Batman v Superman Rant/Thoughts

I love the Chris Reeve superman I really do as well as the other guys that played Clark/Superman over the years except Brandon (sorry but he was told to do an imitation of reeve’s Supes and I did not enjoy it to be honest and the movie itself was just boring for me). That being said Henrys take is new and different it’s a building process, Zack Snyder and company want to give us a modern way to look at the character what does he mean in todays world . Why is he not smiling all the time? Gee I don’t know he seems uncomfortable with earthlings bowing down to him and looking to him as a god like figure or saviour paragon. Put yourself in his shoes, also enough with the it has to be like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no it does not! Marvels movies are enjoyable for the most part but lack a lot of things as well. Most of them can be pretty mundane.

Seriously Batman has had many cinematic interpretations over the years it’s time Superman got a change as well and poor Wonder Woman has had no love at all from DC/WB as far as movies go, she had a terrible tv pilot and an ok animated film at best.

The “false god” spray paint on the Superman statue is probably a cult that hates him brought on by Lex Anti-Superman agenda, but if you listen to the teaser someone says “maybe he’s just a guy trying to do the right thing”. The world is each going to have an opinion about him that’s how it should be.

One night, Batman took Damian to Metropolis, much to his dismay. There he met Clark, Kara, Conner, and Chris. Clark seemed alright, Kara was good to look at, Conner reminded him too much of Tim, but the one who really got his attention was Chris. After Damian was left alone with the kid in the apartment (and after Conner and Kara’s constant threats about how he better not hurt Chris). Damian observed the 10 year old Kryptonian, who in return looked at him weird. Then a devilish grin formed on the young acrobat’s face.

Procrastinating from studying again. This is damned old, like 2010-ish old. Back then I had the idea of the next gen of Teen Titans/Young Justice/IDK (whatever it wasn’t like they had a name in the plot haha.) The team consisted of Damien, Lian, Milargo, Chris, The New Toyman (his involvement in the team was due to time shenigains),The West twins and an OC, S (short for Slim, who would eventually be revealed to the the White lantern avatar wtf.) Also Sin (as the new Black Canary) and another OC (a MAGICAL GIRL from Australia, because my mind is always on crack) were on it too. They’d first join forces because some weird evil cult summons S onto this plane and they’d get transported to some weird-ass dimension, and once getting out they’d decide that they didn’t hate each other that much so joined forces to fight evil on a semi-regular basis. Damien would conclude that having a permanent base was a recipe for disaster so they’d just meet up at each other’s places haha (also he’d be very much against being called the Teen Titains since that’d be like painting a massive target on their backs.)

I planned out massive arcs for these guys (time travelling to evil futures, going into spaaaace e.t.c.) and I even drew a few pages, but like most projects I start in kinda dropped it, due to the fact that I have shit time management skills. I don’t know if I’ll ever bring them back, but maybe I’ll fold them into the Avengers Alterverse instead.


From Action Comics #866: the story of Nightwing and Flamebird. Written by Greg Rucka. Chris Kent (Lor-Zod) is the living conduit for Nightwing, and Thara Ak-Var is the conduit for Flamebird. More on the Kryptonian Church.

Warning: this post is REALLY long. If you wish to skip it, please hit “j” on your keyboard now.

Story and dialogue transcribed page by page.


Book of Rao: To tell the Nightwing’s story is to tell the story of three, the Flamebird, the Builder, and the Nightwing. As with Krypton itself, their story begins in fire.

Narration: Once, the infinite was burning chaos. Devoid of form, devoid of order, devoid of intellect, filled only with the insatiable hunger of endless conflagration. Amid this chaos, an awareness stirred. It surveyed the disorder and grew displeased at such waste, waste on an infinite scale.

“No more,” it thought, and by that simple act created a new paradigm in the heavens. Thus was born force of will, the very concept of order, of nature, of action and reaction. And as it grew stronger, it chose for itself a name, and by doing so created the concept of names, the first time an individual will imposed order upon chaos.

And the first voice ever spoken declared its name:


Rao: I am Rao.

Chris: This…is Rao?

Book of Rao: This is an idealized representation of Rao (may his name be universally honored) extracted from Kryptonian religious guild archives.

Narration: And with these words, no longer did flame devour the heavens. Rao-The-Newly-Born imposed structure on the chaos, and took its vast power into himself. But Rao-The-Newly-Born cast his eyes throughout the pristine barrens of the universe, and saw that it was pure; it was clean; it was ordered; and it was empty. And thus a new concept entered into the void: Loneliness. Rao pondered this loneliness, until, reaching into himself for a small fraction of the energies harnessed within…


Chris: Why are you showing me this? What does this have to do with-

Book of Rao: The story of the Nightwing and the Flamebird is the story of creation.

Chris: I thought…there were only two. Nightwing and Flamebird.

Book of Rao: Incorrect hypothesis. Kryptonian Rao-Orthodox pantheon contains 14 major deities, 211 demigods, 1402 titans. They are not relevant to your initial query. Storing discussion track for later playback.

Narration: …and transformed the flames of chaos into the fires of creation, and thus were the machineries of the universe created, made manifest by Rao-The-Newly-Born’s precision and control. Stars burned in the void; newborn planets cooled beneath Rao’s gaze; until, at last, only one task remained. For these worlds, without a proper guiding hand, would remain as empty as the void itself. Then Rao turned his eye to a newly formed jewel in his heavens. This would be the birthplace of his greatest creation. And he gave it a name, and called it Krypton. Thus did he become Rao-The-First-Kryptonian, and he smiled anew, and released many fragments of his infinite power, and each was alive with his designs, and each was an instrument of his divine will. And so he became Rao-The-Father, and among his favored children - and there were many, though their tales are for other days - was The Flamebird.

Chris: Wow. She’s…beautiful.


Narration: The Flamebird, made of chaos fire, released to perform a singular duty: necessary renewal and rebirth. To clear away that which is harmful or fallow, that something greater may grow in its place. And so that the chaos fire within her would not burn rampant or uncontrolled, Rao-The-Father designed for The Flamebird a directing force: love. The Flamebird’s love is fierce, and among those she loved most was another of Rao-The-Father’s children, and his name is Vohc, called The Builder. Vohc-The-Builder, whose hands are guided by endless curiosity and boundless desire to create, to craft, to improve upon that which he has built before, and to inscribe Rao-The-Father’s signature upon the material world. Vohc-The-Builder, the maker of things in the twilight, in the space between day and night. Vohc-The-Builder, inspired to ever-greater feats of creation by his own love for The Flamebird.


Chris: That jungle…she’s destroying it?

Book of Rao: Periodic culling of ecosystem is necessary, to prevent stagnation. This is The Flamebird’s Rao-given function. Reconstruction and improvement: that is the Rao-given function of Vohc-The-Builder.

Narration: Through the eons, the children of Rao played their game of creation and destruction. Vohc-The-Builder, compelled by the will of his father, inspired by the love of his sister, faced his task with joy. In devotion, he crafted ever-more delicate and elegant engines of creation: the perfect sunset; the most lush jungle; the hardiest beast; the mightiest river. The Flamebird, compelled by the will ofher father, her devotion to her brother, faced her task with joy, and razed Vohc’s constructions, inspiring him to ever-greater feats of craft. Theirs was a divine contest, played in harmony, a precise mechanism that shaped the surface of Rao-The-Father’s chosen jewel, Krypton.

Chris: I’ve seen Flamebird - whoa - and now I’ve seen Vohc. So where is the Nightwing?

Book of Rao: Accessing.


Book of Rao: The Nightwing. In Rao-Orthodox doctrine. Literally - “Rao-The-Father’s Watchful Eyes in the Darkness.” Friend to Vohc-The-Builder.

Narration: Rao-The-Father created The Nightwing, His Eyes in the night. Thus the duty was charged from his Father to seek out evil and corruption that hides in the shadows; to pursue and destroy it. So it is that The Nightwing exists in the darkness, all-seeing in the deep night, hidden to daylight eyes. Thus The Nightwing’s mission was the loneliest of all Rao’s children. But in the border of twilight, where Vohc-The-Builder would toil, The Nightwing could be seen. And thus, together, in the dark and near-dark, did The Nightwing and Vohc-The-Builder become friends. And so it was that Vohc saw his brother’s loneliness, and understood, and sought to ease it. And he made a bridge between The Nightwing’s shadow realm and The Flamebird’s daystar glow. And in that act of kindness were created the seeds of betrayal, hatred and vengeance.

Vohc: -And so you join me again, my shadow friend?

Nightwing: Such is my fate and my duty, He-Who-Builds - to stand alone in the dark. All-seeing, never seen.

Vohc: Ah, but I do see you, friend Nightwing, and perhaps, if you wish it - I can find a way to cast some light into your shadows.

Nightwing: That would be…agreeable.


Narration: At the sight of The Flamebird, the loneliness of The Nightwing was eased, and joy filled his heart. And The Flamebird, rapt by the stillness and silence of The Nightwing, returned his love in kind. And thus in twilight they would meet, and be happy. As the twilight faded into deepest night, Vohc-The-Builder spoke to The Nightwing. From primordial darkness, The Nightwing thanked his brother, the engineer of his happiness, who had eased the loneliness of his vigils. And Vohc-The-Builder beheld the love between his kin, and was inspired once more. This was a new inspiration, as bottomless and hungry as the fires of chaos yoked within him. Troubled, Vohc-The-Builder searched Krypton for the precise location upon which to give form to his inspiration, to the crowning achievement of his existence, his purpose. It would be the ultimate expression of his love for The Flamebird, who had given her heart to another.

Chris: I had no idea.

Book of Rao: User error: no idea?

Chris: I had no idea how…primal it all is. Just how powerful the bond between them - us - is.

Book of Rao: Not unreasonable. Others failed to realized the depth of that bond as well.

Nightwing: Something troubles you, brother.

Vohc: I sometimes forget there are no secrets from you, my friend. In truth, something has been weighing on me. Don’t worry. All will be well.


Narration: Vohc-The-Builder began his masterpiece, an expression of the pure, unselfish love he held for his muse. All that Vohc loved about The Flamebird he made manifest into the creature her fashioned. A fitting monument, he declared, one worthy of his love. And seeing his tribute, The Flamebird praised her brother’s work, and marveled at the creature. And she raised her hands to rain down fire, as her duty and nature both commanded. For the first time, Vohc-The-Builder pleaded for what he had made. He implored her to look close, to see the truth in his craft, that she would know the depth and strength of his love.

“And this is the expression of my love,” spake The Flamebird. “From this renewal, you shall create that which is greater.”

Nightwing: What is this new creation, brother?

Vohc: This is my masterpiece, a tribute to The Flamebird. It is my heart.

Nightwing: Be cautious, my friend. She is fire, and fire can burn as well as warm.

Vohc: -beg you, please, if you have any love in your heart for me-

Flamebird: Dear kinsman, have no fear. We do as we must.

Vohc: No! Wait! STOP!

Flamebird: This will all lead to something greater.

Narration: Thus Vohc-The-Builder saw his offering burnt to ash before him, and with it his love for The Flamebird. And the void in its place was filled with something new to Rao-The-Father’s creation: boundless sorrow, and the seeds of madness.


Flamebird: Glorious, my brother! Do you see now? This is truly your greatest work. Until your next.

Vohc: Yes. I see. Must this also be destroyed?

Flamebird: Tempered, He-Who-Builds. Improved, as Rao-Our-Father wills.

Vohc: Very well. We all do what we must.

Chris: Something’s not right-

Book of Rao: Correct. This is the heresy of The Breaker.

Narration: In deepening madness, there grew a cold certainty. The Flamebird had destroyed that which Vohc-The-Builder loved, and in so doing, had poisoned his love for her. And what did The Flamebird love?

To punish The Flamebird, so too must he hurt The Nightwing.

He set his hand to a new creation, a magnificent spire of purest crystal, in which he planted vast reserves of power. And when the spire was completed, Vohc-The-Builder faced the judgment of The Flamebird.

“It is magnificent,” she cried. “What is its function?”

“All will be clear,” was Vohc-The-Builder’s response.

And so, heart singing with joy, The Flamebird struck out with divine fire.

Then the fabric of nature tore and howled in agony, and through that tear was created a new space of phantoms and emptiness: Vohc-The-Builder’s monument to the void that Rao-The-Father so abhorred.  As the spire shattered, one fragment pierced the shadows, imprisoning The Nightwing within an impenetrable nothingspace.


Flamebird: BELOVED!

Vohc: “Beloved”? I should be your beloved, not some skulking wraith, a keeper of secrets, a betrayer of friends. You destroy all that I have built in your honor, and still you call him “beloved.” Rao-The-Father’s will be damned to the void. I shall build no more. I shall break.

Flamebird: Release him, Vohc-The-Breaker! Release him!

Vohc: There is no release. He is but a phantom now. You shall hurt as I have hurt, forever separated from your “beloved.”

Narration: The Flamebird screamed in rage and pain. Where once she felt the reassuring presence of The Nightwing, there was now only emptiness. She beat against the prison with all her chaos might but could not free her love, so elegant were the mechanisms of Vohc-The-Builder. Now, in his madness, Vohc-The-Builder offered The Flamebird a bargain: Deny her love for The Nightwing, and he would release him; refuse, and they would spend eternity apart.

“I cannot betray my nature, kinsman,” The Flamebird pleaded. “Nor my heart.”

Then Vohc-The-Builder cursed her, and cursed the will of Rao-The-Father. “If I cannot win your heart with creation,” he cried, “I shall earn your fear with destruction!”

And thus Vohc-The-Builder turned away from his Father and freed within himself the fires of chaos Rao-The-Father had yoked there, and made himself anew. He cast aside his tools and fashioned in their place cruel and terrible instruments of devastation. So it was that Vohc-The-Builder ended and made himself Vohc-The-Breaker, the Betrayer of Kin, the First Heretic, an abomination in the eyes of Rao.

Chris and Colin entered Damian’s room to find him asleep on his bed. Chris got an idea and whispered something in Colin’s ear. They both giggled and approached the bed.

Damian woke up to find Chris Kent and Colin Wilkes in his bed. As usual he glared at them.

“Kent? Wilkes? What are you two beautiful guys doing in my bed?”

Chris spoke “We impregnated you.”

Colin spoke “You’re having twins.”

Damian screamed, like he had never screamed before, and ran out of the room shouting “Father! Father! Father!”

Chris and Colin burst out laughing. Neither of them could believe that Damian had felt for it.

Colin said, while trying to catch his breath “We are going to die after this.”