christopher terrell

I saw Hamilton again last night and probably no one cares but I wanna update my ranking of actors I’ve seen for each character so here’s my current list!!

1. Lin-Manuel Miranda
2. Michael Luwoye
3. Miguel Cervantes
4. Joseph Morales
5. Javier Munoz

1. Joshua Henry
2. Leslie Odom Jr.
3. Sydney James Harcourt
4. Andrew Chappelle
5. Brandon Victor Dixon

1. Ari Afsar
2. Phillipa Soo
3. Alysha Deslorieux
4. Elizabeth Judd
5. Lexi Lawson

1. Karen Olivo
2. Renee Elise Goldsberry
2. Mandy Gonzalez
(Renee and Mandy are tied)

1. Christopher Jackson
2. Bryan Terrell Clark
3. Nicholas Christopher
4. Jonathan Kirkland
5. Austin Smith

1. Daveed Diggs
2. Chris Lee
3. Jevon McFerrin
4. Seth Stewart

1. Jordan Fisher
2. Anthony Ramos
3. Jose Ramos

1. Oak Onaodowan
2. J. Quinton Johnson
3. Wallace Smith
4. Jevon McFerrin

1. Jasmine Cephas Jones
2. Sammie Ware
3. Alysha Deslorieux

King George
1. Jonathan Groff
2. Alexander Gemignani
3. Taran Killam
4. Rory O'Malley
5. Thayne Jasperson

Ok yay that was fun feel free to ask me any questions about the show!!!

Its funny when disassociation moments happen. I have them a lot when Im not sleeping and working a ton. Earlier while carving, my focus broke and I looked up at my bed room  laughed and smirked as I do to myself. Oh how other people must see me when the see my room…  God Im nuts. There are papers with crazy numbers and notes taped all over the walls… Every lamp in the room is on and in some uncongenial place… I have wood chips all over the floor, some are even in my bed… I value these steps back. My room tells me a lot about myself. And I am proud of my little room and what it says about me. 

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?" 

Keep it up all you artist who pay college loans, work dead end jobs, and down right suffer to make work. Your learning.