christopher h. bidmead

I was thinking about when I started watching Doctor Who, in 1982 (when I was tiny), and PBS in Boulder, CO was playing Baker’s last season. I still think this is one of the most solid runs of stories the show EVER had (well, maybe not Meglos…). It also occurred to me that I only saw Baker for a short time before he regenerated and became Peter Davison, who will always be “MY Doctor”. Similar to how I imagine kids these days will remember Eccleston as being really good, but Tennant’s the one that they connected with.

Classic Doctor Who Season Review: Season 18

The 18th Season of Doctor Who is probably the most unique run of stories in the show, ever. I’m not saying it’s one of the best, or one of the most entertaining. But in a season where the most conventional story is probably “Full Circle,” you’ve got something that truly stands out. 

There’s a lot of goodbyes and hellos, including saying goodbye to the longest-running Doctor, and hello to a brand new TARDIS team. In the middle of that, yo have a mini-arc called the E-Space Trilogy

The season takes a slower pace, the Fourth Doctor suddenly becomes more reserved and worn out,  there’s a brand new theme song, and the visuals in each story are extremely stylistic and striking. In each story this season, perhaps barring Full Circle, there’s a visual element that makes it stick out from the rest of the show. And then-script editor Christopher H. Bidmead tries to make the science as hard, or at least as surreal and hard-sounding, as possible. It’s something to watch in the dark with a dim, black light on. And has an air of magic all its own. More past the line. 

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