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I Don’t Multi-fic (Chapter three)

Chris pine x reader

Rated: M?

Summary: Many years ago you and Chris were in a relationship prior to him becoming the great Chris Pine, the household name that everyone knew. Sadly, as most couples fall victim; it fell apart but recently in an interview, Chris is asked of surprising information that brings his past back to the future.

           Chapter three: Most things start with the good intentions. 


A week had passed since the news of marriage, interacting with Chris was difficult. Neither of you had any idea who it was that suggested marriage or how you two even wound up at the little chapel. You’d spent the night at Chris’ apartment after an argument ensued that you’d forgotten to pay your electric bill. 

The morning was awkward, Chris hiding his eyes from yours, trying to find something to say to clear the air but nothing came to mind. 

You were the first to speak, “I think we should go down to the courthouse and get divorce papers.” 

Chris leans against the counter, taking a small sip of his coffee. “Yeah.” 

“Is this going to change things more?” You ask, in between a long pause. 

Chris finally rests his eyes on you, the blue orbs full of confusion. “What do you mean?” 

“We got married when we were drunk and now we have to get a divorce— or annulment, that’s not like the end of us… is it?” 

Chris sets his coffee cup down on the counter, resting his hands behind him to lean back further on the counter. “No. I don’t want that. D–Do you?”

“No!” You say, loudly. 

“K…” There’s another pause, your eyes fall to the swirling cup of hot liquid before you as Chris stares at the floor. “Shall we go?” He asks, perking his head up. 


The more interactions that passed between you two, just made things more awkward, it was as if this word: ‘Marriage’ made you two completely forget how to talk to one another or even be in the same room together. It could just be that the honeymoon phase in your relationship was over and it was starting to become real but it could also be that you two had married one another without really knowing if that was what either of you really wanted. 

Later in the day, when you two arrived at the courthouse, you’d stood in line for a little over an hour, all the while Chris growing more and more impatient at the wait. By the time, it was your turn at the window, Chris’ hands were now crossed over his chest and his foot was beginning to tap. The woman behind the glass window, looked overworked and just as annoyed as Chris. Her long red hair was in a pony tail while her glasses hung from her blouse.

“Hi.” You say giving the woman a small smile

She nods, “Hello, My name is Cheryl, i’ll be assisting you today, How can i help you two, today?” 

“We got married by mistake.” 

The woman blinks a few times before putting her hands to the keyboard. “Name?”

“Christopher Pine.” Chris speaks up, leaning closer to the window. 

“Ah, yes. So you must be” she says, facing you with a small smile. “Y/N Y/L/N?” 

“Yes.” You nod. 

“Did you two need another copy of your marriage certificate?” 

“No, listen; Okay, we were drunk.” Chris says, loudly. Tapping on the counter. 

Cheryl looks at Chris then back at you, “Okay, then I would recommend an annulment. It would be quicker but you’ll have to hire attorneys.”

You look at Chris, who is once again biting his lower lip. “How much is–would that cost do you think?”

Cheryl sighs again, something that was beginning to became a constant with her. “A typical lawyer charges anywhere from 1,000 and up plus an annulment is anywhere from 300 to 500 dollars. You’re looking at the most, 2,000 dollars.”

Your mouth drops open in shock as Chris takes a step back. You both release a small shaky breath.

“What about a divorce? How much would that be?”

“A divorce is 300 to 400, sometimes less depending on the circumstances but i would advise you hire a lawyer. It may be cheaper but you’d also have to go through court which would brings the cost up, in the long run it could be almost 3,000 dollars.” She tries to give you both a reassuring smile but it doesn’t help. Your heart is in your stomach. “You’ll just have to be quick, your timeline for an annulment is running out. After three weeks, you’ll have to file for divorce.” 

You the one to take a step back now, your stomach feeling nausea and your head hurting within seconds.

“Thank you.” Chris says, quietly. He grabs your hand, slowly pulling you alongside him as you walk to the exit.

“I think annulment is out best bet?”

You turn to face him, expressionless, “Chris, I can’t even afford to pay my water bill and you want me to pay a thousand dollars in less than three weeks?”

“It’s the quickest one and it saves us time.”

“I work as a waitress, Chris. I’m not a rich kid, okay? I don’t just have money laying around.” You shake your head at him, emotions at every breaking point. “I can get the money but it’s gonna take me a couple of months.”

You see Chris sigh, almost annoyed by your response but the man says nothing. 

“You’re gonna have to figure something out, we need this done in as soon as possible.” 


Chris sat in his parked car, starring across the street at what was the house he shared with her. It looks exactly the same the same as the day it was left. The house barely looked lived in, like the new owners didn’t try to improve the outside. It had it’s problems, he remembered that. The hot water could take anywhere from five to twenty minutes to get hot. The back door could get stuck, frequently. A few cracks in the plaster but nothing to crazy. It was the perfect house for them. 

He didn’t even know why he was at the house, he knew she wouldn’t be there. There was no way in hell she would have remained at the house not after what happen between them. She’d be a fool to. 

Chris couldn’t bring himself to exit the car, just as he couldn’t bring himself to dial her number. He struggled for a little over three hours to press send but he couldn’t get his finger to move. He was still reeling on the interview, it’d aired on television for the twentieth time, each time making him feel worse and worse. She had to of seen it by now or even heard of it. 

Maybe she would be the one to reach out to him, to get a hold of him after she realizes they were still married. Chris’ cell phone rang loudly, startling him. He slowly answered the phone wondering if his imagine had came true but was disappointed when it was nothing more than his manager. 

“What the hell? You were suppose to be on E! News ten minutes ago, where are you?” His manager of ten years doesn’t give him room to speak. “How do you expect to shoot down these rumors of a fake marriage if you don’t show up!” 

“Jace…” he says, unsure. “It’s not a rumor. It’s true.” 

“Well, where the hell is this girl then?” 

“I’m not sure. Last i saw here she left to Seattle to work on something.” He hears the man on the other line, sigh, annoyed. 

“Well, you need to get a hold of her before anyone else does. If she takes part in a interview and it goes south, your career is over. Star trek is over. You’ll forever be known as the has-been who cheated on his wife.” 

“I didn’t cheat on my wife. I didn’t even know she was my wife.” 

Jace clears his throat, “You’re gonna need a better story than that. No one will believe that.” 

“It’s not a story, i thought we got divorced.” 

“That’s an even worse excuse.” 

Chris looks at the house again, “I’m gonna find her and get this all settled, trust me.” 

“I did.” Jace argues. “Look where that got me? My biggest clients is married only he didn’t know it.” 

When Jace hangs up, Chris finds the confidence to leave the car; he makes his way to the front door, gently pressing the door bell and filling his temperature rise as he waits for someone to answer the door. It takes a few minutes before the door is pulled open and a woman is standing, dressed in jeans and a frown on her face, like he just interrupted her. . 

“Can I–” Her eyes grow wide when she looks into his, shocked. “Chris?” 

Chris feels like a deer headlights, lost at what to do or say. He’d selfishly hoped that no one would actually open the door, that it’d be a lost cause. Now he fond himself starring into a the eyes of a woman who recognized him. He opens his mouth to say hello when she interrupts him before a letter even starts to get out. 

“Get out of here, asshole.” She says, loudly. Slamming the door in Chris’ face. 

He gasps. Confused, looking around trying to figure out what happened. He stands at the door, chuckling unsure of how to proceed. Swallowing hard, he gently presses the doorbell again. 

The door sings open angrily, he’s faced with the same woman. “What the hell do you want?”

“Uh….” Chris says, struggle to respond. 

“Well?” She repeats. The woman rests her hand on her hip. She stares at him with angered. “You have some damn nerves showing up here.” She adds. 

“I’m not–” His mouth drops open and he stares wide eyed at her. “Oh shit.” It’s her hair that reminds her who she is, Y/N’s friend.  The friend who disliked Chris for absolutely no reason, who was also standing right in front of whim who looked like she was going to kill him. 


“I’ll pay.” Chris argues, frustrated. You can hear him sighing on the other end of the phone, clearly annoyed. 

You snicker. “Hell No.” 

“Do you want this annulment or not?” 

“Of course, I want it… but i also don’t need you treating me like I’m five years old. I told you i would get the money, relax.” 

Chris sighs over the phone, trying to be understanding but this idea of marriage was getting to him. Causing him to be less and less patient. He felt like he’d fell down a well and the walls were closing in on him as the moments passed. 

After another week of arguing, somehow, miraculously, you managed to get a hold of the money. For the third time, this month you and Chris were back in line at the Courthouse, money in hand. 

“I’m sorry,” Cheryl says, once again. “The annulment is not possible.” 

“What?” You and Chris ask at the same time. 

“What do you mean no possible?” 

She sighs, “It seems you two were married for a little bit longer than we thought. Those three weeks ended last Thursday, I’m sorry but you’ll have to file for a divorce.” 

“A divorce? I can’t afford a divorce. I couldn’t even afford an annulment.” You argue. 

The woman looks at you and Chris, her mouth slightly ajar. “I’m sorry.” The sound of her voice is sincere but there’s nothing else she can do to help. 

You and Chris walk away, “We’re screwed.” you whisper. 

Chris nods. “How did you even manage to get the money?” He asks, wrapping his arm around your back. 

“I borrowed some money from a few people i work with.”

“And they just gave it to you?” 

You shrug your shoulders, smiling. “I’m a trust worthy person.” Chris gently plants a quick kiss on your forehead as you walk to the car. 

“We’ll figure something out.” He whispers. 

As usual, you and Chris wound up at a bar, the same bar that seemed to be the cause of your problems. Sitting in your regular booth, drinking your sorrows away, desperate to come up with ideas to solve your problems. 

Your head rests on the back of the booth, looking up at the ceiling following the dialectical cords with your eyes; Chris is  hunched over the table, pushing the bottle of beer in between his hands.

“What if we–” You sigh, biting your lip. “What if we just stayed married?”

Chris raises an eyebrow in your direction, leaning his head to face you. “I’m sorry?” 

You rest your arms on the table, “We like each other, we don’t want to split up all we really want is a divorce. So what if we just stayed together, leaving the marriage as is until we can afford the a divorce? That way we aren’t struggling to pay for it now.”

Chris looks away, confused. “So, we just stay married?”

“Yeah. I can’t make my apartments payments or even buy food, there’s no way in a decent time period that I will be able to save up the amount of money needed.” Chris looks at you, “What would it really change?”

“We can’t do that.” Chris says, shaking his head and sitting up. 

“Why not?” You ask, defensively. “You want to be with me but you don’t want to be with me when we’re married?” 

Chris stutters for a few seconds, “I–I–I–I mean that I don’t, we’ve been together for six months, that hardly qualifies as a relationship and now we’re married.” 

You sigh, “That’s not helping your case.” You look at him. “I’m not saying we truly have to be married, we just date as if nothing changed and if we make it then the wedding was already done.”

“what do we tell our parents?”

“How about we just keep it to ourselves for now?” You say, smiling at him. 

chapter four. 

“Fear runs our lives. It doesn’t matter who you are. You have to understand your relationship with fear. Whether you’re scared of getting into a relationship; or taking the new job; or a confrontation - you have to size fear up.”
-Chris Pine

‘You know, your father was Captain of a starship for twelve minutes. He saved eight hundred lives, including your mother’s. And yours. I dare you to do better.

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“I’ve seen things and met people that I never thought I would and had experiences and had responsibilities that I never thought I would. I really enjoy what I do, because you meet fascinating people. I think that I’m still kind of shocked by that. Even in an age where there’s a plethora of media options, there’s still something about film and filmmakers and actors that’s genuinely fascinating. The magic in it is still quite something.”