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Nice little Easter egg found inside Sci Fi Now magazine’s IANASK coverage. The Midnight Marauder poster picked as the WINNER of the: ‘Best Of The Billboards - celebrating the best, worst and weirdest posters out there.’

“It’s the pulp crime fiction book cover of our dreams, only in film poster form.”


It seemed preordained that Robert Fairchild would one day play Jerry Mulligan, the World War II vet and expat artist portrayed by Gene Kelly in the 1951 film An American in Paris. “Without Gene Kelly, I wouldn’t be dancing,” says Fairchild, a principal at New York City Ballet. “In Singin’ in the Rain—my God, he’s incredible. I saw An American in Paris later on, and it’s the same magic.” Onstage, Fairchild—who started out doing jazz and tap before following his sister to ballet class—strongly calls to mind the Hollywood legend. “He’s handsome, slightly cheeky,” and has a “nonchalant, casual ease,” says Christopher Wheeldon


Clip from Cracker 


  • Robbie Coltraine trying to talk down Christopher Fulford jumping off the Ramada Hotel and the backdrop featuring buildings that no longer stand as they were destroyed three years later by the IRA.
  • Copyright Granada TV 1993