The launchpad to a rich alternate universe, Gods and Monsters is a must-see. This movie transports the Trinity to a different corner of the DC universe. Superman is no longer Kal-El; he is Lor-Zod, the biological son of General Zod. Batman is no longer Bruce Wayne; he is Kirk Langstrom, a brilliant scientist whose attempt to cure his cancer transforms him into a vampiric vigilante. Finally, Wonder Woman is no longer Diana Prince; she is Bekka, a member of the New Gods, who is exiled on Earth after a tragic event in her past. Together, the three police the globe, often unleashing ruthless tactics against evildoers. The twist comes when mysterious assassins begin murdering some of the world’s top scientific minds, people connected to the Justice League. With the evidence mounting against them, the trio must uncover the mastermind trying to defame the world’s most powerful guardians. But as their unseen nemesis begins to make more brazen chess moves, they find themselves two steps behind a plot that leads to their eradication. Gods and Monsters is a refreshing experience; the only real downside is that seeing this film is a wake-up call to the void in storytelling that’s left behind when Bruce Timm isn’t pulling strings. It’ll be hard to accept less after this, so New 52 features need to up their game.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters, by Kofi Outlaw.

One night, Batman took Damian to Metropolis, much to his dismay. There he met Clark, Kara, Conner, and Chris. Clark seemed alright, Kara was good to look at, Conner reminded him too much of Tim, but the one who really got his attention was Chris. After Damian was left alone with the kid in the apartment (and after Conner and Kara’s constant threats about how he better not hurt Chris). Damian observed the 10 year old Kryptonian, who in return looked at him weird. Then a devilish grin formed on the young acrobat’s face.

Procrastinating from studying again. This is damned old, like 2010-ish old. Back then I had the idea of the next gen of Teen Titans/Young Justice/IDK (whatever it wasn’t like they had a name in the plot haha.) The team consisted of Damien, Lian, Milargo, Chris, The New Toyman (his involvement in the team was due to time shenigains),The West twins and an OC, S (short for Slim, who would eventually be revealed to the the White lantern avatar wtf.) Also Sin (as the new Black Canary) and another OC (a MAGICAL GIRL from Australia, because my mind is always on crack) were on it too. They’d first join forces because some weird evil cult summons S onto this plane and they’d get transported to some weird-ass dimension, and once getting out they’d decide that they didn’t hate each other that much so joined forces to fight evil on a semi-regular basis. Damien would conclude that having a permanent base was a recipe for disaster so they’d just meet up at each other’s places haha (also he’d be very much against being called the Teen Titains since that’d be like painting a massive target on their backs.)

I planned out massive arcs for these guys (time travelling to evil futures, going into spaaaace e.t.c.) and I even drew a few pages, but like most projects I start in kinda dropped it, due to the fact that I have shit time management skills. I don’t know if I’ll ever bring them back, but maybe I’ll fold them into the Avengers Alterverse instead.

Chris and Colin entered Damian’s room to find him asleep on his bed. Chris got an idea and whispered something in Colin’s ear. They both giggled and approached the bed.

Damian woke up to find Chris Kent and Colin Wilkes in his bed. As usual he glared at them.

“Kent? Wilkes? What are you two beautiful guys doing in my bed?”

Chris spoke “We impregnated you.”

Colin spoke “You’re having twins.”

Damian screamed, like he had never screamed before, and ran out of the room shouting “Father! Father! Father!”

Chris and Colin burst out laughing. Neither of them could believe that Damian had felt for it.

Colin said, while trying to catch his breath “We are going to die after this.”