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Midnight Valentine: SOULMATE SOIRÉE

Chapter IV: A Truly Special Valentine’s Day

Part 2

The next morning, Giles woke up happy with the events from the previous day. He knew that the Princess was excited about the announcement, but today was Valentine’s Day and he had to get started on the gift he was going to give to her.

Giles walked to the Princess’s room and quietly opened the door to make sure she was still sleeping. He saw her sleeping peacefully, getting the rest that she deserved. Giles wanted desperately to crawl into bed with her and get some rest himself, but he had a plan to attend to.

He walked to the kitchen and looked for some sort of recipe to make chocolate. Giles mentally scolded himself knowing that he should have been better prepared since he realized that he had no idea how to make chocolate. He gave up on looking for recipes and decided to just wing it. Giles grabbed some random ingredients that he thought would work and started preparing. He grabbed anything he thought would work, baking powder, salt, sugar, water, cream, and anything else that he could find and started mixing them together, having no clue what he was doing.

“What on Earth are you making?” A low voice said as Giles jumped at it. He turned around to see that the voice was Alyn who now had a look of disgust on his face and Nico who looked like he was trying not to burst out laughing. Giles replied coolly “It doesn’t concern either one of you, so I suggest the two of you leave now.”

Nico peeked over Giles and started to bust out laughing saying “What are you trying to make? Poison?” Giles just rolled his eyes and ignored him as Alyn also looked to see scattered recipes and smirked asking “Are you trying to make some chocolate for the Princess since it’s Valentine’s Day Giles?”

Giles slightly blushed and looked away saying “So what if I am? Don’t you two have something better to do then bother me?” Nico looked at Giles and genuinely said “We can help you Giles! I mean at least help you get started, we don’t want you killing the Princess with your cooking!” Alyn nodded in agreement as he helped Giles get some cocoa powder, milk, butter, and flour to make chocolate and said to him “But Giles, I thought that you were fond of sweets? How can you not know how to make them?”

“Just because I enjoy eating sweets does not mean I know how to make them… But thank you both for helping me.” Giles said to Alyn and Nico as they finished getting all of the ingredients out and ready. Alyn smiled and Nico beamed saying “Of course! I feel so bad for the Princess, she’s so stressed out that she forgot about Valentine’s Day. But this is a great idea Giles, I bet she’ll really appreciate it!”

Suddenly, a knight came in the kitchen and looked at Alyn saying “Sir, we are having some issues with border patrol and we need your help sorting it out.” Alyn nodded to the knight and looked at Giles saying “Looks like I have to go. All you have to do is stir the ingredients together and then let it set. See you later Giles.” Giles gave Alyn a smile and said “Thank you for all of your help Alyn.” And with that, Alyn and the knight left, leaving Giles and Nico alone in the kitchen. Giles then turned to Nico and said “I have a task for you Nico. I can finish making the chocolate now so I need you to make sure that the Princess doesn’t come into this kitchen okay? If she asks where I am, tell her that I’m in my room doing work. Got it?” Nico smiled giving Giles a thumbs up saying “You got it! I’ll make sure she doesn’t see you in here. Bye Giles, good luck!”

When Nico left, Giles felt much more confident and finished stirring the ingredients together. He then choose a mold where he could put his gift in for the Princess. Once he finally finished preparing his chocolate for the Princess, he went to his room to change into his best outfit and then went to the Princess’s room.

Giles knocked on the door to the Princess’s room and a soft “Come in” came from the inside. Giles took a deep breath and entered the Princess’s room to find her seated on her sofa reading a book. She turned to Giles and gasped seeing how dressed up he was and said “Giles, you look lovely! But why are you so dressed up?”

He smirked as he walked over to the Princess, his chocolate for her hidden behind his back. “Do you still not know what day it is Princess?” Giles said playfully to the confused Princess. She gave him a puzzled look and asked “No… Is there something special going on today?” Giles sighed and told the Princess “Look at the calendar Princess.”

The Princess’s eyes went wide when she saw that it was Valentine’s Day and she had completely forgotten about it. “Oh my, I guess that I was so stressed out that I forgot about Valentine’s Day. I need to start making chocolate now!” The Princess said as she stood up only to be stopped by Giles who held a hand up to halt her. “Giles? What is it?” The Princess asked as she noticed that Giles was holding something behind his back.

Giles smirked and said to her “Well, since you always make chocolate for me on Valentine’s Day, I decided to treat you this year.” He pulled out the chocolate from behind his back and watched as the Princess looked at it excitedly. Giles presented the chocolate in front of the Princess and said “Happy Valentine’s Day my dear Princess.”

The Princess happily accepted the treat and gave Giles a hug saying “Thank you so much Giles! This was so kind of you to do for me. I seriously can’t believe that I forgot about Valentine’s Day… But this is so wonderful!” Giles smiled down at her and stroked her cheek asking “Well aren’t you going to try the chocolate? I made it myself you know.”

“Oh! You made it yourself Giles? Now I can’t wait to try it!” The Princess said as she giggled and broke off a piece of chocolate to try. “Mmm it’s delicious Giles! It’s the best chocolate that I’ve ever had.” The Princess said contently a warm smile formed on her lips. Giles noticed that she had a little bit of chocolate on the corner of her mouth and licked it off of her.

“G-Giles! What are you doing?!” The Princess asked becoming flustered at Giles’s action to which he only replied with a playful smile. “What Princess? You had some chocolate on your mouth and I wanted to help you get it off.” He then noticed the Princess’s fingers had some chocolate on them as well and he grabbed her hand, bringing it to his mouth and licked her fingers seductively. The Princess was blushing deeply while Giles only laughed with her saying “You’re such a tease Giles!” But she then started laughing as well.

The Princess then noticed something from inside of the hollow chocolate sparkle. She picked it up to see a ring and looked up to Giles asking “This ring is beautiful! But why is it inside the chocolate?” Giles smiled and took the ring from her and placed it on her ring finger saying “It’s an engagement ring. Since we can finally make our relationship public, I figured you needed something to show everyone how much I truly love you.”

Giles looked into the Princess’s eyes and noticed tears starting to form and with a worried tone, he asked “What’s wrong Princess? Do you not like it?” Without answering, the Princess embraced Giles, tightly holding onto him saying “It’s perfect Giles. Thank you so much. This is the best Valentine’s Day ever.” He smiled at her and held her tightly to him and kissed the top of her head.

“Well you know, the day isn’t over yet, let’s spend the rest of the day together Princess.” Giles said to her. She smiled and nodded at him as Giles wiped her remaining tears away. “I love you so much Giles, thank you so much again for everything.” The Princess said as she reached up to kiss Giles passionately on the lips.

Giles returned the kiss as their mouths perfectly fit each others, he reached to pull the Princess closer, sliding his tongue into her mouth. She moaned softly at his action as she wrapped her arms around him to deepen their kiss. The two had to break apart to catch their breaths, Giles smiled at her saying “I love you too Princess, more than anything in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

The end.

Original Characters by @cyikemen​ ​♡

Written by the lovely @sailor-wallflower​ ♡

Illustration by @leorysxi​ :3