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Yuri!!! on Ice Sexuality Headcanons

Idk here’s whatever this is

Yuri Katsuki: Homosexual or Bisexual
Viktor Nikiforov: Pansexual
Yuri Plisetsky: Asexual (Biromantic)
Seung Gil Lee: Asexual (Homoromantic)
Emil Nekola: Bisexual
Georgi Popovich: Heterosexual
Christophe Giacometti: Pansexual
Guang-Hong Ji: Homosexual
Jean-Jacques Leroy: Heterosexual
Phichit Chulanont: Homosexual
Michele Crispino: Heterosexual
Leo de la Iglesia: Bisexual

Otabek Altin: Homosexual
The skaters’ names meaning

I don’t know if this has been done yet but I love how this show gave the characters name revolving around the theme ‘Champion/ruler’

I originate from none of these skaters’ country but by surfing deep enough on the internet i managed to pull out their names meaning

Viktor Nikiforov - Viktor means Conqueror” 

Yuuri Katsuki - His given & surname can be read as “Courage to win & “Born to win”

Yuri Plisetsky - Yuri is used in many language and the most interesting meaning is Light of God” ( he’s a prodigy i see why that fit )

Phichit Chulanont - Phichit means Winner” 

Jean Jaques Leroy - Leroy is from the word “Le Roi” which means “The King” in French ( ok jj i get it you’re a king )

Christophe Giacometti  - ( i guess??) his surname is from Giacomo means “suppler” in Italian or “to overthrow” in Latin

Otabek Altin - Otabek name origin from Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan means “senior” Altin translates as “gold” in turkish 

Those in Grand Prix Final are already badass bosses on the rink by their name only 

While Viktor and Yuuri skated together during the gala night
  • Yurio: urgh these two gross lovebirds disgust me to no end *takes the 154th picture of them* these pictures are for practice purpose only
  • Otabek: *thumbs up every time Viktor/Yuuri nails their jumps*
  • JJ: I bet I myself can perform this better than them both
  • Phichit: I know they're not gonna get married unless Yuuri wins a gold medal but who knows life is full of surprise so here my opinions on how the wedding should be organized *shows a notebook filled with ideas and sketches and illustrations*
  • Christophe: Oh dear I guess Viktor wouldn't let Yurri do another pole dance with me at the banquet this year but what if I get them both drunk off their balls hell yeah maybe that'll distract Viktor for some minutes
  • Yakov: one Yuri was already too much to handle now I might get TWO YURI'S AND ONE VIKTOR NIKIFOROV
  • Michele: they look so adorable skating side by side I wish Sara and I would get to skate like that one day
  • Sara: brother I know you love me but you need to stop, like, right now
  • Emil: *sweats nervously* Yuuri hugged me once and I freaking hugged him back passionately Viktor gonna slay my ass
  • Georgi: awwww young love *sends the 99th message about the meaning of love to Anya*
  • Leo: Guang-Hong you shouldn't be watching this I'm afraid some NC-18 might happen between them-
  • Guang-Hong: Leo, it won't happen because 1) they're performing in public and 2) with my own eyes I have witnessed Viktor taking off his clothes while embracing Yuuri and survived so nothing in the world scares me anymore
  • Minami: *writes down furiously* life goal: pair skate with Yuuri the idol of his entire existence
  • Yuuko: *ready to be taken to hospital due to blood loss from intense nose-bleeding*

a siren/mer-person chowder concept:

  • sea animals are his specialty. duh.
  • has little scales running up and down his spine and they do that dip dye thing starting from lightest to darkest blue 
  • when he gets in the water he like. does that weird animorph thing. but. less weird.
  • like slowly starts turning into a full fledged mer-person or some shit idk
  • he loves the water and the water loves him moana who
  • speaking of which he probs does love the little mermaid and moana what the fuck
  • had a weird thing for ice water when he was little
  • oddly enough, not why he became enamored with hockey. it was probs bc one of his fave sharks player is a siren/mer-person and like yeah
  • actually does not like swimming everywhere because of the different salts of the sea 
  • there’s a kiddie pool that’s in front of the haus that he likes to sit in whenever it’s summer because that’s when he can go full mer without flooding the bathtub in the haus
  • loves his firey girlfriend her name is caitlin farmer and they are polar opposites but work rlly well together
  • just
  • yep

I had to constantly remind myself that I do not ship them while drawing this.

Doing so was an absolute pleasure though, thank you for the request I hope you like it!

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Top 5 base game townies??

Hi! Sorry for the long wait! 

Personally I haven’t my sims game the way it’s made for *cough* Just simming *cough* But here we go! (Excuse the pudding and default skin :P):

Christopher Steel

I guess this guy is everyone’s premade sim choice when you have a sim whose single and desperately looking for a husbando. Though me, back in the days, would start a new family after playing my previous sim for like 3 days straight. And I always found myself dating Christopher steel when making an adult female sim. 

(Mind you I was 12, these days I wouldn’t even mind who my sim’s dating ^- ~ ) 

Though because of that I guess every time I test my flour sack family I always try not to date Christopher steel. It’s like this habit that I just can’t escape  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thorthon Wolff

While it was kinda tough to choose between Morgana or Thorthon, I blame @ashuriphoenix entirely for liking Thorthon XD Back in the days I played the Wolff family a lot. They were one of my favourite premade sims, (which I guess is kinda the house it’s fault because you know how freaking cool their house is? It’s just uhm… not that child-friendly though :P)

But I really loved the fact that they were so different from each other, I’m still using them for testing purposes though! When uhm… something needs testing in a world of course! :D

Holly Alto

Wut Holly alto? You might ask yourself, but let’s be honest, she’s not that pudding-y. Though besides the pudding thing, there’s a story behind this one. So every playthrough where i’d start a new sim and date Christopher steel (snorts) I’d always place one of those premade lots in my world because for the sake of attracting more pudding to my world! :D

Thing is, the moment Holly would turn into an adult, and if I had placed this premade lot called: Mediterranean town house, she’d always always move to that same lot, marry Malcolm and have like bunch of kids with him and uhm… for some reason he always died XD But this would only happen if I’d place that one single lot. If not, she’d die alone  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I always loved watching them having a life together from a distance, hell, my sims were usually one of her best friends. 

Cornelia Goth

THE QUEEN OF COLD HEARTS! How can you not love Cornelia?! Here have a story! Once upon a time in my very first sims playthrough I played this black family who had a daughter (And somewhere when she was a teen, another daughter). 

The teenage (I think her name was Kiara, somehow I had this huge obsession with the name Kiara) Used to be best friends with Mortimer (Mind you, I didn’t know anything about the goth family at all! Again, this is 12 years ol’ me XD) Or well when they were kids, growing up as teenagers who eventually seemed to be great boyfriend material for my sim :P Anyway, I didn’t know Cornelia was mortimer’s mother ‘till they were married and my sim moved into the goth’s household. That’s when I played Cornelia a lot  while my own sim was kinda busy with working full time as a politician, which gave me a great reason to work towards her wish in life. 

tl:dr: I accidentally grew to like her :P

Agnes Crumplebottom

First you need to know that I didn’t know Cornelia and Agnes were related AT ALL. In fact she was dead when I played the goth family in my first playthrough (because I kept feeding life fruits to Cornelia :P). Anyway, after that one playthrough I had this huge obsession with ghosts in the game. Do keep in mind that I only had WA and the base game at tat time since those were the only games released for the sims yet

So, first I thought her husband was on the graveyard, buuut when I started playing Agnes, the whole ghosty soundtrack scared me because I wasn’t expecting it at all. Soooo uhm then later on she got twins, one being a human, the other a ghost and yeah I’ve had a lot of fun playing as Agnes back in the days! I usually moved her into the goth family’s lot if I happened to play as the Goths, bringing her husband along with her. ^-^


“And you’re sure she’ll come back?”

“Trust me, my love. Our plan cannot fail,” Christopher grins as he affectionately weaves his fingers through the woman’s silky red hair. “If I know Madeleine, and believe me I do, she’ll be home in time for the gala tonight.”

“I certainly hope so,” the green-eyed beauty scowls at him moodily in reply. “Still, I think you should be more careful in the future. If she tries to leave you before the baby arrives…”

“She won’t,” Kit murmurs between warm, wet kisses. “Besides, she’s close enough to her due date now that, worst case scenario, the kid would survive an emergency delivery.”

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