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some very important Christophe Giacommeti & Viktor Nikiforov headcanons:

shoutout to @lavenderprose who has the same brain as me when it comes to YOI/Viktor hcs

  • Chris and Viktor have been friends for 10+ years. if the scene with Viktor at juniors is his last year as a junior, that means they met when Viktor was about 15 and Chris was about 13. They have almost certainly been through Some Shit together and know the other one better than they know themselves.
  • every year at worlds, the night after the free skate, regardless of the results, the two of them buy 3 bottles of shitty wine and watch whatever movies they’ve been texting each other about throughout the season. The Notebook, Pitch Perfect, The Avengers, whatever it is, they get wine drunk and MST3K the hell out of it after the medal ceremony.
  • (they keep doing this even after Yuuri – actually, Yuuri was invited one time but couldn’t quite get the hang of the banter. you can’t make up 10 years of friendship for 6 months of dating, no matter how in love you are.)
  • They are fully aware of the idea that they’re dating/have dated/are sleeping together/have slept together etc.  They think it’s hilarious. There’s even a ship name for it – Viktophe – and they regularly browse the twitter tag and send each other screenshots of the funniest ideas.
  • they also read the RPF about them to each other in hotel rooms during events
  • that meme where one person bursts into the room like “I knew you were having sex” and one of the pair is like “oh no one told me I would have put down my book”? that’s them.
  • They have biweekly bitchfest skype/phone calls where they just dish on whatever dumb shit has happened to them recently.  
  • When they were younger and Viktor still had really long hair Christophe would fix it for galas and events. He really liked to try out pinterest/youtube tutorials but didn’t have a model so Viktor would volunteer, then show up to a sponsorship event with like a hairbow updo.
  •  you’d think Yakov would hate him considering the both of them 100% are terrible influences on each other re:acting like drama queens, being massive flirts, buying lululemon yogas with “peach” emblazoned across the ass
  • but actually Chris is a really good influence on Viktor in more important ways. i.e. ensuring he doesn’t kill himself and making sure Yakov knows to keep an eye out on him.
  • there have been at least 3 times Chris has called Yakov at an ungodly hour of the morning insisting he go check on Viktor because he was very worried that Viktor was going to do something stupid
  • chris is almost always right about this. yakov has found his star skater on the ledge and had to coax him down and into the shower more times than he’d like to admit. chris knows viktor, knows his tells, knows when he’s starting to get bad again
  •  by the time they’re 20 and 22, yakov goes to chris if he’s worried about viktor’s mental health but viktor won’t talk about it.  no one’s ever said it aloud, but they all know that Chris may well be the reason Viktor is still alive
  • tl:dr – chris has been worried about his best friend for a long time and when he sees how viktor lights up with yuuri, he gets to breathe easy for the first time in a long time
  • Viktor, standing next to a dry erase bored with 'retirement' on it: There is only one thing worse than retirement!
  • Viktor: [rips off piece of paper revealing 'Yuuri'] aha!
  • [Camera pans over to Yurio]
  • Yurio: [gasps]
  • Yurio: Yuuri!
  • Muffled and in the background: No-

I have this stupid idea in my head that at Victor and Yuri’s wedding that Pichit and Chris are best men (respectively). And Pichit goes into embarrassing detail about how much Yuri would fanboy over Victor when they lived together in Detroit and Yuri obviously gets very flustered and can hardly look his husband in the eye and Victor thinks it’s so precious. But then Chris fires right back and tells everyone about how Victor would call in the weeks after the banquet complaining how he couldn’t find a single trace of the beautiful pole dancing Japanese boy. Yuri is a little shocked, but can’t help laughing and gazing lovingly at the blushing Russian sitting next to him.


Ah, the flute scene! I watched the movie in German so because of translations the scene was a lot more “innocent” I guess since there was no talk of “fingering”. You can imagine my shock when I got on tumblr and found out about the original English script! I feel so robbed T^T

(at least the translation didn’t manage to destroy the tension between Fassbender and Fassbender ^^)


Do you ever like a show to the extent where you become the characters and they become you? Because I think that’s what happened to Johnny Weir and “Yuri!!! on Ice”