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Aaaand here they all twenty-one of my chapter heads for The Lives of Christopher Chant by Diana Wynne Jones! It took a long time to go through the chapters and pick which scenes would be best for each head (ones that get you excited and curious for the chapter but don’t spoil it). I’ll re-do the type eventually (because my lettering is atrocious) but I’m pretty happy with these. 

For bigger versions:




I painted this forever ago - last summer, actually - and I finally got around to uploading it. Oil paintings are notoriously hard to upload photos of. It is, again, Billie Piper. I know I have a problem. Also, the white blob in the corner is for if I ever were to meet her and get her autograph (I was supposed to at FanExpo last year but then she cancelled).
15 hours, Oil paint.


 The Gram4Ham was amazing! I’m so proud of everyone in Hamilton for the incredible performance and for the Grammy win! Here’s part 1 of my Alexander Hamilton sketch dump, because I literally cannot stop watching the video

Part 2 here,

There was a gentle rustling as the suspended leaves dropped back to the ground. Where they had been, there was a man standing.

He seemed utterly bewildered. His first act was to put his hands up and smooth his hair, which was a thing that hardly needed doing, since the wind had not disturbed even the merest wisp of it. It was smooth and black and shiny as new tar. Having smoothed his hair, this man rearranged his starched white shirt cuffs and straightened his already straight pale gray cravat. After that, he carefully pulled down his dove-mauve waistcoat and, equally carefully, brushed some imaginary dust off his beautiful dove-gray suit. All the while he was doing this, he was looking from one to the other of the five of them in increasing perplexity. His eyebrows rose higher with everything he saw.


“Would one of you tell me where we are now?” he said

“Just outside Larwood Forest,” Nan said. “Hertfordshire.”

“In England, the British Isles, the world, the solar system, the Milky Way, the Universe,” Brian said scornfully.

“Ah yes,” said the man. “But which one?” Brian stared. “I mean,” the man said patiently, “do you happen to know which world, galaxy, universe, et cetera? There happen to be infinite numbers of them, and unless I know which this one is, I shall not find it very easy to help you.”

-Witch Week (Diana Wynne Jones)

I took a break from the fanbook and did a sketch that got a little out of hand… Christopher Chant, the 9 lifed asshole enchanter of my heart. I’ve always imagined that adult Christopher would look just like he came right out of a Leyendecker painting, like a slightly more old fashioned Arrow Collar Man, so here is a quick attempt at a Leyendecker rip off, haha. This was fun!!

Young Justice by Christopher Jones

Great Show, Great Characers, Great Art

This is an art print on 11" x 17" cardstock. This print features hand-drawn line art with color added in Adobe Photoshop. The URL watermark does NOT appear on the actual print, and the artwork will come signed by the artist.

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I’m on a Diana Wynne Jones kick atm. Just finished the first two books in the Chrestomanci series (or the first two books in her suggested reading order. They were published at wildly different times) and I’m loving them. These are some of the main characters from “Charmed Life.” I’ll probably be doodling the other book’s characters soon enough.