christopher doohan

Kay so I’m watching Star Trek, and I paused it to go get some breakfast. As I was admiring Simon Pegg’s face for a moment, I noticed the guy behind him looked familiar. After a minute I recognized him as either Christopher or Montgomery Doohan. So I looked it up, and yeah, it’s motherfucking Christopher Doohan, James Doohan’s (aka the original Scotty) son, making a cameo! I then proceeded to fangirl in my living room while my cats stared at me funny.


What an amazing day at Supanova!

The first thing out of Ming-Na’s mouth when she saw me was “Oh my god, Simmons!” and then she proceeded to go on about how much she loved my cosplay. When I went for my autograph I mentioned the tweet she had sent me for my birthday and she remembered it and then grinned as she told me “Now we’ve both cosplayed Simmons, since I did it on the show!” and we had a laugh about that.

Christopher was absolutely delightful, such a charming and lovely man.

John called me sweetheart and I almost melted. He gives the most amazing hugs.

Such great memories from my first ever convention :)