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I made some lock screens!

1. Teen Wolf
2. Doctor Who
3. The Maze Runner

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(If you need the size altered to fit your screen, just message me which one and what device you need it for and I’ll do it)

 Are there any other fandoms I should make them for?

(Sunset (sunsetagain)) AC ROGUE hidden tracks part 2

I tried to figure out their dialogues through thousands of audio pieces, funny.

(maybe argue in homestead after the earthquake)

We were children, and fools, Liam!

Since we were boys, you’ve been…running or not, and had little common sense!

You’re fine want to talk about common sense, following the order of a bitter mad man like Achilles?

You will sit, and wait! And when the time comes, you will show Achilles respect, if that’s the last thing you do!

You are me in your sights, Liam! Don’t deny it!

Don’t! Not another word!

(Liam talking about the northern lights. You will get new feels from the ending of the game, like those lights came to take Liam away)

Here they are, the northern lights.
Such marvelous colors, hanging from the clouds.
What do you think causes those lights? Heaven? Science? Who could know?

(if Morrigan was heading the wrong direction. please, come to China, Peking welcomes you lol)
Are we heading to Nassau, Shay? Because Anticosti is in the other direction.

I wonder what peking is like, we will reach it if we don’t back on course!

(Shay tried to protect George Washington)

Before I killed him, Lawrence told the other Templars to leave George alone. Not to bother him with our business.

If I had a brother, and I told Achilles not to bother him with Assassin business, do you think he would?

(Shay talking about Achilles)

I saw Achilles sing it to little Connor the other day. It did my head in.

It’s like he’s two different people: with his wife and son, he’s all song and laughter; but with us, he’s a cranky old-school man, all rules are boxing and beatings.

(With Gist)

Call me gist, lad. christopher is my father’s name.

Wasn’t Gist your father’s name too?

Hahaha you and I will get along just fine i should think.

(With Cook)

You guess my meaning? On this map, there were lands I think no man has seen. well, no man from our empire at least.

A land that no man has seen…you have me intrigued…Where is it?

(Chasing Liam in the far north)

Yes! I chose my own path!

You won’t survive! And even if you do, others will come after you!

I’ll find the box, after I get the manuscript from you!

(Shay called Liam school master before the first naval battle, so this is the second time)

Will there be exam on this, school master?

What have I done?

I didn’t do it…I swear I didn’t do it, I didn’t mean to!

This is my fault, my fault!

I’m sorry! I did this to you! I’m sorry!

What…What is that? Stop it! Get away from me!

(Maybe some NPC when Shay is in sickbed?)
Can’t blame him. I’ve been having nightmares about that earthquake every night.

I’m responsible for this!

Don’t make this difficult for yourselves.

I doubt. The Assassins won’t stop their mad quest. The are desperate to find piece of eden. Especially now that half of their brotherhood is dead.

(I think Shay remembers what happened to his father)
I’ve learned to mistrust calm waters. They are out there, waiting.

On your post, Gist! The colonel is in trouble!

What’s fortunate is that man o'war can’t follow us anymore.

It’s like hunting fireflies.

I know fee is not the French king’s bad, now I know you are pulling my leg.


I said never I’ve come here!

On me!

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Of the ten highest grossing films at last year’s U.S. box office, nine were adaptations of one of the following: a Marvel property, a Disney property, a line of toys or a fantasy novel. Can you guess the tenth one? Which happened to be the top grosser?

Hint: it’s got a ridiculously fake baby.

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien is joined by Cracked editors David Bell and Josh Sargent to discuss the seeming disparity between the size and the quality of modern-day blockbusters, their effectiveness internationally, and how the process of developing movies has changed over the last hundred years.

Secret Rules That Determine If A Movie Is Successful

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Pop quiz, hotshot. Did you know that Speed, the Keanu-on-a-bus 90s action tent-pole…

…was originally an ensemble drama featuring a whole busload of everyday heroes?

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien is joined by Earwolf’s Matt Gourley to discuss some of the stories unearthed from his podcast ‘I Was There Too’ and then chats with Cracked editor David Christopher Bell about overlooked behind the scenes stories from the films of David O. Russell, Stanley Kubrick and more.

Behind-The-Scenes Stories That Improve Movies

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