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ANTHONY: Shout out to Sebastian’s performance in this scene, which is just amazing. It’s like, the way he can portray this character who’s so fractured and damaged and guarded… But like, has something still that’s alive inside him is amazing.

MARKUS: Yeah. Well that was another challenge - tracking Bucky’s consciousness throughout this movie. Cause he’s at least three different people in this movie. There’s this Bucky (in his apartment) who is not fully aware of his past? But somewhere stranded. Remembering what he’s done but not quite remembering who he originally was; trying to put it all together.

JOE: And who’s fully powered…

MARKUS: Yeah. There’s Terminator!Bucky - once Zemo basically turns him back into the full Winter Soldier in Berlin. And there is a more wide open Bucky once he wakes up with his hand in the vice. Because then I think he remembers more than he remembers here.

‘Captain America Civil War’ Audio Commentary with Joe and Anthony Russo, Markus and McFeely.

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Superman x Captain America: White
“Who’s got you?!“


Soo….back in the 1990s there was a show called Spider-Man the Animated Series. 

It was about…well Spider-Man. For many people, myself included, it was their gateway into the character.

Infamously during the course of the series this show’s version of Mary Jane was lost in time and space. When she showed back up it was eventually revealed she was not the real Mary Jane but a clone. 

This set up the events for the last several episodes of the show wherein Spider-Man literally saved all of creation (awesome) after being told by his mentor figure/cosmic guide Madame Webb that she could locate the real Mary Jane for him. 

Equally as infamously the show’s final scene ended with Madame Webb promising Peter that they would find Mary Jane, leaving viewers for years frustrated and upset that we never got to see if they succeeded.

Aaaaaaaand….we still don’t get to see it….but we do get to hear it.

John Semper, the showrunner of the series (essentially the architect of the whole series) has just released an audio sample written by him starring the voice talent of the original TAS actors (Christopher Daniel Barnes as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Sara Ballentine as Mary Jane, etc) which picks up virtually immediately after the curtain closed on the series forever.


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Come to Mama

  • Clint Barton: *gets brainwashed by Loki, kills colleagues and friends under mind control*
  • also Clint Barton: *is a hero and an AVENGER*
  • Bruce Banner: *decides to experiment on himself a variant of the serum, as a result is now constantly at risk of becoming a giant homicidal monster every time he gets angry, has had this happen several times already, has partially leveled cities and killed a lot of people, has participated in the creation of a murderous AI who tried to conquer the world*
  • also Bruce Banner: *is considered a hero by everybody, is an AVENGER and is reassured multiple times by other members of his team that he’s a good guy and belongs with the good guys, gets to fly away on his own terms, is still free, in full possession of his faculties, able to think and make decisions for himself*
  • Tony Stark: *has been a weapons manufacturer and a war profiteer for decades, is indirectly responsible for countless deaths, among which those of the Maximoff twins’ parents and the young son of an American woman, keeps building weaponized armours and drones anyway, created a murderous AI who tried to conquer the world, recruited an American teenager behind his legal guardian’s back to fight a group of superpowered adults in Germany, breaking the very same international laws he claimed to want to uphold in the process, tried to murder the man who was mind controlled into killing his parents, tried to also murder the friend who was trying to stop him*
  • also Tony Stark: *is considered a hero, is an AVENGER, works with the government*
  • Wanda Maximoff: *unleashed the Hulk on a densely populated city, causing many deaths, and allied with a murderous AI who tried to conquer the world before finally realizing her mistake and switching sides at the last minute*
  • also Wanda Maximoff: *is considered a hero and an AVENGER*
  • Natasha Romanoff: *was a (possibly brainwashed) Russian spy and assassin before escaping to the US and switching allegiances, has killed a lot of people and done a lot of things she deeply regrets, including working for two years, going on missions and killing people for an organization that turned out to be infiltrated and run by Nazis*
  • also Natasha Romanoff: *is a hero and an AVENGER*
  • Steve Rogers: *worked for two years, went on missions and killed people for an organization that turned out to be infiltrated and run by Nazis*
  • also Steve Rogers: *is a hero and an AVENGER*
  • Bucky Barnes: *was experimented on, tortured and brainwashed for 70 years, had verbal triggers implanted in his brain to literally rob him of his own free will and turn him into a mindless puppet, had his mind repeatedly scrubbed clean, to the point of not even remembering his own name, between each mission because even in that state he still tried to resist his orders whenever he could*
  • Markus & McFeely: “Well, because for one thing he is, give or take his intellectual capacity, 100% guilty and to have Steve just running around getting fruit salads with him on some island, it’s a little too unpunished in a way. This is not a guy who should be running around happily, he may not be 100% guilty but he’s damn sure not 100% innocent” (x)