christopher cassidy


Top: Fantastic artwork by Reddit user: AshsEvilHand (see post)

Bottom: I made a few additions, specifically including a few of Barry Allen’s friends from the Arrow-Flash Universe: Arrow (Stephen Amell), Black Canary (Katie Cassidy), and Arsenal (Colton Haynes). I also adjusted the lighting, contrast, and sharpness to make these newly added heroes appear a little more natural in the piece. I hope y’all like it! 

so @thingsicant-even thanks for the tag ! 

  1. what’s your favorite song right now? I guess realistically I gotta go something harry styles since its 99% of what i listen to so maybe woman? or kiwi? or sott? 
  2. what’s the weather like outside today? so freaking cold and somewhat rainy the perfect cosy autumn day except its the middle of summer ! 
  3. do you have an all time favorite book? besides harry potters the ol book i’ve ever read more than once is probably perks of being a wallflower so maybe that? but I also there are two books that i read as a kid that are like a special place in my heart and those are indigo blue by cathy cassidy and christopher mouse by william wise
  4. is there any jewelry you wear every day? I wear an old friendship bracelet literally 24/7 also normally wear earrings 
  5. favorite color to paint your nails? or do you ever paint your nails? atm a colour called make me blush thats not even mine its my sisters
  6. what was a name of a stuffed animal you had/have? my two oldest stuffed animals i own are my toy bunny i got when i was 3 called ‘mrs bunny’ and my toy cat i got when i was 5 called ‘catty’
  7. where do you want to visit that you’ve never been? America, specifically new york.
  8. do you like say yes to the dress? yes 
  9. do you have a comfort tv show that you watch over and over? i haven’t had a chance to rewatch but gilmore girls is the most comforting show in the world
  10. where is your favorite place you’ve ever visited? I really liked holland but my favourite place in the world is the beach where my nan lives just because its the only constant in my life lmao
  11. do you have a favorite food? because its summer, fruit, specificall nectarines

I guess I should tag some people @cloudchild94 @lordendsavior @gryles here are your q’s

  1. what is your favourite season?
  2. what is your favourite fast food restaurant?
  3. do you prefer to buy books or borrow from the library? (or neither?)
  4. what was your first concert?
  5. what was your favourite concert?
  6. have you ever left your home country?
  7. do you have a favourite film that everyone else seems to hate?
  8. least favourite fashion trend? 
  9. most controversial unpopular opinion? 
  10. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
  11. do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

Lara dropped her bag in the foyer of the Talbot manor, nearly a month having passed since she was last there. The Original covered her mouth with a yawn and walked through the hallway toward the kitchen, stopping short when she saw one of her siblings there unexpectedly. No one was ever home at this time of day if they were even visiting the manor and she’d hoped to have a bit to adjust and think of what she’d say. “Hey,” it was all she had on the fly and so clearing her throat, Lara took a half step into the kitchen, “didn’t expect anyone to be home.” @christopher-talbot @prescotttalbot @malachytalbot @wanderingtalbct @cassidytalbxt @daenerystalbot @brennanxtalbot