christopher sullivan


what goes around… • (sully/trish/henry) (by ChtiteParisienne75)


Brought to you this Christmas: footage from Lin’s birthday in 2006.


“There is something going on between us. Stop acting like you don’t notice. You get jealous of me. I get jealous of you. Why can’t you just admit that?” he asked. “Because I’m about to marry your best friend and I can’t have feelings for you. It’s not fair for him”, she replied. “Denying your feelings…Is it fair for you? for us?” She stared at him for a few seconds but didn’t bother to answer. She went to the door. “If you marry him you’ll lose me forever.” She shook her head and left before he could notice the tears in her eyes. She knew she had to make a choice between Henry and Sully but she wasn’t ready to lose any of them.