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Chris Mintz-Plasse’s filmography || The Far Cry Experience [x]
« Chris Mintz-Plasse embodies the player. Vaas embodies the game. »

Seriously, if you haven’t watched those videos yet, do it now. I put the link to a full version with all the episodes in it, it’s only 30 minutes long. Enjoy. It’s great. It’s been so long since I posted something related to it and it’s gonna change. Watch it before playing Far Cry 3. Watch it after playing Far Cry 3. Watch it while playing Far Cry 3. Watch it without even knowing what Far Cry is. Just watch it. It’s the greatest thing. I love it so much, oh my.


so i made more chris gifs and this time i’m giving everyone permission to use them and repost them however they want. have fun kids