christopher fitzgerald


Jeremy Jordan, Ben Platt, Leslie Odom Jr, Joshua Henry, Christopher Fitzgerald, and Walter Bobbie perform The Cell Block Tango at Miscast 2015 on March 30th [x]


Part 1: Darren Criss on Girl Most Likely
Part 2: Darren Criss on his debut album & boybands
Part 3: Darren Criss on Glee
Part 4: Darren Criss speaking french


ENDLESS LIST OF FAVORITE MUSICALS: Waitress by Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson 

Dear Baby, If you ever wanna know the story of how we bought
your crib, I’ll tell you. Your crib was bought with the money I was
gonna use to buy us a new life. The Springfield Pie Contest is
starting next week and you and I will not be in attendance.