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GOOD JEANS - models: Myrtle Bolt & Christopher Einla - photography: Ben Weller - styling: Margherita Moro - hair: Chi Wong - makeup: Niamh Quinn - WSJ Magazine April 2017

  • on her: vintage overalls (Melet Mercantile, NYC). Ann Demeulemeester tank - on him: Valentino jacket & jeans. John Varvatos t-shirt & belt

DISCLAIMER: I haven;’t found any of these easter eggs on my own, I did a bit of research and gathered the many easter eggs I found from multiple sites. I know there are definitely more easter eggs that I didn’t include because I either didn’t spot/know about them or didn’t think they were important enough. If you noticed that I missed an easter egg that you would like me to include, please feel free to tell me and I’d gladly add it! I also apologize that this list isn’t as long as my other easter egg posts, it’s just been a hectic few days and I haven’t had much time to do more research. Also please let me know if i made any mistakes.


Rictor, the leader of the children from the X-23 program, had the power to move rocks and earth with his mind. When Logan looked over Rictor’s file, Dominikos Patrakis was listed as his DNA source. That name is the alter ego of the classic villain, Avalanche.


Logan referred to Transigen by another name - Alkali. Alkali Lake was the location of the original Weapon X Program, and that same company is the one that eventually became Transigen. The carryover is the reason the company had Logan’s DNA in the first place.


The fourth song on the soundtrack is titled ‘Old Man Logan’. The 'Old Man Logan’ storyline from the comics was the original source for Logan’s story.


At the beginning of the movie, when Logan picks some people up at the funeral at Greenwood Cemetery, which has been used throughout Marvel comics. Captain America’s memorial is in Greenwood in the Ultimates storyline, and Sue Storm was buried there after her death. There are also the names “Rogers” and “Peters” on tombstones, which are references to Captain America and Quicksilver. 


We’ve already seen the character of Caliban in X-Men: Apocalypse! When asked about it, James Mangold said “It’s a funny, messy story of how so often these things are not as coordinated as everyone thinks,” director James Mangold told us at a recent press event for 20th Century Fox. “I actually had written him into our movie, and they didn’t know [he was] in Apocalypse, and then they kind of wrote it in their movie, and they cast someone in their movie and I had not seen it and was working away on mine.” So it was just a big coincidence! Stephen Merchant plays Caliban in Logan, and Tómas Lemarquis plays him in Apocalypse. 


At the end of the movie, the children decided to shave of a part of Logan’s beard, which resulted in him having his classic Wolverine mutton chop look.


In the movie we see that Logan has a samurai sword (katana), which is a callback The Wolverine and Logan’s many other adventures in Japan.


There were many many callbacks to the previous X-Men movies in the dialogue of this movie such as Professor X talking about discovering Logan as a cage fighter, Logan still smoking cigars, the battle at the Statue of Liberty, and Adamantium bullets.


Charles’ round home thing is sort of the exact opposite of Cerebro. Its inside mirror the inside of Cerebro, but it acts as a method of surprising his telekinesis.


Another mutant whose DNA samples were used for the clones was Christopher Bradley, a.k.a. Bolt/Maverick, and we do see a kid who has electricity powers! We last saw Christopher Bradley/Bolt/Maverick in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but due to the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past, none of the events in X-Men Origins: Wolverine happened (not going to even try explaining the timeline, I don’t even get it completely). (Anyone else recognize the actor, Dominic Monaghan, as Merry from LOTR?)


James Mangold has said that he views Logan to be sort of a Western movie and he was inspired by the 1953 movie Shane, which follows an aging, reluctant hero attempting to escape his old life only to be dragged back in, which is a clear parallel to Wolverine’s storyline in this movie. We even see Professor X & Laura watching the movie in the hotel room!


Sadly, Hugh Jackman is done with the Wolverine role, and we never got to see him wear the classic yellow Wolverine costume from the comics (I’m not too upset about him not wearing the costume, in my opinion he looks cooler without it). Anyways, in addition to seeing it in Laura’s comicbook, we see one of the mutant kids holding a doll wearing the classic Wolverine suit.


By now we’ve all seen he teaser trailer for Deadpool 2, and this short little teaser is filled with easter eggs itself!

  • While Deadpool is in the phone booth, the words “Nathan Summers Coming Soon” are written on the frame. Nathan Summers is the real name of the character Cable, who is going to be in the Deadpool sequel.
  • In addition to the very obvious Logan posters in the background, there’s also a Firefly poster. Firefly is a tv show created by Joss Wheadon, who also directed The Avengers (note: Deadpool & Logan & the rest of the X-Men universe movies don’t take place in the same universe as The Avengers, aka the MCU) Anyways, some fans have theorized that the Firefly poster could be a hint that we could see Nathan Fillion in Deadpool 2. 
  • UPDATE: The Firefly poster could also be a reference to Morena Baccarin - she plays Inara in Firefly and was Vanessa in Deadpool (she will reprise her role in the sequel). 
  • The huge chunk of text at the end of the trailer is an actual book report for The Old Man and the Sea. I don’t know the connection or why it was done (I’m presuming it’s just a joke) but if anyone knows, feel free to let me know and I’ll update this post.


GOOD JEANS - models: Myrthe Bolt & Christopher Einla - photography: Ben Weller - styling: Margherita Moro - hair: Chi Wong - makeup: Niamh Quinn - WSJ Magazine April 2017

  • on him: Polo Ralph Lauren jacket, pants, shirt & belt - on her: Prada vest, turtleneck & shorts
  • Isabel Marant top. Dolce & Gabbana jeans
  • on her: Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello top & jeans - on him: Rag & Bone jeans. John Viragos belt. vintage hat (
  • on him: Linder jeans. Raf Simons shirt - on her: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini jacket, corset & shorts
  • Vetements x Levi’s jacket, jeans & belt. Brunelli Cucinelli shirt. Dsquared2 gloves. vintage hat (Melet Mercantile, NYC)

Nova and the New Warriors vs Blizzard and the Sentient Iron Man Armour

Nova (Richard Rider) fights Blizzard (Donny Gill) by himself to prove his worth. Just then, Nova’s teammates - the millennium New Warriors which consist of Speedball (Robbie Baldwin), Turbo (Michiko Musashi), Namorita (Namorita Prentiss), Aegis (Trey Rollins) and Bolt (Christopher Bradley) show up to help him. However, with his stubborn pride, Nova insists on defeating the supervillain all by himself that he argues with Namorita while his teammates fight against Blizzard in the background. 

Unfortunately, the Sentient Iron Man Armour turns up to beat the crap out of Blizzard before it turned on the New Warriors who tried to stop the psychotic sentient armour from pummelling him to death. As a result, the New Warriors fell one-by-one at the hands of the psychotic Sentient Armour until the A.I. finally stopped its rampage when Nova was almost choking to death that it lets him go and moves on. 

- New Warriors v2 #9, 2000


Silver medalist, Andre De Grasse of Canada, gold medalist, Usain Bolt of Jamaica, and bronze medalist Christophe Lemaitre of France, pose on the podium during the medal ceremony for the Men’s 200m on Day 14 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium, August 19, 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

PIL GIF - If someone tried to hurt MC and their child during a fight

electricsparkz​ Request:  Could I please have a headcannon (with gifs but if not it’s totally cool!) Where the PIL boys react to a bad guy, enemy ship, or like the navy attacking while the MC is recovering in the Infirmary from giving birth to their child? Someone comes in and not only attacks (or kills) the MC, they also try to kidnap the baby while they (the PIL guy) is fighting on deck? *smiles evilly* 😈

Anything for you my love ;) <3 Although I don’t know if I can kill anyone off today *sobs in the corner* lol XD  I’m kind of in a super sappy mood today so I’ll do the fluffy version for this lol. Hope you still like it though!!! (btw I don’t know why but when I think of how the guys would react to someone hurting MC/their child like this, I think of lots of fire…. or is that just me?? lol) 


Having heard your screams during the fight, he dropped everything he was doing and ran straight for your room, where you were resting after having just had you and Eduardo’s first child not days before. He flew down the stairs and threw open the door, stunned as to what he saw. 

He saw you, laying on the floor in front of the baby’s crib, clutching your side. Your already exhausted body bruised as you had obviously fended off the man standing directly next to the baby’s crib, reaching in menacingly. He stopped upon seeing Eduardo standing there, and at the look in Eduardo’s eyes, he backed himself up against the wall. 

But Eduardo was far past any amount of mercy, the fear he saw in your eyes and the sounds of his baby now beginning to cry, pushing him past the brinks of sanity. He fired a shot into the man’s shoulder without an inkling of care. Hearing him scream in agony and sink down onto the floor, clutching his injured shoulder. 

“You very obviously would like to meet your maker. That’s fine, I’ve always been an accommodating man.” Eduardo growled, fire in his eyes. 

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Having gotten a bad feeling during the fight on deck, he suddenly turned on his heel and headed downstairs. He knew that you were down there with the new baby you had just had earlier that day. He’d left you there, knowing you were in no condition to fight, despite the weak protests you’d given him. He battled against those who stood in his way and ran down to your room, throwing open the door. 

You were sobbing on the bed, a sword aimed at your throat as the enemy started reaching menacingly into the crib to grab the baby. Russell’s body acted of its own accord, and he launched himself into the man’s side, knocking him away from you and the baby. He then stood over the man’s body, know laying on the floor before him. 

“You made a grave mistake coming down here and threatening to hurt my woman and child.” He said, his voice roughwith rage. 

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One of the other Sirius members called out to him, saying they heard your voice shouting from below deck. Panic taking a hold of him, Thomas dodged enemies and slashed out assailants as he ran to your room. He had locked you and the new baby in your room, knowing you were still weak from giving birth earlier that week, and didn’t want to risk you being found. But his worst fears were confirmed as he rounded the corner and saw the bedroom door kicked open. 

He ran up to the room and paused, for just a second, to see a strange man hovering over you. He had a knife in his hand, and was pointing it at you, with you cradling your baby in your arms. A fury Thomas had never experienced before slammed into him, and he flew across the room, pinning the man up against the wall by his neck. 

“You’d risk yourself for just some woman and child?” 

Thomas pressed his forearm harder against the man’s throat. “They aren’t just some woman and child. They are my woman and child. And you will pay for making __ cry.” 

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A raging battle was ensuing on deck, and Christopher fought alongside the rest of the crew. He continued until he heard the distinct cries of a baby, his baby down below. The cries were quickly followed by screaming from you, and Christopher bolted towards the stairs to head towards your room. He knew that you had been resting in your bedroom with the baby, exhausted from having given birth not hours before, and were far too weak to fight. 

As he ran into your room, he saw you splayed out on the floor, your hand reaching out towards the crib containing your newborn baby. A man stood there, looking as if he had been about to reach inside the crib before Christopher had ariived. A bruise on your throat was already beginning to form, and Christopher slowly made his way towards the man standing over you. 

The man fired his gun several times at Christopher. But Christopher dodged each shot, a rageful determination in him as he approached the man with each shot. Before the man could reload, he knocked the gun from his hands, and grabbed him up by the collar. He slammed his body up against the wall, the usually calm and peaceful doctor anything but now. 

“You hurt __. You’re going to regret that in a moment.” 

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Most of the enemies on the deck were being taken care of, and Nathan began shoving his way through assailants towards your room. The only thing Nathan was concerned about was you, and your newborn baby, who was only a few days old at that point. He was rounding the corner when he heard you scream, and he launched himself into the room. 

He saw you hovering your body over the baby’s crib, shielding it from the man who stood behind you, who had apparently been trying to reach the tiny infant inside. Though even at the distance Nathan was in that brief second, he could still see the cuts and brusies on your body from where the man had hit you and cut you in attempts to reach the baby. 

Nathan’s vision saw red and he threw himself into the man before he could reach out for you again. He effortlessly yanked the man up by his throat, holding him in the air as the man gasped for air. The fear in his eyes at Nathan’s rageful expression apparent. 

“I will kill you for touching her.” Nathan seethed, lifting the man’s body up and launching him across the room. 

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The fight on deck was fierce, continuing on for what felt like hours. Alan fought alongside his crew, his mind filled with the ongoing battle. But it was when he heard Fuzzy call out his name, pointing in the direction of where his private quarters were, did he realize what fear truly was. He knew that in those private quarters of his, were you and your newborn child. He’d hidden you there when the fighting had begun, but now, seeing Fuzzy’s face, he knew someone had gotten in there. 

He shoved his way through the enemies, paying no attention as they tried to stop him. He simply just continued until he finally reached your bedroom, throwing the door open. When he did, he saw you pinned down on the floor, the baby crying loudly from its crib a few feet away. A strange man’s body hovered over yours, his hand wrapped around your throat. 

That was all it took to ignite the fire deep in Alan’s belly. He barely even registered as he launched himself into the man, knocking him off of you and pinning him against the floor. 

“Brace yourself, for I’m going to kill you for what you tried to do to my sweet pearl and my child.” Alan seethed, surprising even you. 

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It hadn’t even been a few hours after you had given birth when the ship came under attack. Morgan had locked you and baby inside your bedroom, fending off enemies in order to try and protect the two of you. But when he heard your screaming, he realized an enemy must have slipped past him. He bolted up to his quarters, hoping more than anything that the two of you were alright. 

Upon entering the room, he saw you clutching onto the baby with all of your might. Tears were streaming down your face as a man hit you, shouting at you to give him the baby. Morgan instantly ran into the other man’s midsection, tackling him away from you. He looked into the other man’s eyes, fire dancing in the deep recesses of his eyes and causing the other man to shudder in fear. 

“Now you’re going to know what real pain is for trying to hurt my woman and child you bastard.” Morgan growled, throwing a punch into the man’s face. Blood spurted from the man’s nose and onto Morgan’s hand as he fell to the floor, screaming in agony. Morgan merely flicked his arm down, flicking the blood off of his hand as he approached the cowering man and continuing to punch him. 

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