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Cinco De Breezy: Chrianna Short


Christopher​ is on a high right now his Party tour has been received well and he can only thank his die hard fans. After over a decade in music he still has the world wanting more, that is a talent within itself.

Not everyone has that certain it factor or the capability to stand the tests of times, yet here he is at the age of 28.

He’s still standing after the scrutiny and mishaps. Somehow his triumphs and talent always outweigh his “fuck ups”. He’s still loved​ beyond the headlines and media hooblah.

“I’m so proud of you angel. Happy birthday again.” Mama Joyce kisses her youngest seed. She’s happy that he took a break from his tour to come home to LA.

“Thanks again ma. You didn’t have to cook that big ass meal though. It’s only me and you. Roy may be coming later.”

“ Boy watch your mouth. Just because you’re grown doesn’t mean you can’t get your ass whooped.”

The two shared​ a hug and he tenderly kissed his mother’s forehead.

“So what’s your plans for today birthday boy? I don’t see any of the knuckle head niggas around?”  Chris smirks

Christopher instructed his crew to give him time alone. He just wanted time to bask in everything. He’ll probably meet with the guys to party later.

“ I’ll probably catch up with them niggas later mama. Right now I just want to chill out.”  

He stretches out on the couch feeling a certain urge of the “Itis” coming on. The meal left him stuffed now his eyes are getting heavy.

Snoring is the only thing heard throughout the lower level of the home. Chris has been out like a light for two hours. One would consider this “washed” behavior for a famous 28 year old.

The doorbell begins to ring awakening Chris from his slumber.

“Mama can you get the do’?” His country accent exudes through his groggy voice.  He quickly lays his head down resuming his sleep.

Joyce walks to the door with a smile on her face. She knows who’s exactly waiting at the opposite side.

“Shh!” Joyce raises her finger up against her lips to stop the guest from speaking.

“Mama he doesn’t know I’m coming.”

“Not quite Robyn. I wanted to suprise him. Come on in.”

The two women tip toe to where Christopher is lounging and nervousness begins to consume Robyn. She watched his chest heave up and down as he slept, she silently counted his freckles remembering how she uses to trace them with her fingertips.

“Get up Maurice. Someone is here to see you.”  Joyce shakes him a little causing him to stir in his sleep a little.

“Ok ma DAMN.” He pouts before sitting up. He rubs his eyes before staring at HER.

“Fenty.” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Brown. Happy​ birthday.” She responded

Chris quickly scrambled to get himself together. He fished for his shirt and wiped drool from his face.

“I see you were in your third dream.” Robyn joked

“Yeah you know those Joyce Hawkins meal will that to you?”

“Don’t I know it.”

Robyn mentally recapped all the holidays she shared amongst the Hawkins/Brown clan. All the times Joyce asked for her assistance in the kitchen. Those many trips to Virginia under the radar made the once couple very close.

“ I’m going to leave you two alone.” Joyce winked before walking away.

“That old lady is always up to something.” Chris says

“You know she was always die hard Chrianna. “ Robyn retorts with a laugh

An awkward but yet comfortable silence filled the room. Chris was just happy to be in her presence.

He had grown accustomed to spending birthdays without her.  After their last break up the birthday celebrations together stopped.

“So what’s in the bags Fenty?”

Chris nosily peers his head around where Robyn is standing.

“You know you can sit down right baby girl? I won’t bite. Unless you want me to.”

“ Whatever bitch.” Robyn laughs handing the bags over to him. She finally takes a seat at the opposite end of the sofa.

Chris rattles through the bag excitedly, he gives Robyn a child-like toothy grin making her heart skip a beat.

“Robyn you got me a UFO DVD and a new watch but what’s the doll for?”

“ The doll is for Roy Roy. It’s from the home collection they gave me my own dolls. They’ll be released sometime next year. I figured since her birthday is coming up too I would get her something.”

Christopher smiles so bright his deep dimples pop out. His face turns a lighter​ red.

“Thanks so much Robs I don’t know what to say.”

Royalty wasn’t an easy thing for Robyn to deal with in the beginning. No they weren’t together during her birth but it still left a sour taste in Robyn’s mouth. She was hurt, after all they’ve been through their own personal shares of pregnancy scares and fails as a couple.

“There’s something else in the bag. I want you to read it when I leave.” Robyn says lowly. She turns the other way shyly.

“ Oh now you want to get shy on me Fenty? It’s just me Chris.” He points to himself.

“Now I’m curious Robs.” He digs at the bottom of the blue bag retrieving an envelope. He opens it hoping a card is inside​ to his surprise it’s a letter.

Dear Christopher Maurice Brown,

Words will always fail me when you are involved so here’s a few things I can’t verbally express.

You’re twenty-eight years of age today and you’ve made me so proud. I remember like it was yesterday when a goofy ass looking country boy with a lisp tried to spit game to me at a Clives Davis’s Party. You were fifteen then and I was only sixteen we were both babies. I was a bad bitch so you stalked me the whole night.

That night I felt something that scared me. I felt a magnetic force that gravitated me towards you and who knew years to come that same force would always lead me back to you.

I remember us talking about how we would become big stars and change the world​.

We’ve come a long way from ashy to classy. We didn’t do bad for ourselves. I placed Barbados on my back and you placed Va on yours. I just wanted​ you to know that you have exceeded all expectations, despite the bullshit and flaws you’re amazing and one of a kind .

I will always be your number one​ fan even if it’s from afar. I know sometimes I act nonchalant like I don’t care.

You will always mean something to me no matter where we stand. I thank God for you because you’ve taught me so much about love and myself. Shit you know me more than I know myself.

I’m certain I can search many galaxies I still won’t find another Christopher Brown. After over a decade of ups and downs I wouldn’t trade any of it. I wouldn't​ change anything we’ve been through. ANYTHING.

I’m not certain where we may end up but no matter what I’m grateful that I was loved by you. Here’s to your evolution as a father, as a man, as an artist.

1Love Forever

Your Cinderella.

“WOW” Chris breathes as tears form in his eyes. She’s the only woman that can make him feel this way. He clutches the letter tightly.

“Don’t go get all soft on me Brown.” She teases

“I love you shawty. You’re amazing do you know that?”

He inches closer to her and wraps his arms around her. It’s the first time she’s been in his arms in what seems like forever.

“I love you too Maurice but our history has shown time and time our love isn’t enough.”

“Please don’t bitch out on me now bad girl. After these presents and this  letter you expect me to not wanna go there?”

“ I don’t know Chris we caused an uproar a few years ago when we were in the same club. We’ve been doing really good this year working on a friendship.”

“ Fuck everybody you’re the queen of no fucks. If you can come party with me tonight that would make my day. If you don’t want to I’ll understand that too.”

“ I can’t promise anything because I have some work to do. But we can spend a few hours together here watching movies like the old days.” She laughs

“Ok what ya wanna watch?” Chris goes over to his DVD collection and hits power on his flat screen.

“ I don’t know surprise me.”

“Ok then.”

Chris places in the deluxe packed DVD that has “Belly”, “Shottas” , “Menace To Society” and “Juice”

“Steady are you ready?” The opening credits​ to Belly begins to play and Robyn eyes light up.

“My NIGGA! You know exactly what I like. Get the popcorn.” Robyn demands him. He quickly​ goes to the kitchen to prepare snacks.

He watches Robyn with a smile on his face. Something about this whole ordeal seems very nostalgic. He doesn't​ want this day to end. After nearly thirteen years of friendship and love she still has that hold on him. 

“My personal life is the same. At the end of the day, this is just my job. I love what I do and it’s a great job. But it’s like my alter ego. There’s Chris Brown the singer, and then there‘s Christopher Brown, the the down- home Tappahannock boy that plays video games and basketball and hangs out.”

Chris Brown.

1LOVE - Chrianna FanFiction: Chapter Twenty (Part 2)

Robyn POV

I’m super excited for this party.
“Babe, go check what it looks like downstairs?” I requested, with my voice below a whisper. I rustled, just waking up from sleep, accidentally waking my baby up too.
“Fuck I look like?” he yawned. We chuckled, and I kissed him on his cheek. He put his hand on my bare thigh.
“Alright, Imma go check.” he said, getting up. He wore his Adidas slippers and took off. I sat up and flipped through the channels on the TV. I stopped at “Jersey Shore”. Snooki is my boo. It was 11:43pm. Things are probably still being set up. Just then, my phone buzzed. It was a text from baby:

Maurice: Woe!! Everything is in place! It’s gon be fuckin awesome. :D
Me: yay! Come back up. Lets get ready. :)

I shuffled around in the sheets, getting comfortable. I found myself dozing off again.

Chris POV

“Baby. It’s so-” I began. I stopped to see her still snuggled in the sheets, sleeping. I crawled to her on the bed, yanking the covers off.

“Aye. Wake up!” I barked into her ear. She turned over, holding her ears.

“Don’t be yelling in my ear.” she rolled her eyes, swatting me away. I couldn’t help but laugh. My love tossed the covers off her, standing up. We made the bed, cleaned up, grabbed our belongings, and left the guys’ room.

“Alright babe. I’m going to get ready.” she told me, walking to her room.
“Aight, me too.” I smiled, stepping into my room. I dug through my suitcase for my outfit of the night. A nigga gotta dress fly, especially because I’m one of the hosts. I finally found a pair of light gray Levi slim straight Jeans, one of my Louis Vuitton belts, a red graphic V-Neck Billionaire Boys Club tee, with my Jesus Piece chain, and my new pair of Cardinal Jordan Retro 7s. I ironed my clothes nicely, then laid them out on the bed, before doing my hygiene thing. After brushing my teeth, I hopped into the shower for about 20 minutes.

Robyn POV

I have to look extremely bad tonight, especially because it’s my party. I searched through my suitcase for an outfit. I finally found a white cropped tee by Alexander Wang, white wash 501 cut-off shorts by Levi, with a thin white belt to match my top, diamond stud earrings, jewelry, and my black and metallic silver Jordan Retro 5s. I ironed them, laid them out on my bed, then went into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and hopped into the shower for about 30 minutes.
By the time I came out, it was 12:06am. Have people started pouring in? I wore my clothes then grabbed my curling iron. I went in front of the mirror (in the bathroom), to curl my hair for 10 extra minutes. Finally, I slipped on my crisp kicks and left the room.
The security saw me and let me in immediately. I felt eyes stare at me, ignored dance requests, and felt people tap my ass, as I traveled through the club finding myself a table at the far, back side. I crossed my legs with my hands clasped. This place was turnt the fuck up!!!! Patron shots, GreyGoose, Smirknoff, Ace of Spades, Corona.. Everything was everywhere. It was packed. I saw familiar faces, but not my baby. The crew was there though. I wonder where he is.
“Damn bestie. You look bad as fuck.”
I looked up to see Melissa talking to me. I eyed her body. She looked amazing. I cupped her boobs with my hands, making her giggle.
“Meli!!! Bitch you look sexy!!!” I exclaimed. Her pencil dress exposed her curvy shape and cake even more. Her titties were being supported by her push up bra, really well. To top it off, Mel wore some sexy ass Jays. No, it didn’t kill the outfit. The Jays made it better. Jordan’s Gang all day!
“You trynna get the D?” I questioned, raising my eyebrow. She chuckled, scrunching up her face.
“Na. But I wouldn’t mind.” she winked. “Slut.” I muttered under my breath, playfully pushed her, both of us laughing.
I poured myself a cup of Fruit Punch to get me started. I didn’t want to just start taking alcohol like that.
“Damn, you sexy.” I heard a male voice say. I saw my best friend, Aubrey. We smiled at each other and exchanged a hug. I ran my hand through his soft, curly hair in our embrace.
“You don’t look too bad yourself.” I complimented.
“Thank you. You look better.”
“I know.” I playfully bragged, dusting off my shoulder. He playfully pushed me and I did the same.
“Yo I’m so glad the awards are over!” he exclaimed to show his emotion, over the extremely loud music.
“Tell me about it! Long ass rehearsals! So how you been?”
“I’ve been good. Shot competition!” he called out.
“Alright.” I grinned, handing him a shot class and pouring him some patron. I did the same to 20
more glasses.
“Ready.. Set.. Go!”
I started taking glass after glass to the head.

Chris POV

I was on the front, upper level of the party, chilling with my niggas — Tyga, Bow, Trey, and Soulja. We were sipping on our Henny, talking about general things.
“Pause.. Is that Rihanna over there?” Tyga said, furrowing his eyebrows, looking in a distance.
“Yeah… That is her.. She wit Drake!” Bow noticed.
What?!?! I scanned over the crowd with my eyes, until I finally found her. They were right. She was with Drake. They were playing those hand games that little girls play. My jealousy washed over me immediately.
“You and Rih still cuffed, bro?” Soulja asked.
“Yes.” I responded with a straight face, my fists beginning to bawl.
“You better get ya girl den.” Trey said, sipping his drink. I heard little chuckles from them, as I turned away to approach Robyn.
I dodged and softly shoved bodies unhappily, before finally reaching my destination.
“Oh hey baby.” Robyn smiled at me.
“Get up. Let’s go.” I demanded, getting straight to the point. I pulled her hand, jerking her forward. She rolled her eyes, giving me a stank face.
“Ayo, she’s coming. You gotta treat women with respect.” Drake intervened.
“Nigga was I talking to you? Fuck out my face.” I spat.
“Chris, stop.” Robyn defended. So she defending this boy now?!
“You don’t have to be talking to me, for you to know what’s right from wrong. Plus she my best friend. Have some manners. Now show some respect, you little boy.” he hissed.
I ignored him, grabbing Robyn’s hand as we surfed through the crowd.
“You’re squeezing my hand.” she complained behind me. I zoned her out, attending to the travel. She shook her hand off from mine, walking in front of me now. We made it to where I was situated and sat down.
“So you don’t even check for a nigga before going to another?” I scoffed.
“Listen Chris, if you’re gonna bitch about me innocently saying hello to a friend, then leave me alone. Go back upstairs or go party with a slut instead. I don’t know why you acting brand new. He’s been my friend for the longest. Did you check for me? Oh. Exactly. So if you have a problem with me, move. I don’t know about you, but I’m trynna have fun.”
Shit. She shut me down! I had nothing to say. I licked my lips, then took another sip of my Henny.

Robyn POV

I have no time and energy for Chris’ bullshit tonight. All I want to do is have a blast. I wanna get wasted to the fullest. Good thing Mummy and Momma J are probably in L.A right now, so we can do whatever. I’m happy that Aubrey stood up for me the way he did. I’ll thank him for that later.
I have a weak spot for Chris. I don’t want tension this night at all. Can I just have a regular day with him, without any drama? Is that too much to fucking ask? To test, I gently took Chris’ cup out of his hand, taking a gulp of his Hennessy.
“I hope you’re not mad at me.” he sighed, poking out his bottom lip.
“No, I’m not. Just don’t be doing that, ok?” He nodded.
“I need a drink.” I whispered to myself, getting up.
“Don’t worry, I got it.” Chris suggested, walking towards the bar. I watched as he ordered the brands of drinks and brought them over.
“Thanks baby.” I flashed a smile, kissing him on his cheek. I took it down as soon I received it.
“Damn, babe. Take it easy.” Chris smirked. Suddenly, a figure or none came up to us. I glanced up and saw KaptainCrunch.
“Hey Kae.” Chris greeted, giving her a friendly hug.
“Hey Chris.”
“Nothing much, just cooling.” she replied, doing a C-Sign with her fingers. They busted out laughing. I gave her the eye. She better know her place! I don’t mind giving her another ass whooping to refresh her memory.
“You still remember that?” Chris asked her, all amazed.
“Yup. I will forever.” she beamed. “I’ll catch you later Chris.”
“Later.” he said, sitting back down.
“What does that mean?” I questioned, looking at him.
“Oh nothing.” he smiled to himself, shaking his head before sipping from his cup.
I noticed Cassie and Nicki enter the club. My girls look bad! Ayeeee! When they settled, I walked over there to chill. Chris doing the same with Tyga, Trey, Soulja, and Bow at the other side of the club. Our hangouts were interrupted by an individual calling out:
“BODY SHOTS!!!!!” Everyone rushed to the long tables.
“So who going first?”
“Me.” Cassie stepped up and laid down. One fourth of vodka was poured on her body. Some between her tits and her stomach.
“Who got this one?”
“I got it.” I shrugged, stepping up. The audience chanted. What for? People stay underestimating my abilities. LOL. I dove down to the opening between Cas’ boobs, carefully absorbing the liquid there. I moved to her stomach, doing the same. By the time I was finished, I made sure she was squeaky clean. We hugged when the task was completed, and spectators clapped.
“Nexxxxttttt! A boy this time!”
Tyga, Soulja, Trey, and Bow shoved Chris forward, making him volunteer. My baby ripped off his shirt, throwing it to a chair.
“Who got this?”
“Me.” This female said, winking at Chris, flirtatiously. Oh hell na! I gave that bitch the death glare and she fell back immediately. Good.
“Meeeee.” I raised my hand, biting my lip at Chris. The drink was poured on his abs, and I walked up to him. I outlined his abs with my tongue, lapping up the drink. I made sure to add kisses to the mix as I sucked on his skin. During this, I was hearing him moan a bit. When our session was over, Chris hopped off the table, kissing me. Body shots continued for a while. I realized that I can’t keep hogging Chris, or else he’s going to rebel. He doesn’t like being told what to do, neither do I. That’s why if I restrict him, he’ll find his way to break the rule. Therefore, I let him give and receive body shots to and from girls. I was on my game, too. I got some off me from both girls and boys. I treated both genders as well.
When the crowd dispersed and everyone went about their business, I hopped on our table to admire the whole sight. Damn, this place was turnt the fuck up!! I can’t believe that Chris and I put this together. ‘Hate Being Sober’ by Chief Keef blazed through the whole club. I was thugging, singing along on top of the table with my cup in my right hand.

Damn I hate being sober, I’m a smoker
Fredo a drinker, Tadoe off molly water
But we can’t spell sober
Ballout roll up, when we roll up bitches be on us
All the hoes they love smoking, and love drinking
Anti-sober, for no reason
Cause we can’t spell sober
Ya know us, we smoke strong boy, watch me roll up
Cause I can’t spell sober

The DJ spun “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef, next. Ayeeeeee! I thugged to it, too. You already know. ;) I love trap music.

These bitches love Sosa
O end or no end
Fucking with them O boys,
You gon’ get fucked over
Rari’s and Rovers
These hoes love Chief Sosa
Hit him with that cobra,
Now that boy slumped over
They do it all for Sosa
You boys ain’t making no noise
Ya’ll know I’m a grown boy
Your clique full of broke boys
God ya’ll some broke boys
God ya’ll some broke boys
We GBE dope boys,
We got lots of dough boy

I squinted to see my little brother in the back talking to some cute bitches. I got down and started to walk over to where he was at.
“Where you going?” Chris asked, holding my hand.
“Come.” I chuckled. I pointed to Rajad and we were laughing.
“Leave him alone.” Chris begged. I shook my head, dragging him along. We finally met up to him.
“And what are you doing here, sir?”
“Oh shit.” I heard him mumble.
“Yea, I caught your ass. I see you talking to bitches, huh?”
Chris placed his palm over my mouth, trying to pull me away. I moved his hand to finish my statement.
“It’s cool, but better keep it cute. I’m watching you.” I warned, before we leaving.
“When will you leave him alone?” Chris chuckled.
“Neveeerrrrrr.” I sang out, sticking my tongue out at him. I mistakenly bumped in Ty, on my way back. It then hit me that Chyna wasn’t here.
“Ty, where’s Chyna? Is she ok?” I asked, worriedly.
“She’s good, she went back to L.A. There’s more to it..” he smiled slyly.
“Ok, I’ll call her later.” I promised.
I then approached my celebrity girls. Nicki, Cassie, and I chilled a bit before Nic went to the other side of the club to greet others. Cassie and I drank crazy amounts of vodka shots, glasses of Bacardi.. everything.
By now, my drinks were catching up to me and Cassie and I were swapping spit. I was sitting on her lap sideways, and we were kissing with great intensity. She has good ass lips and is a great kisser! I don’t know how this came about and I don’t see us stopping anytime soon either. Just then, I started hearing voices.
“Yooooooo,” I heard Nicki say in disbelief. Although I couldn’t see, I’ve mastered voices. I know which voice is who’s. Suddenly, people started gathering out of no where. Shock, giggling, and encouragement filled the air. Flashes from cameras and videos were flicking nonstop. And still, we didn’t stop. Damn. The power of being drunk.
“What’s going on? Where’s-” Chris began to say. I guess as soon as he saw me, he became speechless. Cas and I continued for a while before being interrupted.
“C’mon. That’s enough.” My baby commanded, pulling me up. We surfed through the crowd and into a private space.

Chris POV

I was so surprised to see Robyn kissing Cassie. I mean, it was sexy though. Two fine ass girls going at it… That made my dick jump. After staring at them for a while, I finally got myself together and got Robyn out of there.
“Since when you started kissing girls???”
I was so shocked. Robyn never seizes to amaze me. To be honest, that’s one of the things I love about her — She’s undefined. You never know what she’ll do next. It’s like playing chess: you’ll never know her next move.
“Ch.. Chris, I’m bi…” she slurred, drunkingly. Yup, she’s gone. We’ve only been in the club for an hour, you know.
“Sorry, I didn’t tell you earlier. *burps* I didn’t wanna break your heart.” she laughed, poking me in my chest. I couldn’t help but laugh, too. This girl is crazy.
“Let’s go! What’chu waiting for!” Robyn exclaimed, jumping up. I walked behind her (making sure she was ok), as she made her way back to the crowd.
Within minutes of our arrival, the DJ started to spin some Jamaican dance hall.
“Ayeeeeeee!” Robyn cheered, with her glass raised. She sang along, nodding her head.
“Fuck am I doing? Lemme show you a good ass time.” she whispered to herself, taking my hand. Guys and girls partnered up too, pouring out to the dance floor. Robyn wasted no time when we made the floor. She backed dat ass up and began doing wonders.

Robyn POV

When the DJ turned on ‘Benz Punany’ by Vybz Kartel, something went off in my head. I grabbed Chris’ hand, making our way onto the floor, like many others.

Baby you got the pussy weh me looking for
Gyal yuh punany match mi car
So come roll with a superstar
Taxi punany, stay weh far

Gyal gimme di benz punany make me gwan drive it up
All taxi pum pum gwan go cool out
Gyal gimme di benz punany make me gwan drive it up
All taxi pum pum gwan go cool out
Fifty man a rev rev you body
That mean say you pum pum a taxi
Mi fi make fifty one but mi nuh want it
Mi a request di gyal wit benz punany

I bent down before him, backing my ass up. It’s a good thing I’ve been eating a lot lately, because my cake definitely came in handy tonight. I whined my waist to the beat of this song, making sure he was having a good ass time. This was also a reminder that those cheap, worthless bitches he fucks with ain’t got nothing on me. Baby was bringing it back on the other end so damn good, though. He held onto my waist tightly, grinding on me. His dancing skills came into full effect.
The DJ then spun ‘Bruk It Down’ by Mr. Vegas. Cheers and screams from the crowd filled the room. Ayeeee, we live!!! I pushed Chris gently on the closest chair to us. I sat on his lap frontwards, bouncing and rotating my ass on him. Yes, lawd.

Chris POV

I was having the best time of my life right now. Yes, lawddddd!!! Robyn was whining the hell out of me on the chair. Her ass bounced at the same acceleration as the music. If you’ve ever heard ‘Bruk It Down’, you know exactly what I mean. I clung on to her waist, grinding on her back. Basically, it was like she was riding me, but with our clothes on.
My session was brought to a hault, when a light skinned stripper tugged on Robyn. They brought her to the floor again, twerking on her. Another pretty one with a nice body did the same to me. Everyone in the club had their own stripper and we were getting it in!! All strippers were wearing a two piece set with their boobs and ass bursting out. I peeped my niggas Keeis and them getting some too. Even Hood ugly ass. Oh yea, which reminds me: Hood and I are good friends. We just have those kind of brotherly relationships. Anyway, if I was the stripper, I would’ve swerved Hood.
The strippers stayed for a few songs before all going back to wherever the fuck they came from. The bitch I had gave me a good time though, no lie. I think her name was Candy on something.. I don’t remember. I just want my baby back.
Jesus answered my prayers, and Robyn returned.

Robyn POV

I went back to Chris and we continued to dance. The DJ spun “Tell You Say”, “Summer Time”, “Dumpa Truck”, “Freaky Gal (Part 2)” by Vybz Kartel all the way to “Pon Di Cocky” by Aidonia, “Gal A Bubble” by Konshens, “Bend Over” by RDX, and more. Even “Romping Shop”! Major throwback!!

Cah me haffi wine pon di cocky like dis
Kartel spin me like a satellite dish
Deal wid yuh breast like mi crushing irish
Spice I neva love a pussy like dis
You ah my mista
You ah my miss
Kill me wid di cocky
Kill me wid di tightness
And when you a come
Whispa someting like dis
I can’t stop fucking you

to “Bicycle”.

Ride pon di cocky like ah bicycle
Ride pon di cocky like ah bicycle
Yuh love di lollipop
Yuh love di icycle
Mi dun tell yuh mi nuh wah nuh borin gyal
Ride pon di cocky like ah bicycle
Ride pon di cocky like ah bicycle
From mi love di weh yuh tounge
Ah tickle my nipple
Mi love wen yuh guh dung an hold ah Vybzcycle

The club was so fucking live. I think I peep Rajad getting some from a stripper. . I think. I was too drunk. I hope Mummy doesn’t find out though. I’d be toast. I’m responsible for everything my brothers do. All my girls were getting it in on some niggas. Lee, Mel, and Ella.. Ayeeeee. I whined on Mel, Lee, and Ella for a bit, too. Even Nicki and Cassie. Who wouldn’t want a lap dance from Nicki, to be honest? Let’s be real here.
Chris was having his share of the table. He was jumping up and acting crazy. The DJ played the ‘Dougie’.
“Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” the crowd screamed.
“Chris!” “Chris!” “Chris!” I heard everyone chant. My baby started to hit the dougie and everyone was screeching and squealing. I stared at him kill it on the table. He’s so perfect at it. His dougie made me wet a little.

Karrueche POV

This place was banging. I even saw Jordan. The sexy guy I hooked up with a while back after Chris, in L.A. He looked amazing tonight. I danced on him, and we had a great time. I promised to keep in touch with him, which I really plan on doing. The flyer said that Chris and Rihoe set this all up. Damn, they are live individuals! The strippers, drinks, snacks, and music were off the chain. I was drinking in moderation. I don’t need to make a bigger fool of myself than I already am.
Meanwhile, my crush was up there with the bitch I hate. I just wanna.. Oh my God. I don’t even know. My feelings are just so messed up. I want to move on, but then again, I don’t see why I have to. Rihanna should be the one moving on! Grrrrrrrr

Robyn POVThe vibes of the music slowed down and couples partnered up. I was sitting down, hoping Chris would pick me. It’s like God answered my prayers, and he came. It’s not that I was doubting him, but I thought he’d just continue his drinking and conversation.

He picked me up and wrapped his arms around me, in a tight hold. I was being swayed side to side by him. I closed my eyes taking in every moment of this. I inhaled his fresh cologne, laying my head in the crook of his neck. His hands slid down from my waist to my cake.
“Why’re you doing this?” I asked politely. I just want to know his reason for loving me down tonight.
“Because I love you so much, Robyn. I act like an ass most times, but you mean the world to me. I lost you once, but I will never lose you again. Fuck Karrueche and the rest of the hoes I’ve fucked with. I just say somethings because I get upset and I can’t control my anger. I truly love you.”
“Awww,” I was touched. My eyes were slowly becoming cloudy, but I wiped the forming tear.
“Chris, I love you more. I may overdo things sometimes, but that’s because I care. I get jealous because I want to be your one and only. I’ve never felt this way about anyone else. Everytime I see you, you give me butterflies all over again. Promise me that you’ll stay?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, promise me that you’ll be here for me. Meaning that you even if we can’t touch or speak, that I’ll always mean something to you. Promise me that you won’t let any little thing tear us apart?”
“I promise, baby. I promise.”
“I promise too,” I confessed, kissing him deeply on the lips. I felt a tear of joy roll down my cheek. I truly meant what I said. I also felt some emotion and truth from his side, too. It didn’t feel like a lie. I hope it stays like this for a long time. My baby began singing ‘With You’ to me, sending chills down my spine. This reminds me of our good, young days. This brings back so much memories. I’m so happy.

*** 2 HOURS LATER***

Chris POV

This was the way we were for hours. One of the best nights of my life. Robyn couldn’t get enough of the D, ‘cause she kept backing dat ass up. Although hundreds of bodies were in the room, it just felt like my baby and I. We were free doing whatever we wanted. I want to be able to do this on a daily. Fuck Drake. Fuck Karrueche. Fuck the media. Fuck everyone who doesn’t agree. Right now, my queen is laying right beside me, knocked the fuck out. I had to carry her on my back up to the room. She was way too drunk. Not that I was that good, too. What a night! It’s Robyn and I against the world baby. I meant every vow I said to her tonight. Those were words from the heart. A night to remember..