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Because I couldn’t help myself….

Compilation of clips of Benedict Cumberbatch Singing from 2005 - 2016. Ranging from Ben singing “opera” in To the Ends of Earth to his latest signing feat of joining Pink Floyd on the stage of Royal Albert Hall.


Benedict Cumberbatch over the years [x]
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Lara dropped her bag in the foyer of the Talbot manor, nearly a month having passed since she was last there. The Original covered her mouth with a yawn and walked through the hallway toward the kitchen, stopping short when she saw one of her siblings there unexpectedly. No one was ever home at this time of day if they were even visiting the manor and she’d hoped to have a bit to adjust and think of what she’d say. “Hey,” it was all she had on the fly and so clearing her throat, Lara took a half step into the kitchen, “didn’t expect anyone to be home.” @christopher-talbot @prescotttalbot @malachytalbot @wanderingtalbct @cassidytalbxt @daenerystalbot @brennanxtalbot

         “Pinched a kid for breaking and entering last night. He broke into someone’s house. Didn’t want to steal anything — just wanted to pet the dog. At three in the morning. Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in people’s head. You know, what’s wrong with them in there. But then I remember some things are better left untouched.”