wraps his arms around her. It’s the first time she’s been in his arms in what seems like forever.

“I love you too Maurice but our history has shown time and time our love isn’t enough.”

“Please don’t bitch out on me now bad girl. After these presents and this  letter you expect me to not wanna go there?”

“ I don’t know Chris we caused an uproar a few years ago when we were in the same club. We’ve been doing really good this year working on a friendship.”

“ Fuck everybody you’re the queen of no fucks. If you can come party with me tonight that would make my day. If you don’t want to I’ll understand that too.”

“ I can’t promise anything because I have some work to do. But we can spend a few hours together here watching movies like the old days.” She laughs

“Ok what ya wanna watch?” Chris goes over to his DVD collection and hits power on his flat screen.

“ I don’t know surprise me.”

“Ok then.”

Chris places in the deluxe packed DVD that has “Belly”, “Shottas” , “Menace To Society” and “Juice”

“Steady are you ready?” The opening credits​ to Belly begins to play and Robyn eyes light up.

“My NIGGA! You know exactly what I like. Get the popcorn.” Robyn demands him. He quickly​ goes to the kitchen to prepare snacks.

He watches Robyn with a smile on his face. Something about this whole ordeal seems very nostalgic. He doesn't​ want this day to end. After nearly thirteen years of friendship and love she still has that hold on him.