christopher kane galaxy

mythical minding

it's a reminder that each end generates a new beginning"  said Jen Kao . The beginning of an exploration into David Bowie’s wardrobe perhaps?

Beyond the ziggy stardust connotations, Kao’s fall 2011 designs evoked something mythical, combative and aquatic in the sense of McQueen’s “plato’s atlantis”. The metallic corsets and breastplates emerged as armour for her psychedelic, fantasy warriors with  angular silhouettes and cosmic galactic prints jetting the collection beyond our earthly understanding.

Between the shimmer, dusty purples, twilight blue and overall touches of technicolour, i couldn’t help being transported into James Cameron’s Avatar amongst the Na'vi in their native land, Pandora……probably not the  essence that Jen Kao was hoping for, but still….

With  readable inklings of McQueen, Rodarte and Christopher Kane, i cross my fingers hoping that Jen Kao will learn to seperate inspiration and infleunce in time for next season. 

There’s beauty in her intent.

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