christopher james kendall

I was inspired by a librarian!Phil phanfic that I read the other day. This had better not end up in the phanfic tag because I mentioned this, and if it does I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for it to.

Christopher James Kendall was 66% sure that he had a crush.

The number went up every time he saw her at her desk, legs curled under her, bottom lip held tight between her teeth. Her deft fingers, flipping the pages of a textbook or typing away at a keyboard.

The first time he saw her was because he wandered in, tired and a little sleep-deprived, to meet a friend so they could find a monologue for each of them to read.

While his friend had not shown up, the little librarian had, literally twirling into his life. She had been putting the books back on the shelves while Chris searched for his friend, swaying her hips and humming quietly.

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