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Shay Cormac High School Headcanons (Part 2)

I was going to wait until Shay Patrick’s Day to post this but I couldn’t wait. 😂 The first lot of high school headcanons was pretty well received, so I’ve decided to continue with a part 2. It’s shorter (at least I think it is), but this one will include some of his relationships. Enjoy! 😊

Part 1

  • I feel like he would be in the same friend group as Ezio and Jacob. I can see him appreciating their senses of humor
  • He would also occasionally hang out with Connor filling his head with ‘how to flirt’ crap, no doubt
  • Despite everyone thinking he’s irresponsible, he actually does try with his grades. People just don’t see him doing the work, but that’s because he likes to do it in his alone time so he can focus properly
  • Which means he’s usually up late more often than not
  • He struggles to balance out the importance between work and school
  • He’s totally guilty of paying someone to do his homework at least once

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Top: Fantastic artwork by Reddit user: AshsEvilHand (see post)

Bottom: I made a few additions, specifically including a few of Barry Allen’s friends from the Arrow-Flash Universe: Arrow (Stephen Amell), Black Canary (Katie Cassidy), and Arsenal (Colton Haynes). I also adjusted the lighting, contrast, and sharpness to make these newly added heroes appear a little more natural in the piece. I hope y’all like it! 

Lara dropped her bag in the foyer of the Talbot manor, nearly a month having passed since she was last there. The Original covered her mouth with a yawn and walked through the hallway toward the kitchen, stopping short when she saw one of her siblings there unexpectedly. No one was ever home at this time of day if they were even visiting the manor and she’d hoped to have a bit to adjust and think of what she’d say. “Hey,” it was all she had on the fly and so clearing her throat, Lara took a half step into the kitchen, “didn’t expect anyone to be home.” @christopher-talbot @prescotttalbot @malachytalbot @wanderingtalbct @cassidytalbxt @daenerystalbot @brennanxtalbot