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No idea why this lineart took so long but anyway (part of a long post that I’ll get up as soon as it’s done).


Ah, the flute scene! I watched the movie in German so because of translations the scene was a lot more “innocent” I guess since there was no talk of “fingering”. You can imagine my shock when I got on tumblr and found out about the original English script! I feel so robbed T^T

(at least the translation didn’t manage to destroy the tension between Fassbender and Fassbender ^^)

Another kind of Ice-Daddy  Part 3 of Ninja Castle on Ice! Series  (Where Victor gets everyone to cosplay as ninjas coz Yuuri is a tourism spokesperson Minami is so super into ninja-running and ninja-skating and making “Ero"-ka Sensei proud.)

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((Ok, ok, no Nut & Bolt jokes plz. NC-17 Chris + G Minami = PG-13. Keep it clean. …or speedy chicken nugget will flee the scene~~))